Roger Clemens is on notice. Cy Young, too.

Remember when Josh Beckett was 2-2 with a 7.22 ERA? That’s OK -- no one else does, either.

WASHINGTON -- Enlightenment wasn't hard to find at Nationals Park Thursday night, even in such a game whose final score (a Red Sox 9-3 loss to the Nats) would have appeared to offer little.

WASHINGTON -- On his way out of Nationals Park following the Red Sox' latest inter-league win -- a 6-4 triumph over the so-bad-you-almost-feel-sorry-for-them

WASHINGTON -- Jason Bay is making his last visit to the nation's capital as an outsider looking in. 
On Thursday, July 2, the Red Sox outfielder will officially become a United States citizen. 

The way Jason Bay describes it, his job description is simple.

There are plenty of terms used to describe the baseball operations offices of the Boston Red Sox. Few are flattering.

Rocco Baldelli was one of the few who truly knew that Nick Green guy who sat mostly by himself throughout the early days of spring training down at the Red Sox' minor league training facility.

This is why the Red Sox stockpiled a pitching surplus.

The only thing familiar was the backdrop.