GLENDALE, Ariz. — As the Patriots prepare to take the field for Super Bowl XLIX, they are apparently looking more and more like winners in the Deflategate saga.

Bill Belichick speaks Monday at the team headquarters in Chandler, Ariz. (Mike Petraglia/

Bill Belichick speaks Monday at the team headquarters in Chandler, Ariz. (Mike Petraglia/

GLENDALE, Ariz. — As the Patriots prepare to take the field for Super Bowl XLIX, they are apparently looking more and more like winners in the Deflategate saga.

According to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, only one of the 12 balls used by the Patriots in the AFC championship was a full 2 PSI below regulation while the other 11 found to be below spec were only “a tick” below regulation.

This news contradicts a report from Chris Mortensen two days after the AFC title game that 11 of the balls were found to be as much as a full 2 PSI below regulation.

There is an ongoing investigation being conducted by Ted Wells into how the balls were handled before the AFC championship game and if there were serious protocol violations by the Patriots. Patriots owner Robert Kraft sounded a confident tone Monday night upon the team’s arrival in Phoenix, expressing his support of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and demanding an apology from the league if the report clears the team.

In his state of the league address on Friday, commissioner Roger Goodell said he’s not drawn any conclusions and will let the report speak for the league.

But the more that comes out, the more it appears the Patriots will be vindicated. Here is more from Rapoport on Sunday morning:

  • Prior to the game, a game-day worker employed by the Patriots, a man described as elderly, took two bags of 12 footballs (one bag from each team) into the restroom near the referees’ room in Gillette Stadium. The man was in the room for 98 seconds. When he exited the room, he took the balls to the field. There is video of the man entering and exiting the bathroom, but it’s unclear if there is a clear shot inside the restroom.
  • That the man entered the restroom prior to walking with the footballs onto the field was discovered by the Patriots, and video footage was quickly turned over to Ted Wells for his investigation.
  • When coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were told there were questions about the footballs, both were incredulous. Belichick indicated privately what he said publicly: That he had little knowledge of what went into pregame footballs. Brady told someone close to him that he works on the footballs all week, then has no idea what happens to them on gameday.
  • Eleven of the 12 footballs used in the first half were judged by the officials to be under the minimum of 12.5 PSI, but just one was two pounds under. Many of them were just a few ticks under the minimum.
  • Many of the footballs used in the AFC title game, which all have Walt Anderson’s initials on them, were returned to circulation among the rest of the Patriots game-day footballs. Because Anderson was the referee for two other Patriots games this season, there are more than 30 footballs with his initials in the team’s possession. It appears the league has the football D’Qwell Jackson intercepted and took to the sidelines to ultimately hand over to his equipment staff.
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    Mike Petraglia

    GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Seahawks apparently want to keep Marshawn Lynch around.

    According to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the tempestuous running back known for his silent treatment of the media and his crotch-grabbing backward dives into the end zone has been offered a contract by the Seahawks that would make him the second highest running back in the game behind Adrian Peterson.

    The deal is believed to include more than $10 million for Lynch in the 2015 season alone. Lynch currently is slated to make $5 million in 2015, the final year of what originally was a four-year, $31 million deal. The Seahawks believe that Lynch, who has rushed for at least 1,200 yards in each of the past four seasons, has outplayed his contract, sources say. They want to reward him for his work, according to Rapoport.

    The new deal for Lynch has been a topic of discussion between Lynch’s agent Doug Hendrickson and the Seahawks for the last several weeks. He’s the heart-and-soul of their team, which they recognize, and they want him to retire in Seattle.

    What makes this fascinating is that sources close to Lynch have said there’s a very good chance he will retire if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl tonight.

    This is also remarkable for another reason. Midway through the season there were multiple reports that the Seahawks had grown tired of his act and were ready to let him walk away after this season. After his production this season and his performance in the playoffs, the team has apparently had a change of heart.

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    Mike Petraglia
    The guys discuss what radio row looks like after a huge week in Phoenix, ticket sales and major story lines this week leading up to the actual game.

    [0:00:24] ... on this week about the challenges. The days leading up to the Super Bowl in. Getting ready getting prepared for Super Bowl 49 of which we have the national broadcast right here on Sports Radio WEE idol kicked things off. Just after. 63430. A ...
    [0:06:26] ... the Seattle fans bottles and you cut. You know peace in Ramallah patriot fans in Boston fans jamming I know you say it's it's ten to one group there's still a decent amount and you don't the match up as a whole whether it's on the field or all the stuff floating around off the field. This is about as intriguing although all the Super Bowl is I can think of in the in the last ten or fifteen years. Yeah I I I agree Ria because you're ...
    [0:07:36] ... how we Seattle and trying slowdown Robert tells ski and you know Tom Brady and did the special teams it's just it's there's there's literally about fourteen or fifteen individual matchup you can point to win this team. They could all to believe determine who wins a. And then you also have that contrast in coaching styles even mow. Having played for both Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick I can tell you the ball very bright football. Pete Carroll. When recorded the jets. Struck me as a as a very ...
    [0:09:34] ... guys thought the peak hour could be successful not a not necessarily Super Bowl winning coach but just a successful coach at the NFL level will take a break we'll come back. More with Chris and Steve audit radio row in Phoenix will. Sprinkling your phone calls as well as well the course of the morning into the afternoon where whipping until 2 o'clock eastern time gets you ready. For the Super Bowl would get the national broadcast right here of Sports Radio WEEI this is FL Sunday exports radio WEEI. ...

