It remains an odd anomaly -- Bill Belichick’s blind spot when it comes to evaluating collegiate prospects.

On Monday, Tom Brady responded to Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman's assessment the Patriots “aren't built for a heavyweight fight” by saying “that’s to be determined in January, and it’s only October."

Patriots coach Bill Belichick joined The Big Show on Monday, saying that the Patriots' struggling secondary isn't the only reason the Pats lost in Sunday's 24-23 defeat against the Seahawks. 

"I think it's a total team thing," Belichick said. "We didn't do a good job yesterday in any area. … I don't think any area of the team is not a part of [the struggles]."

Asked about the big passing plays, Belichick replied, "The deep balls are obviously a problem. I think anyone who watched the game could see that."   

Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork joined The Big Show Monday to discuss New England's 24-23 loss to the Seahawks Sunday. With the loss, the Patriots are 3-3 on the season. 

The Patriots' secondary had a particularly bad day against Seattle, allowing a number of big passing plays that included Sidney Rice's game-winning 46-yard touchdown reception. Though the secondary's struggles have gotten plenty of attention this season, Wilfork said the loss isn't on the defensive backs. 

Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman took a few shots after the game at Tom Brady and the Patriots via Twitter. He also had plenty to say about the New England offense, telling the News-Tribune after the game that the Patriots “are running this gimmick, hurry-up stuff. You don’t do that in the NFL. ...

Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch made his weekly appearance with Mut & Merloni on Monday afternoon, a day after New England's disappointing 24-23 loss to the Seahawks.

"It was a tough one," Branch said. "We went out and played pretty good in the first half. The second half it just wasn't the type of football we want to put out on the field. Overall, we had so many chances to win the game and put the game away, and we didn't."

Rex Ryan kicked off a week of pregame hype when he said Monday he's confident his Jets can upset the Patriots.

CBS Sports NFL analyst Boomer Esiason made his weekly Patriots Monday appearance with Dennis & Callahan to talk about the Pats' 24-23 loss to the Seahawks and other news from around the NFL.

There were two quarterbacks playing at CenturyLink Field in Seattle on Sunday afternoon. One is a rookie and the other played like a rookie.



As if it wasn't embarrassing enough to squander away another game with a fourth-quarter collapse Sunday, the Patriots had to watch as their star player was the subject of a taunting Seahawks player after the game.