Inspired by Monday night's showdown against the Ravens, we look at four of the Ravens biggest talkers through recent history.
Laroy Streat meets Rich Keefe and thus Freestyle Madness is born! What a way to bring in the new guy!
While driving around town, Curt Schilling decided to give Dale, Michael and Keefe a ring and discuss the Sox pitching staff with the addition of Chris Sale.

[0:00:09] ... pitched at the highest level and help the Red Sox won a World Series Curt Schilling on the line take her I don't. What our guys are. I'd like I like the third man am I like what sites etc. That in about a month of being rationally sports report. It right do I do but like they're ready and we're the great. What do you think of this acquisition. So a couple things. Stop. I think any general manager work is great that does the job that understand. Ever built a World Series to go there because it's used today. Let's go back nine member of the great. Year after year after or in the ...
[0:02:09] ... went to give you. With the idea of of getting to the World Series I thought that team was built to win the World Series hat if he hadn't doubted that have been a huge disappointment right. Absolutely apps and but that the problem with dot. Is it. He's going to precede it with the World Series or bought it so epic about it every year whether or not that they're not well also. When a world there is ...
[0:03:44] ... that it's harder to build a perennial contender in the NFL or Major League Baseball. I think what looked I don't know the it to within the metallic apple to open a record edit that the armored. Blockaded him that they are too which makes I think the patriots. He reported. I just feel like it's it's much harder to build a dynasty because of the schedule. It's a 162. Games as a posted 1618 weeks. And when you have to manage those games they Brian Jordan. That's what you get up well and like made it offers all. I ordered like that like Indiana girl. Because there was ...

A lot of panic out there about Sox GM Dave Dombrowski "dismantling" the farm system. Dale, Michael and Keefe discuss it, and also how this rotation may play out. Is Clay Bucholz the odd man out?
Michael and Rich Keefe talk C's after they knock off Orlando in impressive fashion.
With Gronk out, we look at four guys Brady can trust to get the ball to to compensate. Plus Dale and Keefe get into it about just how good a back Lagarette Blount is.
Keefer madness returns tomorrow. In the meantime we close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.
Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe speak with ESPN's Trent Dilfer and look ahead to the match-up with his old team, the Baltimore Ravens.
Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe discuss the Chris Sale trade from all sides, and it's becoming abundantly clear that Michael is now afraid of losing Yoan Moncada.
We check in with Bradfo, who's work is never done!