PHOENIX — The final injury report of the season is out for Super Bowl XLIX.

Bryan Stork (knee) is officially questionable for the game. He was limited in practice all week, and last week as well, after injuring his knee in the divisional round game and missing the AFC title game.

Bryan Stork

Bryan Stork

PHOENIX — The final injury report of the season is out for Super Bowl XLIX.

Bryan Stork (knee) is officially questionable for the game. He was limited in practice all week, and last week as well, after injuring his knee in the divisional round game and missing the AFC title game.

Six other players are listed as probable, including Tom Brady (ankle) who participated in full in practice all week. Darrelle Revis (rest) was limited in practice Friday for the first time all season, and is probable for the game. Also probable include the players who were limited in practice all week — Akeem Ayers (Thur. and Fri. foot), Dont’a Hightower (shoulder), Chris Jones (elbow) and Sealver Siliga (foot).

Seattle lists five players as probable: T Justin Britt (knee), S Kam Chancellor (knee), RB Marshawn Lynch (back), CB Richard Sherman (elbow), G JR Sweezy (knee) and S Earl Thomas (shoulder).

Here is the complete Patriots injury report:


C Bryan Stork (knee)


QB Tom Brady (ankle)
LB Akeem Ayes (knee)
LB Dont’€™€™a Hightower (shoulder)
DT Chris Jones (elbow)
CB Darrelle Revis (rest)
DT Sealver Siliga (knee)

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Ryan Hannable

Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft have been pals for a long time. (Elsa/Getty Images)PHOENIX — It’s clear now that Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft aren’t BFF’s anymore.

Roger Goodell fielded eight questions on Deflategate Friday. (Mike Petraglia/ -- If you were expecting answers Friday from the NFL's top dog about Deflategate, you were barking up the wrong tree. This dog won't hunt.



The voice of the Super Bowl Kevin Harlan joins the show to preview the Super Bowl and talk about some the Patriots games he has called.

[0:00:00] ... Let's as we said we just played the kind of moment ago. Kevin Harlan who will be calling the game on Westwood One on Sports Radio. This Sunday. It was easier but he easier you know ...
[0:01:50] ... it I gave me drink I think what your broadcast style. That's Kevin Harvick never had that day. Out of go to a game today. I don't know but you get any excitement offered his game ...
[0:03:14] ... and so I I. We're lucky to be an important public governor Super Bowl in you and your team isn't that that's pretty cool. Well informed before you before over let's go. It several minutes OK ...
[0:06:27] ... of memory has. That that was from November 21 2011 at Foxboro Monday Night Football against Kansas was against Kansas and that's how I think that's how I felt why did you. Keep your feet below the ...

Tom E Curran joins the show on Radio Row to preview the Super Bowl and talk about the fraud Roger Goodell.

[0:04:57] ... might wanna let the people working and doing the evidence no. So Robert Kraft knew about it was pretty forceful when he got here on Monday talking about this apology one what to think about this ...
[0:06:41] ... to protect ourselves accident happened yet and I but I think that Robert Kraft has done good by his team. You know. Ultimately he did what. Everything was so by the time he stood up and ...
[0:08:36] ... said I've I've never to my knowledge. You know people with the football team could not be completely. You know. It could draw in control and black and white no I didn't do that he couldn't do the Raphael Palmeiro which I thought was interesting that people alleged that he was that. The monster he wasn't news he was unsure are before ...

The playmaker Michael Irvin joins the show on Radio Row to talk about how special it is for a team to stay on top of the mountain.

[0:02:30] ... with the Seattle it's par for the comeback. Itself this week after Super Bowl what you see from Seattle. In the pre season in September bits and threw it through systems that it becomes no we ...
[0:04:30] ... to three Super Bowls if your wife could go into labor on Super Bowl Sunday would you. Or who. And that is part of what it is the duke who went but we're going beauty notably ...
[0:07:10] ... do a little bit of what you'd say to your team before Super Bowl 49. Could you share with our body a little bit of what you were saying. What are you asking me or multiples both locker room and it is still. You beat me politically other because as though both sides it worked you know and I was saying that this is that is important to apple. So well this is used to. Both ways read it opens this is this ritual or operate its board. Because we'll all all of this is second Super Bowl Russell Russell Wilson in his short career. Either way it's going to be historically it's all about Seattle defense when you know ...
[0:08:22] ... witness who welcomed throughout. All they do install about all the other Super Bowl yesterday. This puts you. In that democracy through what ever that's what we do so you know it is considered as an ...

PHOENIX — Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was at it again this week.

On media day he sat at his podium for less than five minutes answering every question with, “I’m here so I don’t get fined.” Wednesday at the team’s media availability at the team hotel he answered every question with, “You know why I am here.” Thursday, he changed up his answers, but never answered the questions he was asked and set his iPhone for 4.5 minutes before leaving the podium.

He also wore his “Beast Mode” hat, which is against NFL rules.

Goodell was asked if he would be disciplined for his actions during his state of the league address on Friday.

“I do not believe any decision has been made,” Goodell said. “Our staff probably will look at that following the Super Bowl and make a determination, as they have in the past.”

The commissioner made it clear he doesn’t approve of Lynch’s antics.

