Dale, Michael and Jerry dig into the details of this draft for the Patriots with ESPN's Mike Reiss.
We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day and weekend.
Dale, Michael and Jerry discuss the Patriots selection of Jacoby Brissett and what that means for Tom Brady and his suspension, and more importantly Jimmy Garropolo.
Sitting in first place? We look at four reasons why the Sox are there.
We discuss the Sox sweep of the Yankees and how the Red Sox occupy first place right now with some surprise play (on both ends good and bad).
We review the moment Kevin Faulk won over every Patriots fan forevermore and the part Dale played in it... plus other thoughts on the NFL Draft
We continue to talk NFL Draft, Brady's new lawyer, the Celtics playoff bouncing, Roger Goodell's award tour and more... its all on the table on a freestyle friday.
We discuss the hiring of a top notch litigator by Brady and the NFLPA, and how it might have been sparked by Roger Goodell's neverending award tour where he continues to spew lies and half-truths to the public.
We discuss the Celts exit from the playoffs, the steps they took this season to be better, and what steps need to be taken to keep getting better in the future.
Inspired by Laramy Tunsil's hacked phone on the night of the draft, in which videos of him ripping bong hits was leaked, we look at four other cases where cell phones got other athletes in various trouble.

[0:01:14] ... Let's kick off 2000. Jets traded make conditional draft pick to the Green Bay Packers for quarterback Brett Farr. Now the time one of the reporters who worked for the team's web site with former FSU pinup ...
[0:11:25] ... end of individuals. And you yet which we do include talk to Tom Brady in a scandal. NFL thinks he's in the scandal and it goes back to follow and vote act. Back to the phone ...
[0:13:35] ... date between ten minutes before the draft and by the way. The Baltimore Ravens were going to take him six overall. They have not seen the video the dolphins claimed they had they lie. Because nobody ...
[0:20:22] ... in 1995 draft fact check me on that the meter maids but. Warren Sapp. Warren Sapp was eight top five hour out of out of the University of Miami was unbelievable. I think I think sappy and finished ...