The Patriots and wide receiver Reggie Wayne have reached agreement on a one-year deal, according to ESPN.

The 36-year-old Wayne, who spent the first 14 years of his career with the Colts, is a six-time Pro Bowler with 1,070 career catches, 14,345 yards and 82 touchdowns. Last year in Indy, he had 64 receptions for 779 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

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Dont'a Hightower sits down with the guys and discusses the Pat's preseason and where he is at with his recovery from shoulder surgery.

[0:00:19] ... least here on Greg Dickerson. 6177797937. Patriots Monday and we're here at Gillette Stadium glad to be joined by patriots linebacker. Donta hightower. A hero of Saturday's game the hero. Get a great game at I ...
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[0:10:13] ... practice. Locker room easy you know if you did you hear anything Cris Carter said. The rookie symposium will be years ago. Yeah you did have a cool. It was your fault guys. Okay two part ...
[0:16:23] ... pressure everybody's Donta hightower joining us. On a patriots Monday Lou Maloney Christian Fauria Greg Dickerson dynamic Dolan will join us a little bit later on as well as a settlement patriots Monday. Coming up we'll talk about Cris Carter and the NFC rookie symposium. And his fall guy and Christians fall guys well that's that's Sports Radio WEEI. ...

Darryl Roberts

Darryl Roberts

Rookie cornerback Darryl Roberts, who had been having a good summer with the Patriots, now has a wrist injury which could threaten his season, according to ESPN.

Roberts is a seventh-round pick out of Marshall who has been contributing with the No. 2 defense throughout a sizable portion of training camp and the preseason. It’s believed he suffered the injury on the third series of the preseason opener against the Packers earlier this month.

The 6-foot, 182-pounder was taken in the seventh round of the draft this spring by the Patriots. Over his last two years in a Marshall uniform, he recorded 133 tackles, three interceptions and 24 pass breakups.

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Wes Welker is still on the market. (Rob Leiter/Getty Images)

Wes Welker remains on the market. (Rob Leiter/Getty Images)

With summer winding down and the regular season fast approaching, there still are some veteran free agents on the market who have expressed an interest in playing in 2015. Here are eight intriguing veteran possibilities who could find themselves in uniform again between now and Labor Day.

Evan Mathis — The 33-year-old guard, who was released by the Eagles earlier this offseason, probably is best offensive lineman currently available. While there are questions about how much he’d command, he’s had no shortage of suitors to this point. Reports have linked him to the Seahawks, Dolphins, Titans and Chiefs. The 6-foot-5, 301-pounder is a two-time Pro Bowler who has played for the Eagles, Bengals, Dolphins and Panthers.

Reggie Wayne Bill Belichick has always been an unabashed Wayne fan, and while Wayne managed to put up good numbers well into his 30s, there’s a legitimate question as to how much he might have left in the tank. The 36-year-old is a six-time Pro Bowler, but he’s been hobbled by age and injury in recent seasons. He has a terrific resume: 1,070 career catches, 14,345 yards and 82 touchdowns. If the Patriots don’t land him, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him go to Green Bay, which just lost Jordy Nelson.

Wes Welker When he blew through town last spring on a promotional tour, Welker said that he’d gladly re-sign with the Patriots if given the chance. A reunion with Tom Brady would be fun to write about, but at the same time, the 34-year-old Welker has had concussion and other injury issues the last season-plus with the Broncos, which might take him out of the picture, at least as it relates to New England. However, like Wayne and some other veteran receivers still on the market, he could get a phone call because of the recent injuries to the likes of Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin.

Randy Moss– Why not? He teased everyone the last few days with the thought of him returning. It’s debatable how much he has left in the tank, but if we can seriously talk about the idea of Wayne coming back, why not Moss? The 38-year-old played 14 seasons in the NFL, including three-plus years with the Patriots from 2007 through the early stages of the 2010 season. With New England he caught 259 passes for 3,904 yards and 50 touchdowns. If he can still play, he would likely have a short list of contenders, and you figure given his past history with the Patriots, New England would be on that list.

Steven Jackson The 32-year-old running back, who was maybe a little too eager to make sure the Cowboys were aware of his availability earlier this summer, isn’t nearly the same back he was a few seasons ago. But from this viewpoint, if utilized properly, he could make for a nice addition somewhere. The 6-foot-2, 240-pounder had eight straight years (2005-12) of 1,000 yards or more on the ground.

Pierre Thomas If a team is in the market for a third-down back, Thomas might be able to fill the bill. A 5-foot-11, 215-pounder, the 30-year-old Thomas was released by the Saints in March despite catching at least 30 passes in six of the last seven seasons. Like Jackson, if he’s used properly, a team could get a nice deal on a veteran. Thomas reportedly turned down an $870,000 offer from the Texans earlier this month.