“I’ve been very clear. When you’re in the NFL, you have an obligation,” Goodell said. “It’s an obligation to the fans. It is part of your job, and there are things we all have to do in our job that we may not necessarily want to do. I think Marshawn understands the importance of the Super Bowl, the importance of his appearance, and the importance of him as an individual in this game. Fans are curious. Fans want to know and the media would like to make that story clear to our fans.”

“I understand it may not be the top of his list, but everyone else is cooperating and everyone else is doing their part because it is our obligation. As I said, there are a lot of things we don’t like to do in our jobs, but it comes with the territory and it comes with the privilege of playing in the Super Bowl.”

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Ryan Hannable
Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll raved about Robert Kraft on Friday at their joint press conference. (Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll raved about Robert Kraft Friday at their joint press conference. (Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

PHOENIX — Although Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick are very much different coaches in terms of style, they are both very successful.

Carroll is going for his second straight Super Bowl win on Sunday, while Belichick will attempt to earn his fourth.

They are also connected by current Patriots owner Robert Kraft, as Kraft hired both coaches to coach the Patriots with Carroll coaching in New England from 1997-99.

“I would say, about Robert [Kraft], I had a wonderful experience with Robert,” Carroll said Friday. “He was one that showed great interest in his people and I’€™m sure he and Bill, as Bill said, have a great relationship and communicate on a regular basis. I think that was the reason that I was hired in New England. I’€™ll forever be grateful for that.

“The character that he’€™s demonstrated, the class that he’€™s demonstrated in the years that followed to support me and my career as I went on ‘€“ the best thing that has ever happened is that he sent me to USC. He didn’€™t realize that at the time, but I’€™ll always be grateful for the time we spent together and will always take pride in watching the great success that these guys have had together in historic fashion for the New England franchise.”

Carroll went on to coach at USC after being fired by Kraft and was there from 2001-09, winning two national championships during his time there.

Belichick too has a lot of his success in the league because of Kraft and he taking the chance to give up a first round pick in 2000 to take him away from the Jets and bring him to New England.

“Obviously, I wouldn’€™t be here without his support,” Belichick said. “He gave up a number one draft choice, actually a little bit more, in order to bring me to the Patriots in 2000. I’€™ll be forever grateful for that. Without him, I wouldn’€™t be sitting here today. I would say that’€™s really a no-brainer. It’€™s meant everything.”

Kraft has been at least a part owner of the team since 1985 after being a season ticket holder since 1971. Belichick discussed how much passion he has for the Patriots at length and how much he values the community.

I think the intangible that Robert brings to the New England Patriots is his passion,” said Belichick. “The passion that he has for the football team, the football team’€™s relationship with the community as it extends to the entire New England area. It’€™s a local team, it’€™s a regional team, and we have great support from all the New England states as well as great national support.

“But the passion that he brings, he’€™s there on a pretty regular basis with the team, with the players, with the coaches, with the staff. He’€™s an integral part of everything that we do.”


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Ryan Hannable

PHOENIX — Bill Belichick‘s respect, love and admiration for his father is well documented. And while he paid respect to his late father Steve again on Friday, the Patriots coach didn’t want to forget about his dad’s better half.

Answering a question of both coaches about how many family members would be on site, Belichick initially said all of his family will be at University of Phoenix Stadium, adding “my personal family, too.”

Pete Carroll offered his answer before Belichick piped up, “I have one correction on that. My 94-year-old mom won’€™t be here. She’€™s in Annapolis. I know she’€™ll be yelling at the TV set all game. But I do miss that she won’€™t be here.”

Jeannette (Munn) Belichick gave birth to Belichick on April 16, 1952 in Nashville, Tenn. She was the supportive mom featured in the 2009 Bill Belichick documentary “A Football Life” on NFL Network. Jeannette traveled with husband Steve and son Bill to Annapolis, where young Bill was raised and Steve took up shop for 45 years as an assistant coach at Navy.

Later, Belichick and Carroll were asked who was the one person that taught them the most about coaching. Belichick’s answered was a no-brainer.

“For me, I’€™d have to say my dad,” Belichick said. “I’€™ve had the opportunity to be around a lot of great coaches as an assistant coach, other assistants and, obviously, for a number of great head coaches, and interacted with many others. But, in the end, my dad had a big influence on me.”

As for historical legacies on the line Sunday, neither coach was willing to go down that road Friday.

“With all due respect, for us, whatever we have or haven’€™t done in the past, the Super Bowls we’€™ve won, the ones we didn’€™t win, championships and so forth, really, it’€™s not about that right now,” Belichick said. “This is about an opportunity for this team at this time to be special this year. Again, whatever did or didn’€™t happen, we don’€™t really care now at this point; we care about what happens on Sunday and what we’€™ll leave as the legacy and what the mark of this team is. That’€™s the passion that this group of players and coaches have for each other. So it’€™s really not about anything that has happened. It’€™s about what’€™s going to happen Sunday. That’€™s where we’€™re at.”

“These are opportunities that come up that you guys kind of put together to see the storyline to it,” added Carroll. “This is really this game, and this opportunity is rare in itself and unique in itself. If there’€™s reason to look back and say, ‘€˜We did this,’€™ and, ‘€˜We did that,’€™ and make connections and storylines for all that, that’€™s really for you guys to do that. That has nothing to do with what’€™s going on and it’€™s not really our focus at all ‘€“ it’€™s this great matchup that we have. We have family in, it’€™s a great time to be together, it’€™s a great celebration for everyone, and it’€™s fun for it to be shared so I enjoy them here.’€

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