The Yankees are coming! The Yankees are coming!



Josh Beckett did not speak like a man amidst the greatest run of his pitching career. His statements were riddled with self-criticism as he attempted to offer praise to anyone but himself.

For Tim Wakefield and most of the raft of six Red Sox who will head to St. Louis next week, selection for the All-Star game represented validation for a season of excellence.

Prior to Saturday's Red Sox' 3-2 loss to the Mariners, Tim Wakefield executed his line perfectly -- politically correct, to the point, and without hesitation.

In some respects, sentiment now offers Tim Wakefield’s best shot at making the All-Star team.

Here are the car keys…and $3 million.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Fifty draft picks ... and not a single Scott Boras client among them.