HOUR 4 - Alex Reimer and Jet Striar got into a little tiff during "Mut at Night." Reimer was on Jay Leno at age 12 (he sounds the same.) "LaVar Ball" joins the show. Greg Hardy was rejected from another football league.
HOUR 3 - How much is LaVar Ball hurting his kids? Which coach could handle Ball being involved this much? Working with people you don't like. Jerry Thornton embarrasses himself writing about Michael Irvin. Glenn's verbal crutch is revealed.
HOUR 2 - Fauria is working to steal the LaVar Ball interview from Dale, Holley and Keefe. The Celtics lose for all the same reasons they've lost all year. Glenn has a Celtics dream. Fauria confirms LaVar Ball. When Tyler Zeller wins the "Tommy Award" you probably lost the game.
HOUR 1 - Dale and Holley do NOT want to interview LaVar Ball. Michael Silverman says John Farrell is great under pressure. Angry Lou makes his 2017 debut.
Lavar Ball totally calls into the show. No. Really.

[0:00:14] ... certainly. Extended talks here on Boston because there's a possibility of the Boston Celtics. They have the number one pick overall in the NBA draft and net again they may select may be Wenzel bull. His dad Lavar ball has been getting an awful lot of publicity here as of late and he joins us live. Right now from lawsuits aside the first question I would ask you a form. And we want and now. Is your son might get drafted here we have read an awful lot of stuff about you USA today had a scathing piece the other day about how you treated coach. And you're young you know viewer wrote your other two sons. And what's going on there. I think we wanted to always are you going to get in the way you're going to come here to Boston or you gonna stay back. In Los Angeles if your son is playing for the Boston Celtics Mexico. Problematic all medical center to be completely important attribute to places like I could be automatic B and area. Well what I would look look I doubt about it until midnight that I did about an easy you can't be complacent. Attitude about the bubble. It Hormats thanks that really appreciate you look come on with us and don't ore bodies of two knuckle heads urges journalists shelter where everything work. Do you play defense of them but then decided to move the tide and why did ...
[0:02:29] ... you caught on with this and don't worry about these other two knuckle heads urges jerks and they're jealous that the winning works like you might be at the band but then decided to hide it. ...
[0:03:25] ... boos and don't stand this a lot of Jesus tells them that the who's Joseph we have like this mine down by eight whatever. I actually don't just a matter of which are in the actually ...

HOUR 4 - The guys talked about Tuukka's rebound game last night against the Predators, Glenn had a squirrel moment when ESPN started talking about Joe Mixon, Tom Brady was compared to Kobe Bryant, and Holley says the Celtics can win the title.
HOUR 3 - Did Butler's camp screw up Butler's situation? Glenn exposes one of Fauria's verbal crutches. The guys try to come up with some new podcast names and ideas.
HOUR 2 - Fauria struggles to read the "Trending Now." Dave Dombrowski is getting defensive about the fact that all his free agent pitching acquisitions are getting injured. Hanley forgets which shoulder he hurt 2 years ago. Lou loses it when John Farrell makes up some new baseball lingo.
HOUR 1 - The guys kick off the show talking Roger Goodell coming to Foxboro for the season opener at Gillette and the potential problems of having an NFL team in Vegas. Then the conversation turns to Mickey Loomis and his comments about the Saints kicking the tires on Malcolm Butler, the dying Whiner Line, Michael Irvin sexual assault allegations, and pre-show research tactics.
HOUR 4 - In the final hour of the show, we put a bow on the LeBron James "injury" from Monday night, take a call from a listener who is sick of "show-on-show" drama, play Kirk ripping Keefe in it's entirety, and expose Chad Finn for being a 98.5 fanboy who wouldn't address Pete Abe in his Friday chat.