We start with four at four - Happy Birthday Bobby Orr Edition. Then it's time to talk tourney... we watch and react as brackets get busted left and right. Plus more on the Bruins and Bobby Orr.
We tackle four topics all revolving around the 66th birthday of one of Boston's greatest... #4 Bobby Orr.
We start the hour talking to Red Sox reclamation project Grady Sizemore. We expand the discussion to how to best build this outfield roster, Sizemore vs Jackie Bradley JR and more. Plus we get your take on the Sox outfield.
In our first hour we talk about the two ends of Celtics fans, Rondo's leadership of this team, how to best tank to the team's advantage, Rondo and Brad Stevens relationship, and we get ready to talk to Grady Sizemore by talking about his Spring so far.
We talk pucks with Jack Edwards, live from Denver, Colorado.
We go blow by blow through the Ron Borges vs Jerry Thornton twitter beef with Jerry himself, and speak on some of the rule changes being proposed by different NFL teams this off-season.
We discuss the hotness of the Bruins, and really how there isn't much debate about who's playing like the best team in the NHL right now.
Micheal Holley, Dale Arnold and Barstool's Jerry Thornton talk Pats football, specifically why are there rumors of the Pats showing interest in the high priced DeSean Jackson?
We tackle four topics that all revolve around the Patriots off-season, and now rumors of interest in DeSean Jackson.
We talk about Darrelle Revis with his friend and mentor, former Patriot Ty Law.

[0:00:40] ... the great all time patriots. Are off. Joins us time Michael -- Christian Fauria Dale Arnold whatsoever. Who don't vote -- pretty well. Now I I I didn't realize that. What Darrelle Revis go back -- was it was named Jack and -- a couple of times in -- interview yesterday did the conference call. Tell us about the relationship that you have -- Darrelle Revis. Always have its murdered her and that's always -- good. You know can we do we we read. Personal -- will want to aim high school. You know regular family than huge as a young puppies you know the -- 1000 approach you'll steal and in the pop ...
[0:08:54] ... opinions what is he like Darrelle Revis as a quarterback for the New England Patriots. It's not even Lopes. Not only the best defensive back is in the NFL. He'd think to -- Revis might beat the ...