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The issue isn’t whether Tom Brady will return to greatness in 2009. He’s too talented, too driven and surrounded by too much talent for that not to happen. Besides, the recent history is pretty definitive.



The quarterback slowly strolled over to the waiting group of media.

“Welcome back,” one reporter said.

“Thanks,” said Tom Brady with a big smile. “I’ve gotta tell you guys -- I’ve really been looking forward to this.”

Paris Lenon has made a career out of surprising people.

The Patriots have always done a nice job finding gems in the unlikeliest of places, with many unheralded contributors over the years finding their way to Foxborough as undrafted or rookie free agents.

Pit bull owners typically fall into two categories:


Or imbeciles.



Traditionally, when a pro athlete sees Boston in their rearview mirror, there’s little chance they’ll return.

Until last season, the role of Tom Brady’s backup always came with a cloak of anonymity.

Don’t expect Nathan Hodel to be doing any snow angels this winter.

Alex Smith majored in economics at Stanford, but the newest Patriots tight end appeared to be a real student of history when he was asked if he was aware what it meant to wear No. 80 in New England.