Boxer Floyd Mayweather and MMA fighter Conor McGregor finally reached an agreement on a long anticipated fight. Sorry everyone, it's going to be a huge bust.
Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about a USA Today story that completely changes the meaning of Tom Brady's quotes on PFT Live. We hear Brady's actual quote, and why it's meaning was manipulated. Later on, the story is mysteriously "updated" and finally corrected.
Glenn, Lou and Christian talk some Celtics and discuss division foe Toronto getting Serge Ibaka. The guys discuss the C's rebounding issue and what else the team needs.
Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about what kind of package the Patriots can get for Jimmy G, and they look back at some of Belichick's draft history.
Tom Brady spoke to Peter King of the MMQB and talked about how the Super Bowl was not one of his best games because of his bad first half. Also, the guys talk about some behind the scenes info on the two 2-point conversion plays.

[0:00:09] ... jumps out right out of the gate with the story. How great Tom Brady points. He feels no pain he's obviously schemes. Where in the ski gardens got sneakers on but. You know picking reports two ...
[0:00:51] ... words that this kind of hits home you know with. The head. Tom Brady the quarterbacks and they're able to listen write the play calling and constructed offensive coordinator whatever. Added fifteen seconds to gulps and ...
[0:03:06] ... you have your sub personnel out there. And I remember talking to James White after the game. And we talked about templates that you know that is that's the temple play that you rings again I ...
[0:03:52] ... ended with Andrew snapped the ball over his hand dean going through James white's hand and the ball ending up on the turf. So usually if the play like that it's called and it doesn't work. All of Cornell looks at his plea she and it puts a big red line through it. We're not running. Because they screwed it up. Is Andrew Andrew has to angles that just a little bit off to to the left so to account for. I'm James White coming down though he's got to come on an angle he's admits it's a tough situation. A fact that it didn't work. ...

The guys talk about the Patriots players who are not going to the White House because they dislike President Trump. Glenn, Lou and Christian debate if this is the best way to make their statement.
Glenn, Lou and Christian talk some Celtics, and respond to an ESPN Boston post that asked if Isaiah Thomas is better than the Pistons' Isiah Thomas.
Christian's wife brought her drunk friends to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' a couple years ago. The guys revisit some of that sound in preparation for his wife going back tonight with her drunk friends.
Glenn, Lou and Christian open the show by recapping a sports Sunday without the Patriots. The guys talk Bruins, who are 3-0 without Claude Julien, and the Grammy Awards.
A couple innocuous cuts from the morning show lead to a blowout between Christian and Paul.