We tackle four topics all centered around Christian Fauria and our desire to invade his privacy and personal life.
Dale, Holley and Fauria break down the news that the Sox and Ortiz are close to completing a deal or extension, and whether or not it's a risk given Ortiz's sub-par performance so far in Spring Training.
We check in with Grady Sizemore of the Sox. Grady helps us gauge his comeback, tells us how he's feeling, and how he thinks he'll fit in with the Red Sox this season.

[0:00:17] ... top man. -- ball is not very I was slicing away probably Grady Sizemore was having an absolutely sensational -- you know. -- hard to his right. A couple of -- I'd rather hit the ground I came straight up and fired a strike there are rare in the kind of spot. You heard both Dave O'Brien and joke a stately on talking about highlight defensive plays by our next guest. Guy who is making a name for himself as if he did to had to do that all over again. Up playing spring training baseball for the Boston Red Sox Grady Sizemore joins us now on the AT&T hotline -- dale Michael and Chris how are you. Under it or not I'm my guess ...
[0:11:45] ... -- you know. Would you tell the 25 year old version of Grady Sizemore anything right now. And don't don't host the Rangers -- chocolate especially the -- And fight through. Actors and -- -- doubt ...
[0:13:58] ... luck is as you continue on here. -- maturity that is at Grady Sizemore Red Sox center fielder. Who I think he's got a pretty level head about him concerning this whole thing and -- Staten. Where he hopes to get to I think he's he's probably down playing. Probably down century he did say he. It's it's gone better physically and even expected to go on a grizzly -- the line and a good place. That is -- are you all the way back and look you'll be great. If Grady Sizemore to play 125 games a dimension but. If you are banking on that you're insane you're totally insane to think he's gonna be capable of doing that may be a miracle happens at four years after. All these devastating injuries micro fracture surgery that's. This at all on both knees this is like some mart's bottom our -- for there right this is legitimate stopped disorder that is I think. How realistically capped the season so you can get eighty games out of him. That's OK so he's eighty games out of Grady Sizemore -- sort of back to mr. Bradley junior. If you're counting on him 480 game. I have eighty games. Which Shane Victorino. In center field. And Daniel Nava who are you sitting in dollars right who are also saying by the way that they're working Daniel not -- some games in center field -- next week or -- about that I don't like that at all. Again we're talking about spot duty I'll give I think that's spot duty for possession that you got to be able to play every Ottawa senator Daniel -- spot -- -- second -- that -- -- -- -- around the same argument I'm making the same argument and -- are you saying like. They gonna play Grady Sizemore to -- bricks. Just play -- out there gala for itself plants if there are stating I guess I'm at and everybody to platoon him with Jackie Bradley give Jackie half the games. At that position until one of them distinguish themselves -- on the other. It where where today we're at me -- Twitter situation or not there which is semantics what do Twitter situation Grady Sizemore. Is does that make sense for Jackie Bradley just to who rot away from the bench in Boston now doesn't but he wouldn't do that anyway. So we think Grady Sizemore playing every day complaint. Every day it's going to be I -- be a mix Nancy actually ended -- -- -- is where we disagree on this one Michael I think that if Grady Sizemore. Makes this team he's the starting -- center fielder. It's because they've come to the determination. That he's a five -- out of seven kind of guy yeah I would group because -- did they are not on the Rocco Baldelli situation again. With a guy who you know he can play today but he can't go tomorrow so we pick -- up ...
[0:16:56] ... guys in your outfield. -- -- or theoretical starting outfield. Grady -- Shane Victorino. Who you have your high on for injury reasons. That's even more reason to bring in the versatile defensively Jackie Bradley junior ...

We spend some more time on the Celitcs, and how Brad Stevens was the right man at the right time... which leads us down the path of the NCAA tournament and who potentially could fall to the Celtics in the draft and help them begin the process of getting back to the top.
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