Dale Holley and Thornton talk NBA draft.
Dale and Holley's Final Drive 06-24-16
Laroy Streat comes back at it again! Talking the Celtics Draft and his take on the Celtics 3rd Draft pick. Catch Laroy every friday with the Dale & Holley Show 5:45- 6PM.

[0:00:52] ... on OK. Finally thought and don't give up the same ruling doesn't. Dan Brown's gold green and now means do you sing don't we just won all these bill makes me a little boring no. Was ...

Danny Ainge does not have a great track record at the NBA Draft and we look back at some of the picks that the fans liked and hated at the time.

[0:04:37] ... The salon that eighth with the. Fifteen acre 2004. NBA draft. The Boston Celtics selected Al Jefferson from Brent crude. It's. Okay. A powerful player is really why he's got a big bodies out of college and playing hard ...
[0:05:19] ... But there are completely run into those was pretty damn right on Al Jefferson of course Al Jefferson ended up turning into Kevin Garnett. Literally enough. Figured it. If you love the that they're commissioners third. The fourth in Boston who wants the Boston Celtics. With Netflix video game music item at the Jefferson you know my rookie year. It was planned clutch minutes I remember a ...
[0:06:08] ... you know. And why you're never thinking again. Sondheim wrote the lyrics Leonard Bernstein wrote that song that you voice that I get an idea how I can't lie hey hey I'd I'd use that Tommy John Locke. Three the. Seventeenth pick in the 2014. NBA draft. The Boston celtics' elect James Young. I'm like that's been. These young lefthander did more play don't exist Kentucky team to recap we got a ...

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