After an embarrassing outing last night, Angry Lou rips into Eduardo Rodriguez, who seems to not realize that he needs more than two pitches in the big leagues.
Angry Lou is angry at Red Sox manager John Farrell, who is misusing his roster and didn't give Xander Bogaerts a night off last night, even though they made a roster move for a back-up shortstop.
Angry Lou is still rolling, and this time he focuses his anger at Dave Dombrowski for not getting a left fielder during the off season and for general bad roster construction.
Angry Lou made it all afternoon, but finally snaps -- this time at Orlando in Boston, over a disagreement on what to do with Dustin Pedroia.
Kevin Durant is openly meeting with 6 teams to see where he will play next year...but how should OKC feel, considering everyone thinks he's going back there?
OMF looks at the possibilities for Free Agency, specifically reports out of Canada about the possibility of Steven Stamkos and the Bruins.
We should be closing in on a Deflategate ruling soon, James Harrison will talk PED's on his terms, and $10,000 bongs?
Glenn has an Exclusive BBQ, and Lou whines about Friday's whines
Glenn, Lou, and Christian try to figure out why Clay Buchholz always "Feels Good" after horrible outings

[0:01:35] ... but he had any good if you felt real good until the Red Sox wanted to board the would you do you give up with a. Went wrong thought at that stuff like that involved with ...
[0:06:38] ... which you don't maybe it's a test into the weekend just. Even Steven Wright the one guy who was reliable we pretty much knew exactly what you're gonna get it unless it's really hot a ring. It's really hot and rainy. You're not gonna get a decent performer when we're we're concerned about him and cold weather wasn't a hot it's cold blood paramedic there anyway they're naturally hot sticky it all has to do it. You know his ...
[0:09:59] ... even know. Which you've got to do something. Because that's a given David Ortiz some days off let me get to meet your boat to a three the bench player short in a bull panel arm or too short. Before we start talking about rotation because that would conversational corporate bottom monthly I think it was going to be dealing a stud pitcher right now. This they should be some concern with David Ortiz she's been saying in this or you won't want people to question disease get so well. They've come how can you really ...
[0:10:50] ... play left really is that all we are right now with the Red Sox different at different lineup OK so yeah. Do you go do it now call up Oakland would you know let's just do ...

OMF hits on the C''s Draft, and the Kevin Durant Free Agent meetings, and Boston's chances