FOXBORO — Danny Amendola has no regrets about restructuring his contract to stay in New England. As a matter of fact, there’s no place he’d rather be.

Danny Amendola speaks to reporters Tuesday at Gillette Stadium. (Mike Petraglia/

Danny Amendola speaks to reporters Tuesday at Gillette Stadium. (Mike Petraglia/

FOXBORO — Danny Amendola has no regrets about restructuring his contract to stay in New England. As a matter of fact, there’s no place he’d rather be.

The 29-year-old receiver made that much very clear Tuesday when he took a break from offseason workouts at Gillette Stadium to speak with reporters and explain why he signed a three-year, $12.75 million dollar deal that will carry him through the 2017 season.

“I love playing for this team, I love playing for these coaches, this organization,” Amendola said. “I’€™ve got family out here, this is home to me. I love playing for this team; it’€™s a great experience and I’€™d like to prolong that as long as I can. It’€™s been fun.”

“It’€™s a business and everybody treats it like a business. Obviously you love playing football, you love being around the locker room, you love being around your teammates, and that’€™s really the most important thing for me. I love the group we have here, I love the work ethic everybody puts in every week, I love being here, so that’€™s why I chose to come back.”

Last season did not start off well for Amendola and it affected his final numbers. He only caught 27 passes for 200 yards and one touchdown.

But something clicked in the playoffs. Against the Ravens, he caught five passes for 81 yards and two touchdowns, including a 51-yard score thrown by Julian Edelman in a 35-31 win. After catching just one pass for eight yards in the AFC championship, he turned it on in the Super Bowl. Amendola caught five passes for 48 yards and a fourth-quarter touchdown that cut Seattle’s lead to 24-21.

“You know what, it’€™s been great. I have a lot of great memories from the game, it’€™s something we’€™ll all remember forever, but we’€™re really focused on moving forward,” Amendola said. “We’€™ve got a lot of new faces in the building and a lot of goals and a lot of hopes for this upcoming year; that’€™s really the only thing we’€™re focused on now.

“You know, we’€™re the hunted now, so we have to prepare that way. We’€™re working hard and we’€™re getting a lot of good work in right now.”

And to Amendola there’s no change in the team’s approach that he’s seen in the first two weeks of workouts.

“No, it’€™s the same,” Amendola said. “We’€™re still as hungry as ever, we want to go out there and prove a lot of things to a lot of people, so we’€™re working hard and we’€™re getting a lot of good work accomplished.”

Amendola looked relaxed Tuesday, even joking about his quarterback skipping out on the White House visit last week when asked about it.

“Yeah, he’€™s trying to get his bench press up,” Amendola said of Tom Brady, who reportedly stayed behind in Foxboro to work out. “I don’€™t know what he’€™s trying to do, but Tom’€™s our leader, Tom’€™s our guy. I don’€™t know what his political stance is.”

Asked if he were offended by Brady’s absence, Amendola added, “No. I don’€™t know what he was doing (smile).”

As for his own impression of the White House, Amendola said he appreciated the rare chance to meet a powerful man.

“It was nice. I got to shake the President’€™s hand, that’€™s pretty cool, nobody in my family’€™s done that before, so it was cool,” Amendola said. “We’€™re going to be working hard to hopefully get that done again.”

Amendola could forgive the President for his failed attempt at humor over Deflategate.

“You know, he’€™s a funny guy. I’€™m not going to go into inflation too much,” Amendola said. “It’€™s crazy; I’€™ve never been to the White House, I’€™ve seen a bunch of teams win championships and go, and always dreamt about going there one day, and it’€™s exciting. Everybody’€™s just working really hard to get that done again.”

Other Amendola takeaways from Tuesday:

On how important is OTA for team building: “It’€™s huge. Anytime you get the guys together, you get in the film room, you get in the weight room, out on the field throwing, stuff like that, it’€™s great.

“We show up to work and we have a job to do, whether it’€™s in the offseason, OTAs, whether we’€™re working out, running around running routes and stuff like that, so the only thing we’€™re focused on is coming in and getting our work done for each day, getting better each day, and going from there.”

On playing well in the playoffs: Everybody gets an opportunity to show what they’€™ve got and it’€™s something that I’€™m looking forward to next year. Going to try to make the team, obviously, like everybody else, and go from there.

