To borrow a phrase from the great Ed Rooney (a beautiful man -- and a happy 25th anniversary to Ferris Bueller's Day Off), "I don't trust Plaxico Burress any further than I can throw him." 

Arrests? Sure.



Tom Brady’s longtime quarterback guru Tom Martinez reportedly has been “a week to a month” to live, according to a statement from the Martinez family that was posted on Facebook. (Martinez has struggled with complications brought about by diabetes for a number of years.) The statement, from Martinez’s daughter Linda Martinez Haley, reads as follows:

Forner Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest spent some time working out with the Detriot Lions recently and dropped some hints about a possible comeback, but the 39-year-old said there was only one he would return to the game. In a statement issued via his publicist on Saturday, McGinest spelled everything out.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft sounded an optimistic note on Thursday afternoon regarding recent talks between the players and owners, but added that there’s still “a lot left to solve” when it comes to ending the lockout.

The Patriots announced Wednesday afternoon that individual game tickets to their home games this year will be made available for sale through Ticketmaster on Friday, July 15 at 10 a.m. Those tickets will be released for sale through Ticketmaster. Visa will once again be the only form of payment accepted for tickets.

Earlier in his professional career, Ellis Hobbs was always in a hurry. Whether it was as a cornerback keeping pace with a speedy wide receiver or accelerating past defenders as one of the best kick returners in the league, the former Patriots defensive back was always in a rush.

For Heath Evans, the choice is simple: The former Patriots fullback — who played in New England from 2005 until 2008 and spent the last two seasons with New Orleans — is a free agent, but is unapologetic when it comes to where he’d like to end up.

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way: Anthony Shriver is no Aaron Schobel.

Speaking on Friday night, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he was “confident” that a new labor deal between the owners and players can get done sooner rather than later. Talking with reporters at halftime of his charity football game at Harvard Stadium for Best Buddies, Brady said he's not sure when the lockout would end, but he certainly sounded encouraged by the recent developments.

The Patriots held another players-only workout Friday morning at Boston College, which reportedly drew more than 40 players for the third consecutive day. According to reports, players went through a series of drills in a session that ran for roughly two hours at Alumni Stadium. Quarterback Tom Brady, in the area for his annual Best Buddies event this weekend, orchestrated the workouts, which included veterans Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo and Wes Welker, as well as rookies like Nate Solder and Ryan Mallett.