In HOUR 3 the guys get back into the Colin Kaepernick conversation, and talk about how there is this battle going on between the Kaepernick defenders and detractors, about how bad of a backup he really is.
HOUR 2 kicks off with a recap of how Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey was stolen. Glenn and Lou also get back into some Celtics talk and wonder how this team isn't MUCH better last year's team. Later in the hour, Colin Kaepernick's name came up due to some comments from Donald Trump, Jemele Hill, and Michael Smith.
HOUR 1 - Glenn and Lou get into the bad call at the end of the Bruins game. Lou is convinced Avery Bradley makes the Celtics go. The Bruins game had a playoff atmosphere. The guys also ask how much of a disappointment an early Bruins playoff exit will be, now that the team has proven to play better under Bruce Cassidy.
HOUR 4 - Glenn and Lou close out the show with some updates from the Houston Police department regarding Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey. Also, Spike Lee thinks that it's "fishy" that Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job, and Shaq thinks the world is flat, and has some curious reasons to back this theory.
HOUR 3 - Pete Abraham tweeted a lame-ass apology at 11:46 on Friday night (which was St. Patrick's Day by the way) as an attempt to quell the firestorm that is his Twitter mentions. John Tomase tripled down on his idiotic comments from Thursday night. The guys also got into some questionable officiating in the NCAA tournament, the antics of the wife of Wichita State's head coach, and more talk about Malcolm Butler.
HOUR 2 - Glenn and Lou give the latest developments on the Malcolm Butler situation. Michael Lombardi made some comments over the weekend about what the compensation might be that the Pats are seeking. We also talk about the possibility of a Darrelle Revis return to New England. Later in the hour, we played some sound of Jay Glazer as he updated everyone on the case of Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey. Finally, Lou gave his thought on Drew Pomeranz' triceps injury, and what the state of the Red Sox rotation is right now.
HOUR 1 - The show opens up with the news that Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey was found. The guys theorize who might be responsible. Glenn and Lou then get into the value of Isaiah Thomas. Glenn compares him to Allen Iverson. Lou argues that Thomas is a 'max contract' player.
A "Pete Abraham Grand Wizard" edition of the Whiner Line

[0:03:54] ... At the world leaders that would more oil and gas. Yeah. And Mark Martin. I act or how Oakland's own home you just have little rolls this. But as. He sees Red Sox revue with Mike ...
[0:05:45] ... and then that exactly that's why would he owns it. Although it's David duke. I bet bet he'd ever. There are calm everybody you know quite handy man and Carmen about a grand wizard he'd given ...
[0:09:17] ... down. As the biggest thing all. It has been telling you architect Donald Trump right now in this it is down to here's the difference a deal doesn't want the team. As an Angel some people ...
[0:09:57] ... with care and we're talking about char. I'm quite a fight and Andrew Ference went settings that he's afraid he's going killed some. Mean really he's legitimately afraid he's gonna kill somebody's. Probably could from figured ...

HOUR 4 - Pete Abraham is starting to block people on Twitter. Rex Ryan has been hired by ESPN. Hanley Ramirez as a designated hitter. Isaiah Thomas is a max contract guy right now.
HOUR 3 - St. Patricks Day conversation turns into a deep look at how bad Irish food really is. Lou doesn't want Benintendi batting in the 3-hole.