Final two hours of Dale and Holley with Keefe for a Friday.
Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss a variety of topics for the first two hours of Freestyle Friday.
We close out the week with another edition of the madness and LAROY!!!!!!!!!!! takes you into the weekend.
Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe catch-up with former Sox GM Theo Epstein who is in town with the World Champion Cubs to take on the Sox this weekend.

[0:00:22] ... but of course baseball tonight at Fenway Park as the. World champion Chicago Cubs come to town. President of baseball operations for the cubs very well known Red Sox fans as well former Red Sox general ...
[0:02:56] ... you say OK I'm here to stay. And I'll never leave the Boston Red Sox. Well the first thing at baseball you know you're happy to serve 20 lead are hired to be. To be higher in ...
[0:05:35] ... president of baseball operations Theo Epstein. You're the head of an iconic World Series championship here you did it again last year in Chicago. Did they feel similar where they totally different. You know they've really ...
[0:08:46] ... championship street team. Another guy you've been through a lot with is Jon Lester. And in this is not even second guessing me at the time when the Red Sox after winning in thirteen when. When Jon Lester was dominant lot of Boston fan said you got to get these guys signed and then the contract offer came out and a lot of people were. Mortified that the the Red Sox offered him such a low contract. How significant. Was it for you the moment you signed Jon Lester I it can't be as magical scene onto gonna win the World Series right then but how significant was that signing for your franchise. It was big we we just had a few things start ago our land into fourteen is your victory built. We. You know Rizzo got to control the team of the young. Young guys become a leader at a young kids come out to sort show their ability. And then. In other. Does that really deceit changeup and that winner and also Joseph Maddon Egypt all traitors to our biggest law. Was Jon Lester somehow. Still you know there's a free agent. And we needed pitching and I needed someone that we could trust. And you ...

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