This was not the same Jon Lester who threw a no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals last May. This was someone better. 

Had the Red Sox known what kind of game Brad Penny would have pitched, Julio Lugo would not have been the starting shortstop on Friday.

The questions regarding David Ortiz' eyes came fast and furious, with many of the answers emerging as Friday progressed.

The footsteps are growing louder.

At the end of last week, it had the makings of a flop. The Red Sox had lost four of their first six contests during their three-city, 10-game road-trip, in the process moving from a first-place tie to a 1.5 game deficit in the division.

It was the sixth inning and Josh Beckett had just thrown one of his no-hit pitches.

It was prior to one of the weekend games in Toronto and Terry Francona still hadn't tasted his 500th career win as the manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Until Daisuke Matsuzaka wins a game, or at least levels out the rest of his numbers, his critics will constantly be looking back.

Couple of things before I present the Red Sox First Two Months Report Card (terrible title I know, but better than 'A Report Card for a Little More than a Quarter of the Season but Not Yet A Third')…



The ball is long gone, but the memories haven't gone anywhere.