Monday night's 38-17 loss to the Saints was a systematic dismantling of the Patriots by a superior team.



Ousted at Notre Dame earlier this week, Charlie Weis likely won’t be out of football for long.

NEW ORLEANS — With just over a minute to go in the first quarter on Monday night, the Patriots were feeling good about themselves.

NEW ORLEANS -- The scene made the movie “Jerry Maguire” look like a warm-up act.

For about an hour or so Monday night, I was having flashbacks to the 2001 season.

Must’ve been a Superdome thing, I figured. Or seeing Jon Gruden, though this time there was no visor or snow. But then the game started and I still couldn’t shake it.



FOXBORO — On Monday night, stopping the Saints could depend just as much on the work of Tom Brady, Sammy Morris and Lauren

First, let us start with praise for the 2006 Patriots.

No, really.



FOXBORO — Momentum is a fleeting thing.

The real season starts this week — the good teams always play their best after Thanksgiving, and the Patriots will get right into it Monday night with a trip to New Orleans to face the unbeaten Saints in the Superdome.

The typical turkey on television or radio is incapable of analyzing football teams beyond a handful of headline-making players on offense: the 40-year-old gunslinger quarterback, the fumble-prone runner, the loudmouthed wide receiver.