FOXBORO — When Tom Brady took off on his memorable tone-setting 17-yard jaunt in the third quarter, Julian Edelman had a couple of visions flash though his mind.

“It’s always fun to see the Clydesdale run,” Edelman said. “He’s been working hard on his little mobility stuff. He takes that to heart. It always fun to see him get fired up after a run. I call him Brady-Vick. He’s always had unbelievable pocket awareness. It’s always great to seeing the big dog out there moving the chains.”

Told the third-and-11 run was 17 yards, Edelman was incredulous.

“It was 17 yards? That was the slowest 17 yards I’ve ever seen in my life,” Edelman said.

Of course, the first half was no laughing matter. The Patriots were spinning their wheels. They led 14-13 over the Dolphins but couldn’t put a lot of plays together.

“I can’t answer that question, ‘Why it didn’t work in the first half?'” Edelman said. “But I can answer that it was a little better in the second half. We definitely have to go out and work on starting it faster, plain and simple, because now each and every game has a little more value. We’ll definitely have to work on that and I’m sure that’ll be a focus with our coaches.

‘€œThe first half, we didn’€™t really execute what we were trying to do. On the first drive, we moved the ball a little bit here and there and kind of puttered off or fluttered off or whatever you want to call it. We came in and basically just said, ‘€˜Let’€™s just play each play and try to do your assignment and just try to execute,’€™ and we were able to do that a little bit better in the second half.’€

What was said at halftime?

‘€œWe gave up a big lead the first time we played these guys, so we just came in here and said, ‘€˜Let’€™s go back to the fundamentals of what we have to do each and every play.’€™ It’€™s not about X’€™s and O’€™s; it’€™s about execution and going out and just doing your job and making a play,” Edelman said. “It seemed like we were able to do that a little better in the second half. There were a couple things that we still have to work on, and we’€™ll do that this week, but it was good to come out here and get my sixth division title in the six years that I’€™ve been here.”

Julian Edelman is on a short list of players on the Patriots who have been around for all six AFC East titles won since 2009.

“It’€™s pretty amazing,” Edelman said. “You put in all the time and the effort in the offseason, and you go through the long days of training camp, and before that you have the OTAs, and you put in all this time and work and effort for this right here. I’€™ve been fortunate enough to get six, and now we get to play some real football.”

Edelman joins Brady, Vince Wilfork, Stephen Gostkowski, Matthew Slater, Dan Connolly, Ryan Wendell Sebastian Vollmer, Kyle Arrington and Rob Ninkovich who have been around for all six AFC East titles won since 2009. That’s a lot of hats and t-shirts.

“I actually have them all stashed in my closet, literally with rubber bands with t-shirt,” Edelman said. “I go in and look at them every once in a while. They’re in my closet and that’s my little spot. I don’t want to lose them. I don’t know where I’m going to be in 10 years.”

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Mike Petraglia
Chandler Jones

Chandler Jones

FOXBORO — It had been almost exactly two months to the day since Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones last played in a game.

Sunday, Jones returned to action for the first time since suffering a hip injury Oct. 16 against the Jets and made his return memorable, as he finished with seven tackles and 1.5 sacks in the Patriots’ 41-13 blowout win over the Dolphins.

“€œI felt great,” said Jones. “The coaches did a great job of mixing me up and switching in-and-out with different guys. It also felt really good to be back out there with my teammates.”

By our count, Jones played 48 snaps and didn’t seem limited in any way. He lined up both as a defensive end, and in a 3-point stance with Akeem Ayers and Dont’a Hightower sometimes outside of him.

Jones returned to practice the week of the Green Bay game, two weeks ago, but eased back into things before being active for the first time on Sunday.

“€œI was just listening to what Coach [Bill] Belichick told me and the doctors and the trainers, taking it a day at a time,” said Jones. “I know you guys heard Bill say we’€™ll take it day-by-day-by-day, and that’€™s what we were doing. Like I said, it felt good to be back out there with my teammates. Just a few months ago I was on crutches. So for me to be out there running with my team, I got a little emotional, but it felt good to be out there.”

It was the first extended period of time the defensive end has missed since missing some time in his rookie year, so before the game when he was getting back into his pregame routine was when he started to become emotional.

“Just getting ready, he said. “As I am putting my pads on and just getting my wrists taped, getting my ankles taped — just going through that whole routine and process of a pregame again. It kind of felt a little emotional like this is happening, I am back out there so you just have to enjoy it. Every day, every second you have the opportunity to play at this level. You just have to enjoy it.”

