Chris brings a couple interesting topics to the table: where are the Pats deficiencies besides at CB/the secondary and can Gronk be named MVP if he puts together another huge season? The guys talk about Gronk's impact thus far and why he is loved so much by Pats nation.

[0:07:41] ... receiving. But there's a whole. Want to stuff that goes into it. Jason Witten in 2012 Tony Gonzales in 2000 foreign Dow's Clark in 2000 not all had a hundred catches you would have to have ...
[0:09:32] ... a raise is bull Letterman that you're you're looking guy you're the Kellen Winslow in 1980 at 89 catches 198188. Catches 1983 88 catches. Granted that was it was a different era for you OS that ...
[0:11:03] ... me and here's why I disagree with the U. I'm not expecting Aaron Rodgers to. Fall off hitting point yeah probably have. One of those bad games like he did last year late in the season where he throws two or three picks only as a 130 art but that. Aaron Rodgers is the machine and that machine ain't slowing down but I actually brought. Assuming that and it continues to put up the ...

The great Field Yates joins Greg and Chris to talk some football. He talks about the early game and how Miami's backs are against the wall. Field also talks about the struggling Colts with Andrew Luck officially ruled out for today's game, potential trades around the league including Matt Forte, the bad decision from Steelers coach Mike Tomlin so far this season, other solid teams in the AFC that are not named the Patriots and if the Arizona Cardinals are for real amongst some other topics.

[0:00:53] ... that's the fact that Andrew Luck will not play today for the Indianapolis Colts and this comes a week after which they. Probably ended up. Trading their season. And do you think that this could be. A major source of concern for the Indianapolis Colts that maybe it's not just a one game thing that they may be sell more there that will linger. I mean it's ...
[0:07:30] ... they had the level the success that they did last year before Carson Palmer went down but I have a feeling today that game at Arizona Saint Louis game. The potentially be sneaky good. Welcome to ...
[0:08:28] ... fields. Is Joseph Philbin its job on the line today if the Miami Dolphins not just lose but lose badly again. They're great I'll say there is that spin servers that under current surrounding the game ...
[0:11:45] ... to be holed up there had been perpich. That first week certainly Antonio Bryant big date but it we know Italy about oh in the big day or big banners playing quarterback for him. But the ...

Greg and Chris kick off the bye week edition of NFL Sunday discussing the state of Pats even though it's very early. Chris talks about what has gone right so far. They get into other teams in the AFC that are playing well. The boys chat about how it will be nice to sit back and watch the rest of the league all day, including the early morning game live from London.

Even though the Patriots aren’t playing, there is still plenty of intrigue in the NFL this week. Let Pete Davidson of and help guide you through Week 4 when it comes to setting all your fantasy football lineups. Davidson will be answering all your questions starting at 11 a.m. …

Live Blog Week 4 Fantasy Football Live Chat

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Through three games, former Patriots running back Kevin Faulk has been impressed by the work of newcomer Dion Lewis.</p>
<div class=

I hope everybody had some success in Week 3. I know I did, and I am looking to get some momentum going with my Week 4 recommendations. Once again, I’ve broken the players into three cost categories, so you have options throughout DraftKings’ pricing from top to bottom. If you are looking for some help choosing your Week 4 defense, check out my Rotobahn Blog on Choosing a DraftKings Defense.

If you haven’t yet, please join Jim Hackett and me Sunday morning for The Fantasy Football Hour at 8 a.m. on 93.7. We’ll be covering Week 4 injuries, some lineup advice and plenty of DraftKings, too! In fact, we will talking about how to build a DraftKings lineup from scratch. That should be fun, and hopefully useful for some of you as well.


BIG-MONEY OPTIONS ($7,000 and up)

Aaron Rodgers, Packers at 49ers, $7,900

For my Week 4 lineups, I’€™m not looking to play a lot of elite quarterbacks. I just don’€™t see the value in paying large for a beat up Drew Brees or Andrew Luck. Having said that, if I am going to spend, I am going all out and paying for Rodgers, who is on fire and healthy. The obvious concern would be a total blowout that features a few early rushing touchdowns. As long as you are willing to take that risk, Rodgers is a nice play with stacking options at all cost levels. Randall Cobb is the elite option. James Jones is the middle stack option and for value, you have Ty Montgomery, who you will read about in a few minutes.

