We discuss Pablo's surgery, rumors of weight loss and a renewed focus, and ultimately if the Red Sox will be able to get anything from Pablo, be in on the field or via trade.
We discuss the missed call to close out the Spurs-OKC game last night and it ultimately spins into a conversation about which league does the best job of refereeing their games.
We close out the Dale and Holley show with the best soundbites of the day.

[0:04:15] ... and attempted inbounds pass late in the game when he pushed away Manu Ginobili no call made. Under went onto win the game. And on call however drove TNT commentator Chris Weber absolutely. Not it's. Yeah. ...
[0:05:11] ... I'm not but not acknowledge that you're right guys who say it. Chris Webber if you if you followed his. Post basketball career. It's worked out it. He has really worked yeah he has gotten so ...
[0:10:30] ... So we also played for you audio of goalie turned radio host Rick DiPietro. Taking issue with the sports pope's take on the islanders calling him names like fat so. Amber fats though for outlook for ...
[0:12:45] ... Gloria. Google. Because the period of me that you know that that Wayne Gretzky put them. Guardia Mike is up next will be here tomorrow John Ferrell joined by 230 I'm putting quote competition. Sports Radio ...

Inspired by the addition by subtraction of Pablo Sandoval, we look at four other times that injuries changed the course and ultimately helped a local team.
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We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day and weekend.
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