Greg Wyshynski, editor of the Puck Daddy blog for Yahoo! Sports, joined the show to talk about the surging Bruins (7-1 under Cassidy) as they head into the trade deadline.
Lou posited the theory that Schefter report might also help the Patriots keep Tom Brady motivated, and Christian backed that theory up. Fauria says that the Patriots don't want any of their players "comfortable" when it comes to their roster spot.
After about 2 years with the show, our associate producer, Anthony Vitale, is leaving us for a full-time gig at the Boston Herald. He has assured us with 100% confidence, that he will fix the website.
Adam Schefter of ESPN calls in to talk to Glenn, Lou and Christian about his report from this morning that said the Patriots will not be trading Jimmy Garoppolo,
The NFL is putting microchips in the footballs, but not for the reasons you think. Mike Mayock is high on Jimmy Garoppolo. Also, if the Pats don't sign Dont'a Hightower, what are they going to do with all that cap space?
Lou is ready to hate Al Horford for his consistently crappy stat line, and thinks someone who gets 10-12 rebounds a night would be more helpful. Glenn brings up Dwight Howard and DeMarcus Cousins as reasons why he's wrong.
Bill Polian doesn't think T.O. and Randy Moss belong in the Hall of Fame, despite their amazing receiving statistics.
Glenn, Lou and Christian debate whether the Patriots value middle linebackers as much as the rest of the league does.
Tanguay thinks Danny Ainge should have given up EVERYONE for Paul George. Andrew Bogut is considering 4 teams, including the Celtics.
Glenn hurt himself coaching basketball. The guys debate which team will go further in the playoffs. Lou thinks Al Horford is soft.