Dale, Michael and Jerry try and open up the discussion to all things Boston sports on a freestyle Friday, but most of us have not yet moved on from the AFC Championship loss.
We take Ladanian Tomlinson's rant to heart and realize we are spoiled here in Boston with sports lately... and we're here to revel in it.
We close out a tough week with the best of soundbites and Laroy Streat's freestyle Friday to try and snap us out of our funk.
Laroy is still feeling down about Sunday's AFC Championship loss. He gives you every ounce of energy he has left to talk about the Patriots and give you a reason to smile as you start your weekend. Catch Laroy every Friday at 5:45-6pm to hear Laroy Streat

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We discuss Ladanian Tomlinson's rant about how spoiled we are, and whether or not there's any merit to his thoughts.
We discuss the ongoing theme of Cam Newton being 'hated' by white America, and once again if this is just a vast overstatement of a few vocal people.
We try and move past the loss in the AFC Championship and look ahead at what's next for Boston's sports teams.
We close out our program with the best in soundbites from throughout the day.
Dale and Michael get their weekly NFL insight from Peter King of SI/MMQB.
We discuss Cam Newton's "haters" and whether it's a real phenomena or just overstated.