Ray Rice Still considered a third rail by many because of his suspension for violating the league’s domestic abuse policy, the 5-foot-8, 206-pound running back has been out of the game since the start of last year. The undersized 28-year-old has seen his numbers dip precipitously over the previous three seasons with the Ravens, going from 1,364 rushing yards and 4.7 yards per carry in 2011 to 660 yards and 3.1 YPC in 2013.

Dwight Freeney The longtime Colt has spent the last two years as a situational pass rusher with the Chargers. San Diego decided to move on this past offseason, but the 35-year-old remains interested in playing. The 6-foot-1, 268-pounder, who Matt Light said was consistently his toughest matchup, has 111.5 career sacks.

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Christopher Price

If the Patriots are serious about wide receiver Reggie Wayne, they might have to move quickly.

If the Patriots are serious about wide receiver Reggie Wayne, they might have to move quickly.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Wayne visited the Patriots and took a physical Sunday. Now he is said to be under consideration in Green Bay as well, after Packers receiver Jordy Nelson suffered a knee injury during Sunday’s preseason game. Nelson was to undergo an MRI on Monday to see if he tore his ACL, as has been feared.

The Patriots also have injury concerns at the position. Julian Edelman has been out since Aug. 2, Brandon LaFell is on the physically unable to perform list, Brian Tyms is dealing with a foot injury suffered last Wednesday, and Brandon Gibson injured his knee in Saturday night’s game against the Saints.

Wayne, a six-time Pro Bowler, is a free agent after playing 14 seasons with the Colts. The 36-year-old said last month that he would like to play one more season.

Slowed by an elbow injury and torn triceps, Wayne finished 2014 with just 64 receptions for 779 yards and two touchdowns, his least productive season since 2002.

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Tight end Rob Gronkowski joined the Dennis & Callahan show Monday morning to discuss the Patriots’ preparations for the season and the team’s decision to have him stay on the sideline during preseason games.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski joined the Dennis & Callahan show Monday morning to discuss the Patriots’ preparations for the season and the team’s decision to have him stay on the sideline during preseason games. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

The oft-injured Gronkowski did not play in Saturday’s victory over the Saints in New Orleans, extending his streak of preseason DNPs to 11.

“It’s always up to the coach’s decision,” he said. “I’m ready to play when my number’s called, whenever they want me to go in. I mean, it is preseason, we’ve been practicing hard, we’ve been going vs. each other, we had great practices with the Saints, it’s been going well.”

Added Gronkowski on not playing in the preseason: “It is what it is. I don’t really mind that. … It’s always nice to get one [game in], but also practice is good, too. If you’re going full speed and you’re competing hard in practice, that can get you super ready, too, for Week 1.”

When he does get on the field, Gronkowski acknowledged that even though “I like the hitting, I like the smashing,” there are occasions when it’s wiser for him to avoid taking another blow to his body.

“I’m never trying to shy away from contact, but there’s definitely times where maybe you want to step out of bounds where it’s just something where you just know you’re going to get hit by three guys or you can just make a little step out of bounds and save your body from that hit,” he said, adding: “Every once in a while you can definitely step out of the way just to save a hit or two on you.”

Off the field, Gronkowski is known for his partying ways. However, when asked about his sex life, he joked that he’s got something in common with Tim Tebow. Said Gronkowski: “I’m a virgin.”

Following are more highlights from the interview. For more Patriots news, visit the team page at

On commissioner Roger Goodell’s attempt to suspend Tom Brady for the quarterback’s alleged role in Deflategate: “I don’t know. I really don’t pay attention to what he’s doing. I’m really just focusing on what I’ve got to do during camp and what I’ve got to do to get better as a player.”

On if it’s been a distraction for Brady: “No, not at all. He comes out every single day and it’s just like any other time for the last five years I’ve been here. He comes out and practices with a purpose, to get better.”

On his need to be active: “I really can’t [stay still too long]. It’s cool to chill out, you get one day to yourself where you can just sit down, watch some movies, relax at home. But if I do that two days in a row, I mean, I start going crazy. I’ve always got to get up, go out and do something, if it’s just playing a sport out in the backyard, or if it’s just going out to work out, or if it’s going to practice or something. Yeah, I’m definitely an active guy for sure.”

On backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo: “He’s a hard-working player right now and he’s improving every single time he steps out on the field. He had a great game the other day.”

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Patriots fans appear to be OK with the idea of having Rob Gronkowski practice but not play in the preseaon.</p>
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Browns All-Pro left tackle Joe Thomas said Sunday that Tom Brady is being unfairly treated for Deflategate, equating Brady’s four-game suspension for his alleged role in the football deflating flap to “driving 66 [mph] in a 65-speed z