On looking forward to this year after way you finished last year: I’€™m focused on the future. I have a lot of football to play. I have a chip on my shoulder still and I want to play good football for a long time.

On feeling better as he gets older: Yeah. I still feel really great physically, I feel young. I feel like I’€™m running around really well and like I said, we’€™ve got a great group of guys in the locker room and that’€™s what really drew me back to playing here and I’€™m obviously grateful for the opportunity to play here.

On personal offseason workouts as he gets older: “As you get older, you have to approach things differently. I take care of my body probably a little better than I did when I was 21, 22, but conditioning-wise I feel really good. We had a great day running today, probably the best conditioning day we’€™ve had as a team, and it was really awesome to see. Everybody feels really good.”

On his memories of the draft process and not being drafted: “It’€™s all about opportunity. I knew when I was coming out of college if I was to get a shot at camp then I’€™d have a shot, so that’€™s all I asked for. And here I am.”

Could this be a breakout year for Amendola? I think you’€™re reading too much into it. I’€™m going to put myself in position to be there for my teammates, that’€™s for sure.

On building on end of last year: “You always want to take the momentum of the last year into the next one. The goal of the season is to win the last game that you play, so we’€™re going to carry that momentum into next year. It’€™s all about getting out there and playing good football, so that’€™s what we’€™re focused on.”

On whether going undrafted fuels him: Absolutely: “It’€™s something that you’€™re labeled, so you’€™re going to roll with that your whole career. I wanted the opportunity and I got it back then, and just try to make the most of those.”

Can he use that to mentor other guys? “Absolutely. Getting older now, you’€™ve seen a lot of guys come in the league as rookies and need guidance one way or another, but for a guys that’€™s been through it a number of years now, drafted, undrafted ‘€“ it’€™s all about playing good football, all about being there for your teammates, and trying to win games.”

On Malcolm Butler: I remember when Malcolm got here his first couple of days of OTAs, making plays, he had a couple of interceptions in some drills that we had that personally I thought we pretty impressive and he’€™s a great athlete. There’€™s guys like that that go undrafted or drafted late even and not necessarily overlooked, but this is the NFL ‘€“ everybody is a good athlete whether you’€™re drafted or undrafted so it’€™s all about making the most of your opportunities and playing good football.

On whether he’s watched the Super Bowl: I haven’€™t even seen it. I’€™ve seen a couple of clips here and there, but I haven’€™t sat down and watched it. But it’€™s in the past, so focused on the future.

On CB Bradley Fletcher, former teammate: Fletch ‘€“ that’€™s my boy. He’€™s a great player. He’€™s big, he’€™s physical, he’€™s instinctive, he’€™ll come up and hit you too. As a cornerback that’€™s something that you like to see and it’€™s a great addition to our football team and he’€™s going to make everyone else better.

On WR Brandon Gibson (also former teammate): Brandon Gibson, that’€™s like my brother. We played together for four years in St. Louis, and he’€™s the type of guy that brings a lot of athleticism to the wide receiver position, he’€™s been around the game for a long time, and we’€™re all happy to have him in the room. He’€™s a great guy and a great football player too. We’€™re excited to have him.

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Mike Petraglia
Dominique Easley

Dominique Easley

With the majority of free agency completed and the draft looming, we’re going to take a look at the Patriots depth chart by position, and try and assess the level of need going forward. We’ve broken down each position on the offensive side of the ball. Now, it’s defense, and we start with the defensive line:

Current depth chart: (2014 regular-season stats via coaches film review and Pro Football Reference): Chandler Jones (43 tackles, 6 sacks, 10 quarterback hits, 2 passes defensed), Alan Branch (14 tackles, 2 quarterback hits, 1 pass defensed), Sealver Siliga (27 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 4 quarterback hits), Chris Jones (27 tackles, 3 sacks, 7 quarterback hits), Rob Ninkovich (56 tackles, 8 sacks, 16 quarterback hits, 1 INT, 2 passes defensed, 1 fumble recovery), Joe Vellano (6 tackles, 1 sack, 1 quarterback hit), Zach Moore (4 tackles, 0.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery), Michael Buchanan (1 tackle), Dominique Easley (9 tackles, 1 sack, 3 quarterback hits). Jake Bequette remains on the practice squad, while the Patriots added DE/OLB Jabaal Sheard and defensive tackle Antonio Johnson in free agency.

