I can handle green-teamers, Patriot suck ups and the Tim Thomas fan club without any problems. They may hate me, but I still consider them my people. I almost enjoy their abuse.



Truth be told, Tuesday night was a tough one to figure out.
After watching the Red Sox' 5-2 loss to the Twins, at the Metrodome in Minnesota, deciphering what to make of it wasn't cut and dried.

Sometimes it's hard to see through the 24-hour seasons that the Red Sox seem to live through, but Monday was one of those days that offered a pretty good reminder regarding just how good life is these days for this team.

David Ortiz walked into the Red Sox dugout after one of four outs during Sunday afternoon's 12-5 Sox win over the Mets, threw up his hands and vented toward hitting coach Dave Magadan.

Brad Penny knows what time of year it is. The Red Sox’ fifth starter has been traded twice before, and his name has been a regular part of the rumor-mill circuit for years.

It was a ninth-inning that featured all manner of crazy. The Red Sox navigated a 2-1 lead into the final frame, a development that suggested near-certain victory. The team was 19-0 when leading after six innings this year, and 20-0 when leading after eight.

Daisuke Matsuzaka’s first two outings of the year were so poor that his catcher – a man who is described as having near-photographic recall of pitches – couldn’t even remember them.

In these parts, it will always be difficult to separate Jon Lester and Johan Santana

Nothing seemed particularly striking about the blast. Last Sept.

In this moment of bad, we are reminded of some very, very good.