Big Vince was not at all satisfied with a tough Patriots loss in Miami, and he sat down with Dale and Holley on a Patriots Monday.
We check in on all things Patriots with the less than enthused Bill Belichick on a Patriots Monday.
We discuss the Patriots loss in Miami, as well as the breaking Ray Rice news with former Patriot / current ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi.
We break the news as the Ravens cut Ray Rice, then the NFL suspends him indefinitely, then respond and react to it all with you.
We check in with the playmakers, the hall of famer, the great 88, Michael Irvin for his take on the NFL for the week.
We tackle four topics (or maybe 5) that bring back the memories of Patriots opening games (both good and bad) in recent memory.
We discuss the news that Tom Brady missed the entirety of Thursday's practice, then popped up on the injury report with a calf injury.
We tackle four topics about the four most memorable NFL openers in our memory (Patriots' games excluded)
We discuss the Ron Borges top 5 of all-time NFL coaches, and have the listeners contribute their thoughts and selections.
We check in with the always sunny Ron Borges for discussion and reaction to his top-5 of all time NFL coaches list/column.

[0:03:32] ... you know. Yes not a Clark Shaughnessy your laptop as head coach George Allen can't get caught up. That now. Very different you know back and a lot less teens and only -- A long period ...
[0:04:11] ... ask you this they softer gentler kinder Ron Borges that you put Bill Belichick in the top five. -- don't know. A lot like what they want to put him with the idea. I want our ...
[0:09:09] ... as the third best coach in raiders history after Al Davis and John Madden. Well let it be true -- you know he didn't win that he would head coach accused of polls. Champion seemed an ...
[0:11:41] ... coach is when it comes to media invasion and in that case. Bill Belichick will be number one going away in today Tom Brady. Choked it number one and there ain't got his own top five is on top five moments. But Tom -- out of practice today. Belichick's not saying anything the players are standing thing let's just try to figure it out. What would be a good reason. -- Tom Brady who's not on the injury report will be a good reason for Tom Brady missing practice on on Thursday before game one on Sunday. Oh lucky Turkey completely. No later in the -- sometimes they you ...