Jones’ 1.5 sacks raises his total to six on the season, which is second on the team to Rob Ninkovich‘s eight. Jones will fall short of his total of 11.5 sacks last season, but with the time he missed, six isn’t too shabby.

“It felt good first sack back,” said Jones. “Hopefully, I was wishing we could have recovered it, but it felt real good to help the team.”

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Ryan Hannable

Rob Gronkowski celebrates his second-half touchdown Sunday against the Dolphins. (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)FOXBORO -- Woe to any team that may speak ill of the Patriots.

Fred Smerlas, Steve DeOssie and Butch Stearns break down the division clinching win over the Dolphins in Foxboro.

[0:13:38] ... deployed according. And the future value to the team the same as Tom Brady you're gonna cost you got a realist element also went up to lose them yet which you can put in the same ...
[0:20:53] ... after we kick off after Stephen good bounce and went ahead of Adam Vinatieri for most points in patriots history. He tickets 75 yards really the guys above. It that they owed her. I think so ...
[0:23:27] ... field I don't think they'll ever be kit for him to be Adam Vinatieri don't think anybody will ever via competitive. Have opportunities that victory. Lieutenant John dad nor an adult life yet as I don't ...

FOXBORO —’s Mike Petraglia and Chris Price detail how the Patriots were able to flip the switch and beat the Miami Dolphins, 41-13, Sunday at Gillette Stadium, clinching their sixth straight AFC East title. The Patriots led by only a point, 14-13, at the half before outscoring the Dolphins, 27-0, in the second half.

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Mike Petraglia

Bill Belichick waved goodbye to the Miami Dolphins and the rest of the AFC East Sunday after a 41-13 win. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)FOXBORO -- So predictable.


BIO | ARCHIVE's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price break down the Patriots' 41-13 win over the Dolphins. The Pats clinched their sixth straight division title with the victory.

[0:05:00] ... Branch had a tremendous first half probably had that match out tomorrow Matt Chatham was talking about the fact that he had. The best defense of push. Up the middle what I have to agree that ...
[0:05:37] ... be too as last year where you didn't have Wilfork did have Tommy Kelly had a lot of guys banged up. You could you are you have to press of a disservice you don't necessarily need to Pressman deserves this year if you don't think he's healthy enough to go back to special teams for a moment. We have the chance both of us to be in on the scrum with Steven gets cow ski. He set a pretty significant franchise record tonight. 11160. Points. And he becomes the all time franchise leader in scoring passing Adam Vinatieri. Your thoughts Vinatieri did in ten years I got 'cause he did in nine I thought that was interesting to hit that milestone. I think we tend to under rate Gus tells you a little bit just because he's not Adam Vinatieri but there's a reason that bid Steven gets gusty. Is a pro bowler it there's a reason that he's considered one of the better young kicker Don Young kid reported better kickers in the league he's just he you've you've developed a Reza me he's developed a pattern a successor doing a bit. May be easily matched bite by Vinatieri. He eats he hasn't had the postseason opportunities that Vinatieri has and that's the only other thing that he need to think on their resonated check off to measure him against a guy like Adam Vinatieri. All right I asked Erica scout ski when he was what was going through his mind because I thought that was the ...
[0:08:42] ... tenants. Also in that locker room or really nice moment Chris between Drew Bledsoe. And Tom Brady they spoke for about five minutes. And chatted about how we each other's families doing and know what. You know they're doing obviously Tom Brady is a little bit busy. Trying to get the football team here at all in New England back to other Super Bowl but. Drew Bledsoe on Tom Brady had a nice moment I wanna go back to us something else I know your writing about the trash ...

FOXBORO — The Patriots won their sixth straight AFC East title with a convincing 41-13 win over the Dolphins Sunday at Gillette Stadium. The team took to Twitter and Instagram to show off their new AFC East Champion gear.

2014 AFC East Champions!!! #GoPats

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#Repost of @chan95jones ・・・’€¨2014 AFC East Champions!!! #GoPats

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Ryan Hannable

FOXBORO — A message needed to be sent.

The Patriots were only ahead of the Dolphins 14-13 at the half, after allowing Miami to score 10 points in the final four minutes and change of the first half to get back in the game. The Patriots offense was sluggish, totaling just 102 years of net offense in the opening half, and only 82 passing yards.