So the Red Sox are 1-0 on their way to 161 more regular season wins. Maybe not, but they have gotten off to the start they had hoped for with a 5-3 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, Tuesday at Fenway Park.

Dustin Pedroia has become perhaps the most interesting athlete in town. Perhaps not the best, and perhaps not the most accomplished (although he’s not far off in both regards), but just flat-out interesting.

Tuesday, Pedroia got even more interesting.

Surely novelty has to count for something.

Just a few years ago, the hallmark of the Red Sox was the merciless destruction of pitching staffs. Historically powerful offenses from 2003-05 had a winning formula that was anything but subtle. The Sox, quite simply, would decimate their opponents with the force of a sledgehammer.

Josh Beckett had few regrets.

Our panel of Curt Schilling, Rob Bradford, Cyn Donnelly, Kirk Minihane, Mike Petraglia, Jon Rish and Alex Speier - with a brief cameo by Gary From Chapel Hill - peers into the crystal ball in an attempt to see the future of the Red Sox' 2009 Opening Day roster:




The neverending spring training is finally nearing its conclusion. Remarkably, despite the fact seven full weeks elapsed from the reporting date for Red Sox pitchers and catchers to the time that the club migrated north for the regular season, few salacious storylines emerged.

 FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Theo Epstein knew the possibility of life doing a 180-degree turn following the first day of the Red Sox' 2009 spring training, but he was making sure to relish the moment just the same.

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- He made it.

The Red Sox waved goodbye to Daisuke Matsuzaka last October, crossing their collective fingers and toes that the pitcher would some day return to their mound intact.

The visit by the Red Sox to central Florida to play the Braves on Monday will offer yet another reminder of a still-foreign concept.