The Atlanta Falcons apparently did not learn the lesson that Miami learned in 2010 when GM (at the time) Jeff Ireland asked Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute. Ohio State CB told Comcast "Breakfast on Broad" that a Falcon coach asked the CB "Do you like men?"
The LAPD held a press conference on Friday afternoon, addressing and confirming rumors that a knife was recovered by the department, which many speculate was the knife that OJ used to murder Nicole Brown Simpson.
Michael McCann, Sports Illustrated, joined Glenn and Lou to answer some questions as to what went down in federal court yesterday, and why it looks bad for Tom Brady and the Players Union.
Glenn and Lou advanced a theory posited by Michael McCann that maybe, the 3 federal judges hammered Jeffrey Kessler in an attempt to play Devil's advocate.

[0:00:30] ... it's certainly not a good October. I just like we'll get her Sports Illustrated resolve the security penalized our. But why are of the judges getting involved in the minutia into the facts of the trial. ...
[0:02:05] ... at one point he admitted judge berm. That if you was advising Tom Brady that would have happened that he wasn't remember who prominent the patriots lawyers OK any and his agent. That was helping him ...
[0:02:50] ... of those dog is one of the options would you vote against Tom Brady right you know wouldn't be uncle rip fuel our because a way to come off pierced its negotiate before offer ruling. They ...
[0:05:30] ... what is arbitrary and capricious. Well listen I think it honesty viewer Tom Brady and you're looking at a bit maybe you're wrong to assume any of that. Many kibo later said it nowhere to see ...

Lawyers for the NFL answered a few tough questions from federal judges on Thursday, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the beating Jeffrey Kessler took.
Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, joined the show to discuss the 2 trades that Don Sweeney made before the deadline.
The Celtics are rolling at home as they won their 12th in a row.
Glenn and Lou look at some of the positions of need for the Pats, and some of the big name veterans that are being released around the league.
ESPN's Public Editor, Jim Brady, wrote about the perceived slights against the Patriots from Bristol, and the Chris Mortensen "11 of 12 balls" report was FINALLY fixed.
Glenn and Lou take a look at an ESPN list of the current top 20 players in the NBA, and the Celtics don't have any of them. The guys discuss how the team is this good without great talent.