This kid's motor just keeps on going. Wow! Laroy Streat is back at it again. Is it next friday yet? If not I'll be listening to this all week until it is!
We discuss Sir Charles' latest comments from TNT about taking out one of the Cavaliers. This leads to a full discussion about Barkley, the softness of the Hawks, how this used to always happen in the NBA and much more.
Discussion of David Ortiz's clutch HR vs the White Sox leads us into a total discussion of David Ortiz's legacy in Boston, and whether or not he should actually retire.
Inspired by him asking the Hawks to 'take out' one of the Cavaliers, we focus on four other dumb things that Charles Barkley has said in the media.
We close out the Dale and Holley show with the best soundbites of the day.
John Farrell calls us from Chicago to talk Pablo, E-Rod, Joe Kelly, Travis Shaw and much more.

[0:00:08] ... just few minutes here on Sports Radio Sox lost last night the Chicago White Sox 41. Op Clay Buchholz tonight you're starting pitcher right just throw that out there and just leave it to marinate for a ...
[0:08:01] ... don't know if you are here for this are numbered years ago Tim Wakefield used to say he had a great line. This is the great lie when he was complaining to him the Red Sox ...
[0:09:32] ... tonight is Brock pulled gonna be left. Fielders are going to be Chris Young again. Right out Chris Young it isn't pretty he's not got off to a a quick start yet but. The reason we brought him in here was ...
[0:10:15] ... secondary stuff according. And finally before we let you go other than Chris Young being in left field what's your lineup look like tonight. While the same back in on a plate but that were were ...

Four at Four bled into some genuine discussion about who this town's greatest villains truly are.
Inspired by A-Rod's appearance at Fenway, we discuss four of our biggest Villains/nemesis' on the Boston sports scene.
We close out the show with the best sound bites of the day.
We discuss Pablo's surgery, rumors of weight loss and a renewed focus, and ultimately if the Red Sox will be able to get anything from Pablo, be in on the field or via trade.