Lou and Christian grill Gary for his stance that Tom Brady is still guilty, and callers chime in to rip Gary.
Lou, Christian and Gary listen to comments made by Tom Brady's attorney, Jeffrey Kessler, and discuss what he said about why he thinks the NFL shouldn't appeal.
It's the last Three For All, and in it's memory we have Christian prank call Tim Benz's station in Pittsburgh, posing as WEEI.com's Chris Price.
On the last day of Merloni and Fauria, Gary Tanguay joins the guys as they talk about Judge Berman's decision to overturn Brady's suspension, and whether or not the Patriots will try to get their million dollars and draft picks backs.
Former NFL running back Eddie George is upset that Judge Berman overturned Tom Brady's suspension and is speaking out, calling Tom Brady a cheater.
The guys continue to embrace the breaking news and listen to comments from Tedy Bruschi who happily reacts to the news that his former teammate is eligible to play on Opening Night.
Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about the breaking news that Tom Brady's suspension has been overturned, and gives his inside opinion on the result.

[0:00:10] ... Ray Rice is overturned this is great party was overturned this is Adrian Peterson was overturned and both sides in this particular case Bob. We're all in. Out of character is all over this so we get story first from him on Twitter. Lou reloading had an orgasm when you heard the news or did I mean you're out of what went nine to five favorite. That's right you had odds and I'm Sheffield he was the leader in your club out of my way weather report brought your arrival five cents savings. Let's bring out shelter right now premieres began atom thank you for joining us here on ...
[0:02:34] ... any part of this but they're going over prosecute procedures. It was Tom Brady was guilty of the principles on January cheat or mistreatment that George back with the answer it was a resounding. No. He'll ...
[0:05:56] ... and it was thinking is legal people. And remember the NFL. Sued Tom Brady year it looked to have its decision affirmed in court it shows that shedding eight shows lower Manhattan. Blocking and so if ...
[0:06:30] ... in any meaningful. Settlement talks because you have an appellate settling wouldn't Tom Brady admitted to the findings in the world report which he never ever. In our lifetimes we going to deal. And so. That ...

With yet another case being overturned in court, the NFL's track record is at an all time low. How does Judge Berman's decision affect the future of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell?
Lou, Christian and Gary speak with callers who gloat and react to the news that Tom Brady's suspension has been overturned by Judge Berman.
Breaking news hits Lou, Christian and Gary as they open up the show: Tom Brady beat Roger Goodell in court, and Judge Berman overturns the four game suspension. The guys celebrate and react to Tom Brady being eligible to play week one.