We vibe off the news that AJ Pierzynski has been DFA'd, Christian Vasquez is up to catch, and it looks like the white flag has been waved for the 2014 season.
We go back in recent memory to find out which Red Sox team was actually the worst.
We check in with 'Pags' and find out why he thinks the Olympics would be a boom for Boston.
We check in with the great Stephen A. Smith of ESPN for his take on the movings and shakings in the NBA.
We discuss another DUI for Josh Gordon, and how marijuana is apparently more important to him than his career in the NFL. Plus some harsh words from Cris Carter.
We tackle four topics all related to big decisions about pro players leaving their respective teams in 2014.
We discuss the future of Lebron, and therefore the ENTIRE economy of the state of Ohio.
We become the GM of the Sox and decide the future of this struggling ball club.
Danny Picard, filling in for Dale and Holley, had Brian McPherson of the Providence Journal on the show to discuss the lack of productivity with the Red Sox.
Louis Zamperini passed away yesterday, sparking a conversation about tremendous athletes who fought for their country during the prime of their career. Dale, Holley, and DJ talked about Zamperini, Rocky Bleier, Pat Tillman, and of course, Ted Williams.

[0:04:43] ... career at Notre Dame in one season in the NFL with -- Pittsburgh Steelers Rocky Bleier volunteered to serve his country during the Vietnam War. After being wounded in action and told by doctors he would ...
[0:05:59] ... a heck of personal -- Iraqis okay -- Iraqi playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers either playing linebacker or running back. And being a tough reliable player that's what you always envisioned and he went exactly yeah. That's that was his story he -- that player. Your and three were to Arthur. I'm pretty. After three successful seasons with the Arizona Cardinals Pat Tillman turned down a multimillion dollar contract offer to join the US army. Along with -- brother Kevin a then member of the Cleveland Indians organization. You know my he's my great grandfather was a Pearl Harbor and a lot of my family has given up you ...
[0:13:47] ... winner earlier who Roger Starbucks. Father and -- Jackie Robinson. We at Arthur Ashe. The one who was mental judgment. Notes I'm fortunate to throw -- earlier this morning -- powers and I went. We know ...