Emmanuel Sanders, Broncos vs. Vikings, $7,700

My guess is that the Vikings allow their star cornerback, Xavier Rhodes, to match up with Demaryius Thomas. That should leave Sanders with some room to operate against either Terrance Newman or rookie Trae Waynes. He should thrive in either matchup. If I am going to spend on a Broncos receiver this week, I will save a few bucks and play Sanders over Thomas, who is priced at 8,100 units.

Jamaal Charles, Chiefs at Bengals, $7,600

If I do spend big on a back this week, it’s going to be Charles, who fits the PPR scoring format and is a huge part of his offense no matter what the game situation is. He will be a big factor both as a receiver and as a runner.

A.J. Green, Bengals vs. Chiefs, $7,600

The Chiefs are giving up production in the passing game and Green has been producing big numbers. On paper, this is a good situation if you are looking for a big game. Yes, you pay a significant price, but Green’s a very strong play.

MID-LEVEL OPTIONS ($4,000-$6,900)

Jordan Matthews, Eagles at Washington, $6,600

He is the best Eagles receiver to target because he is the guy who gets the ball most consistently. I also like his matchup this week against Washington, which lacks size and athleticism in its secondary and at the slot position in particular. Matthews gets the bulk of his snaps out of the slot and that gives him an advantage most of the time, and it certainly does this week. He’s a potential bargain at 6,600 units.

Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals vs. Rams, $6,500

He’s playing great football and he’s a very good bet to score this week and push 100 yards receiving. He should be priced higher. I will have Fitz in a bunch of my lineups this week.

Amari Cooper, Raiders at Bears, $6,300

The Bears corners can’t handle him and he’s already showing that he has special talent. The one thing he doesn’t have is a high price tag. In Cooper, you are getting big money value at a mid-level price.

Tyrod Taylor, Bills vs. Giants, $5,800

He’s inexperienced and he’ll be without his number one receiver Sammy Watkins. That’s the downside. The rest is very positive. The Bills can run the ball on the Giants. The loss of LeSean McCoy hurts their depth, but rookie Karlos Williams will keep the train running. Taylor will get points with his feet and with his arm. He still has plenty of good receivers to work with, including Robert Woods, who you will find in my bargain-basement section at the bottom of the page. The two make an interesting Week 4 stack.

Travis Kelce, Chiefs at Bengals, $5,300

Kelce grew up in Ohio and he played his college ball at the University of Cincinnati. I’m not usually one to bring up the emotional element, but Kelce is an emotional kid, and I expect him to be seriously fired up for his return home. As I have said in the past, Kelce has some Gronk to him. He likes the big spot and he likes to make the big play. This is a big spot for him, and I think he’ll be up to the task.

Frank Gore, Colts vs. Jaguars, $4,700

The Colts have to play with urgency or they could watch their season slip away. Gore knows this, as a player who has been on more than a few bad teams. He will come out ready to play in the beatable home matchup. As long as Andrew Luck is active, I see Gore as an excellent value at 4,700 units. A potential steal, actually.

BARGAIN BASEMENT (below $4,000)

Alfred Blue, Texans at Falcons, $3,900

Arian Foster is a game-time decision. My guess is that we know who’s starting for the Texans well before kickoff and that will give you enough time to place a few lineups that include Alfred Blue. The big bruiser could really have a good day if he’€™s the guy against the Falcons, who have been inconsistent defending the run.

Marvin Jones, Bengals vs. Chiefs, 3,800

I like Andy Dalton this week as a cheap quarterback option in tournaments. And, while I would usually pair Dalton with A.J. Green, I might be tempted to put together a Dalton/Jones stack in a league or two as a contrarian move that allows me to put a stud somewhere else in my lineup. Jones has what we look for in a cheap option, and that’s multi-score potential. Jones dropped a three touchdown game on the Jets just last year. If you feel like zigging while others are zagging, this is a move to consider.

