Dale, Michael and Jerry continue our discussion of the Bleacher Report article on why America hates Tom Brady.
No home field for the first round means the Sox have to go to Cleveland and be without the home field advantage that Fenway provides. So how will the Sox do in this series? Dale, Michael and Jerry discuss it.
Inspired by Tito's continued success in Cleveland, we look at four coaches who have kept their success up after leaving Boston for other cities/teams.
We check in with Superbowl Champion Trent Dilfer, now an analyst for ESPN, to get his take on Tom Brady's return to the Patriots this week.
We discuss the Sox a couple of days before their first round series with Terry Francona and the Indians begins.
Tom Brady may be back this week, but the team sure isn't acting excited about it. We discuss Brady's return and how the Patriots will adjust and move ahead.
We discuss the Bleacher Report piece on why people throughout the US hate Tom Brady, and good ol' jealousy seems to crop up throughout it.
The NFL Network recently named it's top 10 all-time Patriots and we decided to expand on that list.
We close out the day with the best soundbites from throughout the sports world.
Not a very happy Bill Belichick after a 16-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills.