Bill Belichick likes the kids. That’s what we’re being told, anyway.



The Patriots have had a few guys pick up a surfboard the last few years.

With Patriots’ rookie minicamp completed, here are the Top 5 questions remaining about New England’s 2009 rookie class.

This week marks the halfway point of the Patriots’ offseason.

If an NFL career is like a journey, then Friday morning, many rookies took their first steps on the practice fields behind Gillette Stadium.

When he first met Tyrone McKenzie, Wally Burnham was skeptical.

Three words: Bruins in five.

Hardcore puck-talk next week, I promise. This one’s mostly devoted to the draft, plus the usual hate mail. And sorry, Rob, we’re going to learn more than five things today…





Plenty of young football players who make the NFL can usually point to a career-defining moment in high school, a singular event where they cement their status as a future pro.

On a team that’s traditionally been stocked with veterans, players right out of college haven’t been asked to make sizable contributions in New England -- last year’s first-round pick Jerod Mayo was the exception rather than the rule.

Where to start? How about the seven deals? The trade of veteran cornerback and return man Ellis Hobbs to Philadelphia? Or the fact that in a Bill Belichick draft, the Patriots took just as many long snappers as they did linebackers?