Ryan Mathews, Eagles at Washington, $3,800

It’s best to know all the angles when you are setting your DraftKings lineup. Ryan Mathews is a Week 4 angle to know about, because he becomes a very nice value play if the Eagles decide to hold DeMarco Murray out again. Murray has a good chance to play after practicing most of this week, but he is still listed as questionable. If you keep your head on a swivel here, you may end up with some nice evolving value.

Karlos Williams, Bills vs. Giants, $3,400

If you only play one DraftKings lineup this week, you should have Karlos Williams in it. My guess is that Williams is the most popular player in daily leagues this week, and that’s because he’s a perfect storm of good stuff. He’s a hot player. He is insanely underpriced. And, above all, he is totally in charge of the Bills backfield this week with LeSean McCoy ruled out with a hamstring.

Michael Floyd, Cardinals vs. Rams, $3,300

This one takes some guts, but a lot of the great tournament plays do. Floyd fits the profile of what we are looking for in a low-cost tournament option. He is cheap, he is unpopular at the moment, and he has multiple-touchdown potential.

Robert Woods, Bills vs. Giants, $3,100

If you are in a tournament, and you want to play a stack with Tyrod Taylor, Woods is a nice inexpensive alternative to Percy Harvin. Sammy Watkins already has been declared out for Week 4, so Woods should get plenty of action.

Thomas Rawls, Seahawks vs. Lions, $3,000

This is another conditional one, but if the Seahawks rule Marshawn Lynch out before you set your lineups, you will want some shares of Rawls. This is a game in which Seattle should have a solid lead. If there is no Lynch, you will see a ton of Rawls. He’s a steal at 3,000 units if he starts.

Ty Montgomery, Packers at 49ers, $3,000

There is a chance that Davante Adams plays, but it’s a small one. As long as Adams is out, you can create some nice cap space elsewhere by playing Montgomery, and you might even get some good production out of him. Aaron Rodgers‘ third receiver always is a player with big-game potential. Montgomery has a lock on that role if Adams is out.

Cordarrelle Patterson, Vikings at Broncos, $3,000

Here’s another gutsy dart throw. Patterson has a chance to play a lot of snaps this week, and I wonder if he may actually fit the Vikings offense better than some folks think. Minnesota has gone run-heavy with Adrian Peterson back, and Patterson actually could fit into that style if he is on the field enough. It’s not hard to imagine a game in which this guy scores as a return man and as a runner from scrimmage. The bullet sweep works a lot better when the defense has to play Peterson as the first option. Remember, Patterson played much of last year with Matt Asiata leading the ground game. And you still have the possibility that the Vikings can get him involved downfield as a receiver, too. The point is, as with Michael Floyd, Patterson has the potential to score more than once if he is heavily involved. The key thing to watch here, if you want to consider Patterson, is Jarius Wright. Wright is questionable with a hand injury. If Wright sits, Patterson is in play as a deep dart throw in tournaments. No way would I want you to use him in head-to-head games or 50-50 leagues. That’s a bridge too far.

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Peter Davidson
Jordan Richards

Jordan Richards

FOXBORO — With the Patriots blowing out the Jaguars 51-17 last Sunday, it gave the team and especially on defense, a chance to get some rookies their first real extended game action of their careers.

Cornerback Tarrel Brown didn’t play a snap in the game, which allowed for undrafted rookie cornerback Justin Coleman to see some extended playing time.

“It felt pretty good. I went out there and all I wanted to do was execute and help the team win,” Coleman said.

Coleman had an interesting journey prior to getting into his first NFL game last Sunday.

The Tennessee product was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Vikings, but was released Aug. 30. He then signed with the Patriots on Sept. 4, but was released the next day. He then was picked up by the Seahawks Sept. 6, but on Sept. 9 the Patriots signed him off the Seahawks‘ practice squad to their active roster.

The cornerback is still learning the Patriots’ system.

“It’s probably a little bit harder than I thought, but it’s not too difficult to handle,” he said. “Overall, I pick up on things pretty fast and I’m pretty good a learning things fast.”

“[My teammates] always help me whenever I mess up, or before I even mess up they let me know this is what I did wrong and this is what I need to do,” he added. “When we watch film they give me information and tips that I need to do to help myself get better on the field.”

