Hour 1. Pete Sheppard gets another chance on the Casting Couch with Kirk and Gerry. Colin Cowherd's interview with Goodell was a joke. Le Batard battled Charles Pierce with incorrect Spygate facts.
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joins the show to discuss his reaction to Trump's executive order.
Hour 4. Callers want the 3 keys to the Super Bowl and the guys deliver. Sarah Spain was desperate for Super Bowl tickets.
Hour 3. Reimer and Kirk "victimized" another person on Twitter. Dan Le Batard's show has poor ratings in Boston.
Hour 2. Alex attacks Trump while Gerry defends him. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. Alex Reimer joins Kirk and Gerry to discuss what Dan Le Batard had to say about Boston. Tomase has upset Kirk with his Le Batard take.
Hour 2. Trenni takes on Gerry. Headlines with Kirk. SNL's tribute to Obama was sad.
Hour 4. It's book review Tuesday with Kirk, Gerry, and Trenni. Dan Le Batard insinuated Boston is racist.
Hour 1. Trenni, Kirk, and Gerry discuss the attention Brady's interview received. ESPN's political policy is constantly violated.
Hour 3. Trenni, Kirk , and Gerry analyze the Oscar nominees as they are announced.