    Dickerson and Price kick things off on NFL Sunday discussing how we can finally get into the nuts and bolts of the game. They talk a little about deflategate and how that will effect the game if at all and get into huge matchup that this game is.

    [0:00:42] ... buddy Steve DeOssie Chris price Tom Carney will join us later on Christian Fauria is well have a whole. Misch washing as we look back at the weaker of the two weeks that was we'll look back at the season. That was as well with a patriots in the NFL of course. Looking ahead to the 630. Approximate kick off in Glendale Arizona Super Bowl 49 between the patriots. And the Seattle Seahawks let get this thing started. By bringing in Chris Wright who Louise. Radio row were on radio row. In Phoenix and now assumed Steve DeOssie will join us and we'll look everything up Chris how are you. Not eight to a reporter dropped to a great thank you. 'cause you week. It's been crazy but it's been fun I mean this is what the Super Bowl should be it should feel a little extra height should be a little extra excitement. It should be you know if you ...
    [0:01:57] ... don't forget about the run up between the conference championship in the Super Bowl. In even if we didn't have to talk about a hundred way to football that took it feel like they're in the ...
    [0:03:41] ... are you start to participate darker. Don't know it outside if you're. Super Bowl cocooned Chris it it dissipated around here in and everywhere outside the Phoenix Glendale Scottsdale area right I think it all really ...
    [0:05:58] ... State FiOS is gonna join us are a little bit later on Christian Fauria Tom current our regulars. Here on NFL Sunday that's and this sort of bittersweet because. Not only is that the pregame show with a pre pre game show to the Super Bowl Super Bowl 49 we gotta get you ready. This morning and into this afternoon or tonight's game is also the finale it is also the final. Are NFL Sunday for the season and it's things like this this season has as obsolete. Flown by. Chris we talked about the season flying by and we go all the way back to the beginning. Remind me and refresh my memory. And what was your Super Bowl pick before the season. And and where you after that infamous Kansas City game. We are your opinions lie on this team. ...

    PHOENIX — The Super Bowl hasn’t begun yet, and there is already discussion as to where Darrelle Revis might play next season.

    PHOENIX — The Super Bowl hasn’t begun yet, and there is already discussion as to where Darrelle Revis might play next season.

    The star cornerback has a $20 million team option with New England for next season, and a report came out this week that the team might be interested in paying that, but Sunday morning it was learned that two AFC East teams are also interested in his services.

    According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, both the Jets and Bills are interested in Revis. With this Bills he would reunite with old coach Rex Ryan, and the Jets are already reportedly being investigated for tampering with him last month.

    For more Patriots news, check out

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    Ryan Hannable
    Blog Author: 
    Ryan Hannable
    Live Blog Patriots vs. Seahawks, Super Bowl

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    Cameron Fleming

    Cameron Fleming

    PHOENIX — Super Bowl Sunday is here.

    With kickoff approaching we asked some Patriots players what their game day routine is like — some being more superstitious than others.

    OL Cameron Fleming: “The two most consistent things are I have to eat grits in the morning and I have to have a new mouthpiece.”

    WR Josh Boyce: “I don’t really have an everyday routine. I wake up, shower. I am not really superstitious when it comes to game day.”

    C Bryan Stork: “I go to the game and I play. That is my routine.”

    TE Tim Wright: “I like to get there early. Get all my stuff laid out organized and I don’t like rushing. I will go in the hot tub and get loose. Then I go on the field and get some warm up routes in, get going a little bit and then I put my pads on and by that time I am ready to go.”

    WR Brian Tyms: “I play Gucci Mane, a little mix. I have to be out there first. I will probably sit out there for like 10 minutes. Get a ball and jog around the field. Catch the ball to myself and then wait for [Brandon] LaFell and Danny [Amendola] to come out and we start running routes.”

    QB Jimmy Garoppolo: “It always depends on if it is a day game, night game. If I took it through the whole thing we’d be here awhile. Pretty much wake up, breakfast and get ready to roll. Once you get to the stadium it’s on.”

    CB Kyle Arrington: “My superstition is to be as random as possible. That whole superstition thing didn’t work out too well. It didn’t duplicate for me the way I wanted to. I am just spontaneous, whether it is listening to new music, wearing different socks, shoes, different shirt under my jersey, you name it.”

    OL Dan Connolly: “I have a routine. It’s nothing crazy. I get ready for the game. I’m not superstitious. I wake up and have breakfast. If it is an early game I go straight to the stadium. I get in the hot tub. I warm up. I get dressed. It’s a routine for a football game, it’s nothing special.”

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    Ryan Hannable