Second-round pick safety Jordan Richards out of Stanford also got his first extended playing time of the season mixing in with Patrick Chung and Duron Harmon at the second safety spot next to Devin McCourty.

“All this is new to me,” said Richards after the game. “Whatever the role is — special teams, defense, neither –€” I just have to do the best I can with what’s been presented in front of me.”

One of the most memorable plays from the game came on a play near the sideline when Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson went up to catch a pass and Richards seemingly held on to him while he was in the air before dropping him on the sidelines so he was out of bounds and the play was ruled incomplete.

“He outside released me, and I just knew the ball was up and he went up for it. I just tried to get him out of bounds since I was close to the sidelines,” Richards said. “Shoot, there are some things, it’s just instincts. I can’t say I was thinking that. Just try and make a play any way you can.”

With the way the Patriots approach their defense, plenty of players will see playing time and it’s about making most of opportunities. Both rookies know it’s all about improving.

“There’s definitely a lot to improve on — fundamental techniques I need to get every thing down to a ‘T,'” Coleman said. “I have to work on playing the ball in the air and that’s all things that involve fundamentals and techniques.”

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Ryan Hannable
One of our favorite segments every week is when we get the chance to talk to the playmaker, Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin.

[0:00:03] ... Irvin from. The NFL network hall of fame wide receiver from the Dallas Cowboys Michael is brought to my town fair tire at the department of veteran affairs. And Shaw's and star market and he joins ...
[0:08:00] ... today but cowboys go to New Orleans on Monday night according to Sean Payton Drew Brees is gonna play on Monday night. And the cowboys find a way to win that thing. They hit finally limited. Went. And ...
[0:09:19] ... now. And ought to lift all of that spoke about where you'll Tony Romo did it about that call. Don't go in trouble could survive. Would need to do well he. 200 cars in the red ...
[0:13:20] ... week could be that the telltale story of our friendship because it's Dallas cowboys' New England Patriots weakening can't wait talked the about it next Friday. Oh the owner of the little word about. Financial problem ...

Week 3 was a huge week from a fantasy perspective. Offenses all around the league exploded with the top players racking up gaudy numbers left and right. Three of our hosts had lineups that finished in the money for the DraftKings Millionaire Maker contest. Christian Fauria led the way once again with an extremely impressive 218 points, helping to put a relatively sizable gap between himself and the rest of the competition. Jerry Thornton and Mike Mutnansky also produced quality lineups to the tune of 198 and 189 points, respectively.

Players found on multiple lineups last week who delivered the goods included: Joseph Randle (Fauria and Mut) with 30.5 points on three first-half touchdowns, Greg Olsen (Fauria and Thornton) with the highest tight end total of 36.4 points, and Randall Cobb (Merloni, Thornton and Mut) with a Monday night three-touchdown performance totaling 35.3 points. Jamaal Charles (31.2 points) slightly outperformed Le’Veon Bell (26.2 points) to help Jim Hackett get out to an early advantage over Pete Davidson in the battle of the fantasy experts.

Last week’s featured players Dion Lewis and Donte Moncrief each found pay dirt once this past weekend and combined for a total of 31 points, matching the prior week’s featured players’ contribution. Looking ahead at this weekend, it’s clear the WEEI featured player has to be Karlos Williams. With LeSean McCoy officially sidelined with a sore hamstring, Williams immediately becomes one of the biggest bargains of this season. Williams has been no slouch in the backup role, through three games he is the only running back in the league with a rushing touchdown in every game. Now as he steps into the starting lineup he has to be a lock in all DraftKings lineups this weekend.