Lost in free agency: Vince Wilfork (47 tackles, 1 quarterback hit, 1 INT, 2 passes defensed) signed with the Texans after the Patriots did not pick up his option. While he was able to bounce back following a season-ending Achilles injury in 2013 and go wire-to-wire in 2014, his off-field guidance as a pillar of the franchise could be a greater loss. DE/OLB Akeem Ayers (15 tackles, 4 sacks, 5 quarterback hits, 1 INT, 1 pass defensed) who was acquired midway through the year, ended up signing with the Rams.

Gained in free agency: Sheard. The 6-foot-3, 264-pounder has played in all 16 games in three of his four seasons in the league, and he recorded 44 tackles and two sacks last year. The 25-year-old has 23 career sacks. Meanwhile, the 30-year-old Johnson has posted 98 tackles and 4.5 sacks in six seasons in the league with the Titans and Colts.

Other changes: The Patriots re-signed versatile vet Branch to a new deal, and while he should be an important part of the rotation along the defensive line in 2015, the real guy to watch will be Easley, who was shelved for the season with a knee injury in December. The first-round pick in 2014 certainly showed himself to be a disruptive presence when he was able to play, but can be step in and be a big part of the New England defense in 2015? It’s unclear where he might line up along the defensive front — based on his size, skill set and what we saw from him in 2014, he’s strength is probably working as a 4-3 defensive tackle, with some time at end. But his progression and his health (specifically, his knees) will certainly be worth monitoring this spring and summer. (It’s also worth mentioning that Buchanan is coming back after a season-ending injury derailed his 2014 campaign, and figures to be a part of the conversation at the backup defensive end spot.)

Is this an area of need going into the draft? It is, at least from this perspective. While the Patriots do have a talented defensive front, there’s still the need for a sizable, run-stuffing type in the middle who can at least try and replicate what Wilfork was able to bring from an on-field perspective. (Maybe the 6-foot-3, 328-pound Johnson will get that chance?) Whether the Patriots try and go after a big body in the draft or for one of the remaining veteran free agents left on the market, it’s something New England figures to address between now and the start of camp.

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Christopher Price
Scott Chander, under the bright lights in Foxboro, meets with reporters at Gillette Stadium. (Mike Petraglia/

Scott Chander, under the bright lights in Foxboro, meets with reporters at Gillette Stadium. (Mike Petraglia/

FOXBORO — It didn’t take tight end Scott Chandler long to realize what makes the Patriots the best organization in football and one of the best in pro sports.

Chandler, working out with his new teammates at Gillette Stadium, has realized that when your best player is also your hardest worker, it’s sets the tone for everyone else, even after winning a Super Bowl.

“It’s exciting to get to play with a guy who’s had some success in the past but that past success doesn’t determine future success,” Chandler said, after taking a break from his offseason workout day on Tuesday. “We’re all working hard right now and Tom’s working harder than anybody.

“It’s been fun to come in and these guys that you’ve seen and heard about for so long, to get to actually meet them and just a great group of guys. I’m just trying to find my niche in there.”

Chandler has also had the chance to rub elbows with Rob Gronkowski, another tight end is figures fairly prominently in the Patriots’ 2015 offensive plans.

“I had met Gronk a few times,” Chandler said. “He’s a fun loving guy. A fun guy to be around. He works hard. He’s a fun teammate to have. You can tell that they’re a classy organization from the top to the bottom. Guys want to work hard and do things the right way.”

Chandler said his first contact with his new teammates has come mainly through the workout program and not beforehand.

“Guys were enjoying their offseason time and I got here and there were a couple of guys I knew from before. Other than that, it’s kind of a been a learning experience. I think we want to do it the right way. You want to work hard and work hard to win games, and win games as a team.

“I think you want to do everything you can to just ingratiate yourself to your teammates. You see how hard guys work and you want to work hard with them. That’s what builds a team.”

Here were some other takeaways from Chandler on Tuesday at Gillette Stadium:

On his thoughts watching the Super Bowl: “You want to be a part of a good organization. I think that was the main factor for me. A great city and a great place to play.”

On whether he sought advice of Bill Belichick friend and Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz (where Chandler played in college): “I don’t know that I had to. When I was actually at Iowa, Bill came and talked to us. We had games in Arizona at the same time. I know what Coach Ferentz thinks of Bill. He comes highly recommended.”

