We close out the show with the best sound clips of the day.
Our weekly conversation with Red Sox skipper John Farrell as the Sox heat up in the pennant race in September.
Somebody call the hot take police, Boston is losing it's mind trying to determine the future of the Patriots quarterback position... after one start!
Gotta love Boston... Sox are up two games but they could have been up by SIX! We try and figure out if John Farrell or David Price or someone else gets the blame for those missed chances.
Poor Mike Reiss... Bill Belichick was not suffering fools on Wednesday, and unfortunately for Mike, he took some of the shrapnel.
With David Ortiz having a career year on his way out the door, we look at other star athletes that hung them up when they were still producing at a high level.
We close out the program with the day's best soundbites.
We check in ESPN NFL Countdown Analyst Trent Dilfer for his first weekly visit with us to discuss the Patriots and the NFL.
We close out the show with the best sound clips of the day

[0:01:02] ... Then that glad he's gone unseen and now he's not a. Schmidt Matt Cassel. Stand up for TV one U mass holes. Brady was big games meant well but he's gone away. Always made others sick ...
[0:01:56] ... I think just trying to Wikipedia. That it gets kinda like man Isiah Thomas the Celtics did something really cool for Cambridge teenager for the second time in the last week. Thomas made a surprise appearance ...
[0:03:07] ... kids that just out of court by itself to shoot hoops and Isiah thomas'. Can I join him I shouldn't Elvis does not just live your year around. Don't know I think out of anonymous. That ...
[0:04:25] ... what it says it knows me. Policy think you're wrong and another college football news we can finally put the rumor to rest thank god. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh. Did not pick his nose in heated ...

Happens every year... baseball team seems headed to the playoffs, here comes the 'Who starts game one?" discussions!