FOXBORO — Tom Brady is apparently accepting responsibility for Deflategate with his teammates.

The Patriots finally returned to the practice field Thursday for the first of four practices before they leave for Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale next Monday.

Bill Belichick addresses the media Thursday on Deflategate. (Mike Petraglia/ -- Bill Belichick wasn't about to take the fall Thursday. Nor should he.




Was Bill Belichick sending a message by having Tom Brady throw the ball late in Sunday's blowout?</p>
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Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe joined Dale & Holley on Wednesday to discuss the Deflategate story and also to look ahead to the Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl.

On Wednesday, Andrew Luck shrugged off the Deflategate controversy, saying that “€œthings in the media tend to be blown out of proportion.”

The Seahawks were just over nine minutes away from falling to 3-3 on the 2012 season. They trailed the Patriots 23-10 on their home turf.

Tom Brady could come in for some questioning for his role in what happened in the AFC title game.</span></p>
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The Patriots will get a Boston send off this time for the Super Bowl.