We tackle the four commissioners of the four majors and rank them.

[0:03:28] ... I was at the at the draft -- and a lockout. Yes art show there were a little bottom are Roger Goodell the reason I picked them last not just because of the -- rights situation. ...
[0:05:10] ... franchises we're talking about the break what is an elder with the Buffalo Bills. Listen do OK so he's in a position is that means there do you think you what do you think will be ...
[0:08:33] ... are sure revenues of five. Because of the carrier decline in in Major League Baseball the interest level in Major League Baseball. The views or maybe took Boston and I see if I see New Yorkers see of him. In Florida there's no interest ...
[0:11:08] ... -- TV deals. That MLB has. A lot of money coming into Major League Baseball since Bud Selig was running jobs are -- local -- to -- -- those toys that big vocal duo was the governor there and got out of Texas -- they're national international TV contract is outfit. Though -- their attendance figures have slipped a note that they wanna tell you that they play in front of -- bodies than ever before. It TV games on TV but what -- ever right. Mean the only place -- there fewer chances at Atlanta Hawks basketball games. And that buildings always. Time -- after the AT&T best commissioner in all of sports and it is a sweet. ...

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