In their first two games, the Patriots have struggled to complete passes over 10 yards. Is there reason for concern?
The Orioles seemed to have a lot of fun last night clinching the AL East. Buster said the biggest problem for Boston this year was the offense production dropping so dramatically in one year. Bogaerts, Pierzynski, and Bradley Jr. are the most obvious culprits. Also, Buster surmises that the Red Sox front office has to be a little uneasy with the fact that their best offensive player, David Ortiz, is in this LATE 30's.
Christopher Price, spoke with the guys about the new NFL drug policy and what it means for certain players in the league. He also spoke about the importance of getting Danny Amendola involved in the offense. The Patriots are still trying to find the BEST way to utilize Chandler Jones. And rookie Raiders QB Derek Carr is a bit of a wild-card heading into Sunday's match up.

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LeBron James will be starring in a movie as... LeBron James. TMZ reveals PHOTOS of Danielle Watts having sex with her boyfriend in broad daylight. Lolo Jones is an awkward, bad, excuse-making dancer.
Lou, Christian and Tim get into the Ray Rice appeal. It's becoming evident that he has a good chance to win it, too.
As a guest on WFAN's "Boomer and Carton" show, Reggie Bush admitted that he disciplines his 1-year-old daughter, and says that one day, he could do so "harshly" depending on what the situation is. At one point he said he would consider using a switch, but then later retracted that sentiment.
News broke early Wednesday morning that the Vikings did not want Adrian Peterson's legal situation interfering with the team. Tim, Lou and Christian also get into Arian Foster's bizarre tweets directed at Anheuser-Busch, after the beer company was critical of the NFL. Lastly, Nike pulls all Adrian Peterson merchandise from stores in the Twin Cities.
LAPD were called to investigate a couple in public displaying lewd behavior. The officer came across actress, Danielle Watts and her boyfriend. Although clothed, she went on an epic tirade and refused to present her ID.
Former Patriot and current NBC Sports Analyst, Rodney Harrison talks about how bad the Pats looked in a convincing win. The guys also tried to get him to talk about the Adrian Peterson accusations and he refused.
Another Adrian Peterson child abuse case has surfaced, per a report by, and Roger Goodell has gone silent.