LAS VEGAS—As the Red Sox search for a catcher of the future, the requests in trade talks have become familiar.


LAS VEGAS—The Red Sox are all but certain to make some of the biggest splashes this offseason. Already, the team has shown a willingness to explore virtually every available avenue for improvement.

On Thursday, Junichi Tazawa’s introduction as a Red Sox was major international news.

It was August 12 and Dustin Pedroia’s agents, Sam and Seth Levinson, had ventured to Fenway Park to talk contract for their player.

The meeting was far f

There was never much mystery about what Dustin Pedroia wanted to do. The 2008 MVP did not make a secret of where his priorities stood as he considered whether or not a long-term deal was in his best interests.

Major League Baseball’s winter meetings kick off next Monday in Las Vegas.

Junichi Tazawa seemed unlikely to inspire half of New England to spend a day hitting the refresh button on their browsers while tracking the progress of his flight to Boston.

The Hot Stove has officially been ignited. Two weeks after the conclusion of the G.M. meetings, and a couple weeks prior to the winter meetings, the Red Sox started reconfiguring their roster for the 2009 season.

Complacency would be understandable. Dustin Pedroia, in his second year with the Red Sox, followed a Rookie of the Year season by winning the Most Valuable Player award.