With Malcolm Butler, Dont'a Hightower and Jamie Collins all emerging as stars, it's time for the Patriots to decide who they need to make a priority. Giardi and Bradford give their take on who should be the first to resign.
Giardi and Bradford debate why kids are more into the NBA and will be watching the Golden State vs. OKC game 7 tonight, and why no young fans will watch a neutral baseball game.
Mike Giardi and rob Bradford were in on Memorial Day and Bradford had a problem with how Mut, Meter and Butch took his comments out of context on the morning show. Also, Giardi and Bradford talk about what it would take to get Kevin Durant in Boston.

[0:08:48] ... he's your best player to become your best there are times hundred. Isiah Thomas all these other guys not even in the same class the same league as Kevin Durant is the problem of course being ...
[0:11:57] ... disheartened about her relationship the other part you heard this is well Mike Wright the other part. Was beat proclamation. From port Stearns. A justify it's existence in that show right. It's a showing up to ...
[0:12:31] ... he would prefer to be brought here in a LeBron Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade likely. Yeah first of all and I might be my MBA people the Communists. If in fact spoke with his agent. Would ...
[0:14:43] ... he would prefer to be brought here in a LeBron Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade like way. Is that how it works in the NBA he need to know who that guy or guys that backed guy ...

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