The article didn't actually reveal anything that wasn't already public record, but the Globe "expose" on Brady and his relationship with the Best Buddies charity certainly has everybody around here talking about it.
We spend some time talking Sox as news of the rain cancellation comes down. A few more thoughts on the spat in Baltimore and Dustin Pedroia, plus David Price takes to twitter for his "media session".
Dollar beer night in Houston!
Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss all the hijinks and shenanigans that went down in Baltimore this past weekend, and why Pedroia should be embarrassed for his apologetic nature towards Manny Machado.
Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe discuss how the Bruins failed in this series, and where they should head now and for the future of this franchise.
Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss a comeback weekend for the Celtics, who have now evened the best of seven series vs Chicago at two games a piece.
Closing out the day with the best soundbites.

[0:01:23] ... this weekend's grizzly spurs game and when it was pointed out that Peyton Manning was it building enjoy the game. We found out that Doris defends the wall this. They're building pulled out. Masquerade. That's a ...
[0:02:35] ... this weekend it. After the game cavaliers coach Tara Lu explained why LeBron James has been so good in the first round of the playoffs. LeBron hasn't lost first road game in five years we swept ...
[0:05:16] ... I don't answered it fun but this question please. Second sounds like Barack Obama ranked number eighty. I mean what's good for that cannot get is that Westbrook shot up well when you get to this ...
[0:06:12] ... Saturday they had themselves quite a Donnybrook. In the game between the Florida Everglades in the Orlando solar bears. If this isn't news to break it won't. As if it goes to apple that's about twelve ...

Last two hours focused on our winter teams as they struggle in their first round match-ups.
Finish out the week on Freestyle Friday talking mostly about the Aaron Hernandez suicide and how it will affect his family in hour #2.
Hour One of freestyle Friday focused mostly on the Celtics and their matchup vs the now Rondo-less Bulls.