On playing in New England after playing last five seasons in Buffalo: : “It just gives you a little more familiarity with the AFC East but other than that it’s a new team. Things are different and you try and be a part of that.”

On his thoughts on being drafted in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft?: “Looking back, it’s one of those processes that you look back on it and it’s fun. But when in you’re in the midst of it, you’re on egg shells the whole time. Going to the combine is kind of an exhausting thing and then sitting around. Back then, it was just two days luckily. I only had to sit around for two days because now I think I’d be sitting around a little longer. But it’s fun to look back on. Some good memories there.”

On his past success against Pats:: “I don’t know that that’s going to matter too much coming here. I think that it’s one of those things I’m coming to a new team. I need to just work hard and see what the coaches want to do with me.”

On whether there was any free agent interest from Pats in March ’14?: “I signed with Buffalo pretty quick so I don’t even remember it to be honest.”

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Mike Petraglia will continue to offer daily insight and analysis regarding options that may be available to the Patriots when it comes to the 2015 NFL draft. Here is one in a series of profiles of players who could be on the board when it’s time for the Patriots to make a selection.


Position: Running back

School: USC

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 220 pounds

Achievements: 2014 All-Pac-12 first team, 2013 All-Pac-12 honorable mention, 2013 team MVP

What he brings: Allen is a mobile back who has impressed scouts with his ability to create space and make defenders miss with his quickness. At USC he became a threat in the passing game as well. He improved every year and became a productive rusher, but scouts would like to see him play to his size a bit more by being more physical so that he does not have to rely solely on his athleticism. There are concerns that Allen can be indecisive with the ball and make poor decisions, but these mental aspects of his game can be corrected and improved with coaching and experience.

Where the Patriots could get him: Rounds 3-4

Notes: As a redshirt junior in 2014, Allen w as USC’s leading rusher with 276 attempts for 1,489 yards and 11 touchdowns to go along with 41 receptions for 458 yards and a receiving touchdown. He ended his college career with 417 rushing attempts for 2,306 yards and 25 touchdowns. He did not miss a game in his final two seasons with the Trojans. Allen also goes by his nickname, Buck.

Related articles:

LA Times: Former USC tailback Javorius Allen demonstrates pass-catching ability

USC News: Get to know star tailback Javorius ‘Buck’ Allen

Video: Here’s Allen rushing for 143 yards and two touchdowns and catching four passes for 86 yards against Arizona State in October 2014.

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Nik Beimler

Looks like Tom Brady is going to be part of Super Bowl 50 in some form or fashion.

The quarterback posted a letter to Facebook (see below) Tuesday he received from commissioner Roger Goodell informing him that, as a Super Bowl MVP, he’ll be honored as part of the run-up to the upcoming Super Bowl, which will be held in the Bay Area.

What an honor… Hope I have my helmet on for the on-field ceremony in SF! #teameffort

Posted by Tom Brady on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Christopher Price

The NFL will fine the Jets $100,000 in the Darrelle Revis tampering case, but will not subtract any draft picks from New York, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

The NFL will fine the Jets $100,000 in the Darrelle Revis tampering case, but will not subtract any draft picks from New York, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

The Patriots filed tampering charges with the league shortly after Jets owner Woody Johnson made comments about wanting Revis back when he was still under contract to New England, saying in December, “I’d love for Darrelle to come back.” The cornerback then signed with New York on the first day of NFL free agency.

According to Mehta, New England will not be punished for a counter-tampering charge the Jets made against the Patriots for comments that owner Robert Kraft made regarding Revis after he signed back with New York.

For more Patriots news, check out

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Christopher Price

According to ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini, there could be a resolution to the Jets’ tampering with Darrelle Revis situation before the start of the draft Thursday.

According to ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini, there could be a resolution to the Jets’ tampering with Darrelle Revis situation before the start of the draft Thursday.

The Patriots filed tampering charges against the Jets after owner Woody Johnson made comments about Revis while he was still under contract with the Patriots. Revis then went onto sign with the Jets on the first day of NFL free agency.

The Jets also filed tampering charges against the Patriots during the owners meetings when Robert Kraft spoke for the first time after Revis signed with the Jets.

It’s unclear what the potential penalty would be, and if draft picks were involved which year they would be taken away/switched.

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Ryan Hannable