We tackle four topics all stemming from lawsuits in sports... from well-founded to the outlandish. But mostly outlandish.
We discuss another championship for UConn, plus what we learned about the various and noted studs in college basketball that will be part of the NBA lottery/draft in 2014
We discuss the eternal struggle that is college sports in Boston, and how academics and popularity of college sports weigh heavier here than in other major and college markets.
We discuss the Bruins and how the crop of teams that the Bruins could face off against in the first round is not a huge list of world-beaters that would scare the average fan against this balanced and potent B's squad.

[0:00:20] ... two point lead. But the president's trophy the overall lead in the National Hockey League although they professed not care about that they wanted to believe him. Yeah they they and they were pretty outspoken about they ...
[0:01:01] ... tomorrow. And I don't wanna hear this from the other teams the National Hockey League -- at these gang at these games mattered to the other teams. It's like Pittsburgh went to Colorado yesterday played the game plan about played without Sidney Malkin tardy out I forget the other guys it's a settlement guys out. And then wanted to shoot out anyway. The Bruins all the other teams in the National Hockey League zero. Nothing. Claude -- shouldn't give it 12 thought well you know Minnesota -- -- a fight for a playoff spot with ...
[0:02:18] ... defenseman. Is your page your oldest player in that right bill yet Zdeno Chara oldest player so well. China and begin celebrity's field and the defense yes. But it was oldham just a -- are there ...
[0:04:00] ... now. They are the best team in the NHL doesn't -- when Stanley Cup. A lot of things -- -- go your way you guys know a long playoff years and things can happen but right ...

Dale, Michael and Greg Dickerson discuss the 2-4 start for the Red Sox, the concept of panic early in the season, and whether or not the long view is the proper perspective this early in April.
We tackle four topics that revolve around AMAZING feats in sports, all prompted by UConn's amazing 11-0 record in Championship Games.
Dale, Holley and Christian Fauria talk Bruins with the great Jack Edwards as the season winds down and the awards rumors start to swell.
We discuss the Sox in the young season, John Lackey's pitching and how the Sox might handle Lackey's final (option) year of his contract.
We tackle four topics all centered around the waning moments of the NHL regular season and the Bruins push for the post season.
We discuss the New Yawk controversy of Mets player Daniel Murphy's departure for collectively bargained paternity leave, and how the New York media is handling it.