QB  Matt Ryan – $6,900
RB  Joseph Randle – $5,500
RB  Matt Forte – $7,100
WR  Julio Jones – $9,300
WR  Phillip Dorsett – $3,300
WR  Allen Robinson – $5,500
TE  Jason Witten – $4,400
FLEX  Ronnie Hillman – $4,700
DST  Broncos – $3,300
QB  Derek Carr – $5,300
RB  Karlos Williams – $3,400
RB  Thomas Rawls – $3,000
WR  Randall Cobb – $7,400
WR  Amari Cooper – $6,300
WR  Julio Jones – $9,300
TE  Martellus Bennett – $4,500
FLEX  Larry Fitzgerald – $6,500
DST  Cardinals – $3,400
QB  Carson Palmer – $6,800
RB  Mark Ingram – $6,000
RB  Adrian Peterson – $7,800
WR  Larry Fitzgerald – $6,500
WR  A.J. Green – $7,600
WR  James Jones – $5,300
TE  Eric Ebron – $3,500
FLEX  C.J. Spiller – $3,900
DST  Raiders – $2,600
QB  Aaron Rodgers – $7,900
RB  Karlos Williams – $3,400
RB  Joseph Randle – $5,500
WR  A.J. Green – $7,600
WR  Randall Cobb – $7,400
WR  Amari Cooper – $6,300
TE  Jimmy Graham – $6,000
FLEX  Charles Clay – $3,300
DST  Raiders – $2,600
QB  Derek Carr – $5,300
RB  Matt Forte – $7,100
RB  Karlos Williams – $3,400
WR  Randall Cobb – $7,400
WR  Emmanuel Sanders – $7,700
WR  Steve Smith Sr. – $6,200
TE  Martellus Bennett – $4,500
FLEX  Frank Gore – $4,700
DST  Cardinals – $3,400
QB  Andy Dalton – $5,900
RB  Jamaal Charles – $7,600
RB  Karlos Williams – $3,400
WR  A.J. Green – $7,600
WR  T.Y. Hilton – $6,700
WR  Allen Robinson – $5,500
TE  Maxx Williams – $2,500
FLEX  Matt Forte – $7,100
DST  Seahawks – $3,700
QB  Aaron Rodgers – $7,900
RB  Karlos Williams – $3,400
RB  Frank Gore – $4,700
WR  Larry Fitzgerald – $6,500
WR  Allen Robinson – $5,500
WR  Keenan Allen – $7,000
TE  Travis Kelce – $5,300
FLEX  T.Y. Hilton – $6,700
DST  Packers – $2,700
Presented By:


Christian Fauria 508.10
 Jerry Thornton 480.40
 Lou Merloni 445.92
 Mike Mutnansky 432.24
 Kirk Minihane 395.96
 Jim Hackett 162.64
 Pete Davidson 155.78
**Pete Davidson and Jim Hackett began accruing points Week 3

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DraftKings Dan

Welcome to the Week 4 starts and sits! I’ve tried to find some interesting options that aren’t totally obvious, though there are a few that you probably didn’t need me for, like Karlos Williams. If you are looking for my take on players not addressed in this article, you can check out my full positional rankings over at Rotobahn.

Jim Hackett and I will be back Sunday morning from 8-9 a.m. on 93.7 with the Week 3 edition of the Fantasy Football Hour. Tune in if you haven’t already. And if you still need lineup advice on Sunday morning, feel free to attend our Week 4 chat at 11 a.m. right here on There will be a link to the chat on the home page, usually an hour or two ahead of time, so get those questions in early!

If you are a daily fantasy player, look for my Week 4 DraftKings article, which will be posted Saturday morning.



Tyrod Taylor, Bills vs. Giants

No way do you go away from here. The matchup is nothing to worry about and the home crowd will be jacked to support a 2-1 team. The only issues would be the losses of LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins. Rookie Karlos Williams gives Buffalo a dynamic presence in the backfield, and the Bills still have some nice weapons in the passing game. Taylor loses some upside without Watkins, but he still is a good bet to produce QB1 numbers.

Andy Dalton, Bengals vs. Chiefs

The Chiefs can be thrown on. In fact, that is how you want to go after them right now. The Bengals protect well enough where Dalton should have time to use all of his weapons, though the Chiefs can bring some heat. I expect serviceable numbers with upside for a big day if things break right. He can help you in all formats.

Derek Carr, Raiders at Bears

Carr is rolling right now, and the Bears are dismantling their team in-season, which is a rare thing in the NFL. Last week they shipped defensive end Jared Allen to the Panthers. As Patriots fans know, they also dealt linebacker John Bostic to New England for draft pick compensation. I guess coach John Fox needs some more rookies to not play, but I digress. Carr would be a solid play against a fully loaded Bears defense, so I like him plenty against this diminished version. Play him with confidence.


