We discuss the Sox in the young season, John Lackey's pitching and how the Sox might handle Lackey's final (option) year of his contract.
We tackle four topics all centered around the waning moments of the NHL regular season and the Bruins push for the post season.
We discuss the New Yawk controversy of Mets player Daniel Murphy's departure for collectively bargained paternity leave, and how the New York media is handling it.
We start our weekly visits with Red Sox radio broadcaster Dave O'Brien. We check in OB about the opening trip to Baltimore, Ortiz's selfish selfie and John Lackey.
Dale, Michael and Greg Dickerson talk to the Sox skipper about the team's White House visit, the loss in game one and some second-guessable decisions, plus the surprise that is Grady Sizemore.

[0:03:44] ... the items conversation. And have a problem with that knowing. I'll quote Jonny Gomes is in what he's about but. There are some who thought it was little good. Little too look at me for Jonny Gomes or those who -- our purist. About how the flag should be represented. Had a little bit of a problem what did you think you have any kind of a reluctance or hasn't NC when Jonny Gomes said I wanna Wear this -- to the White House and wanna present to the president. You know what Michael I don't ...
[0:05:49] ... -- you had out mats on the mound for them. I had AJ Pierzynski at the plate Jonny Gomes vs lefties that's what he does but Google says getting into the game what was the logic behind. It is present these ...
[0:07:10] ... you know in one -- situation in the eight inning and with Mike Napoli -- based. If anticipating this spot coming back around the lineup we would have had multiple people on in the remainder of the eighth inning and a ninth inning. Which might lead you to believe that we're gonna score -- -- We got called strictly blonde and yet here comes Mike Napoli situation Kirk is at bat coming up a string of four left handers in a row left handers are. Twice the success against Procter and right -- that's not -- the proper they're not -- in in Mike Napoli who saw what I felt like. The controlled situation. In the event of a line drive base hit Jacqui -- has got ...
[0:08:44] ... video deterrent. Have you been surprised and and are you surprised that Grady Sizemore was ready to start the regular season for yet. What else can in the spring training with the thought that you know ...

We discuss the rumors of Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater visiting the Patriots, and what that means for the long term future of one Tom Brady.
Dale and Holley discuss the Sox at the White House, and how a cool moment with Ortiz and the President soured a little when it was speculated that Ortiz only took the selfie to appease one of his sponsors... Samsung... maker of Ortiz's cell phone. We discuss.
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It only took one game! Dale, Michael and Lou Merloni talk about the return of Grady Sizemore and JBJ's less than stellar at-bat late in the game.
Dale, Michael and Lou Merloni talk Red Sox baseball and the White House trip.