Matthew Stafford, Lions at Seahawks

He is banged up. His offense is a mess thanks to an offensive coordinator, Joe Lombardi, who is showing signs of being overmatched. That might be something the Lions could work around, but their coach, Jim Caldwell, also seems to be in over his head. It all adds up to a team that has very little chance of competing with a fully loaded Seahawks team in Seattle, where the Seahawks thrive. Stafford is talented, and he has weapons for sure, but this is a situation to avoid.



Karlos Williams, Bills vs. Giants

We loved this kid’s talent at Rotobahn when we broke down his college game film, and we wondered why he was used so infrequently at Florida State. I guess Buffalo wondered the same thing, because the Bills have aggressively cleared space in their backfield for the dynamic rookie runner. This week, with LeSean McCoy out due to a hamstring injury, Williams will be center stage. I expect him to perform well and give his fantasy owners reason to celebrate.

Devonta Freeman, Falcons vs. Texans

Don’t expect last week’s numbers, obviously, but you absolutely should start him. Tevin Coleman will miss another game, so Freeman’s touches are all but assured. Roll with him in all league sizes and scoring formats.

Chris Johnson, Cardinals vs. Rams

Andre Ellington seems likely to miss one more game, and you have to like Johnson against a struggling Rams run defense. The only potential rub here would be if Ellington somehow makes a quick return to full strength, so keep an eye on him just in case.


Lamar Miller, Dolphins vs. Jets (9:30 a.m. start Sunday)

He is banged up a bit, and the Jets stop the run very well. The other issue, and it’s a big one, is the clueless Dolphins coaching staff. Why Miller is yanked every time he starts getting momentum is a question we’ve been asking for years. Coach Joe Philbin is a dead man walking, and he should have been put out of his misery long ago. Don’t be surprised if he ends up taking an impromptu European vacation after Sunday’s game in London. Avoid Miller for now.



Stevie Johnson, Chargers vs. Browns

He’s been good so far, and they will need him this week with Antonio Gates still out on suspension and Ladarius Green potentially out with a concussion. There are a lot of targets up for grabs in San Diego. Johnson should return WR3 value this weekend.

Terrance Williams, Cowboys at Saints

Last week I told you to avoid him because he was going to see Desmond Trufant all day. I hope you listened. This week is not so daunting in terms of the matchup, and I expect Williams to get plenty of love and to make some big plays. He makes a solid WR3 in 12-team leagues.

Percy Harvin, Bills vs. Giants

With Sammy Watkins out, Harvin becomes the top option in the passing game. He has looked good so far this season, and he will get a carry or two as well. Harvin is a solid WR3 option in 12-team leagues and a viable play in smaller leagues if you need him.


Mike Wallace, Vikings at Broncos

He will be facing a top 10 cornerback no matter how Denver chooses to match up, and that is a recipe for a tough day unless Wallace pulls a big play or two out of his blank. He is viable if you need him, but this looks like a week to avoid Wallace if you have the option.



Jordan Reed, Washington vs. Eagles

He is looking very good, but he always does when he is fully healthy. Sadly, it never seems to last. That said, you can roll with him this week, and, unless he goes down during the game, you should do very well, especially in leagues with PPR scoring.

Charles, Clay, Bills vs. Giants

With Sammy Watkins out, I expect to see a little more of Clay, who has looked healthy lately, and that is a big key because he often has knee soreness to deal with. I like Clay as a low-end TE1 in Week 4. Play him if you need him.

Jordan Cameron, Dolphins vs. Jets  (9:30 a.m. start Sunday)

The Jets actually have covered tight ends pretty well so far, which is very surprising. The thing is, they haven’t really been challenged much yet. Cameron will be the best they have faced so far, and I expect solid output. The Dolphins should find that the tight end is one of their better matchups and they like to throw to the middle of the field. Cameron is a TE1 option this week.


Larry Donnell, Giants at Bills

He just drops too many balls to trust at this point. He may get red zone looks, so he is viable if you need him, but I do not like the way he is trending. In most leagues, you can do better at tight end by going to the waiver wire.

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Peter Davidson