The paparazzi have found Tom Brady during his suspension...and he's vacationing in Italy and tanning in the nude. Glenn, Lou and Christian joke about the paparazzi photos and talk about how they're stunned that Brady is vacationing at all.
Kirk flipped out at Curtis and Fred Couples cried.
In hour three Tomase, Callahan and Minihane discuss Trump's comments this morning on Fox and Friends as well as Big Papi's farewell weekend at Fenway.
The guys continued to pick through Trump's performance in the debate and Kirk discussed a new Hollywood divorce in Headlines.
Gerry, John and Kirk discuss the debate and Gerry has a hard time defending Trump.


This is just further proof that Patriots fans are the best in the world. You can put the candidates on a stage to talk about taxes, trade and cyber security. But Pats fans will not let the world move off the real topic affecting out lives: Roger Goodell.

It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle they’re on. Whether the want to Make America Great Again or they’re With Her, New Englanders understand that the biggest threat to our nation is that power-crazed, conniving, dishonest weasel. And until he is taken down, none of us can truly be free.

Maybe at the next debate Trump and Hillary will get around to talking about his plans to build a wall. But Pats fans are still Defending the Wall that is way more important.

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Jerry Thornton

Thoughts and prayers to Gerry today.  About three minutes in, he went berserk in a struggle to defend Donald Trump’s abyssal debate performance and it took until 6:08 for Tomase to call something Gerry said absurd.

They went through the debate chapter and verse. Gerry ranted about Lester Holt and Sharia Law, Tomase doesn’t like either candidate and the callers didn’t like Tomase. Kirk is still supporting his guy, Gary Johnson, whose idea to move all of this to another planet doesn’t seem like a bad idea right now.  They all agreed the debate was worse than a lot of things, but not Mike Salk.   We finally found out Trump hasn’t been saying “bigly,” but is saying “big league,” which makes just as little sense.  

You can’t even really see anything. Call me when there are full frontal naked pictures of Jimmy Garoppolo.

As Kirk pointed out, these pictures aren’t sexist because “we’ve seen Gisele’s upper nudist world.”

They revisited the Anthony Fisher David Ortiz piece and Tomase didn’t rule out the possibility Ortiz might be taking something to enhance his performance (on the field).

Kirk will sleep with any man for a billion dollars. Your move, Rich in Hartford.

Both Dino and Mikey have new gigs, so stick tap to a great guy.

Buy this book today.

Line of the day: Kirk: “I am a gay American.” Finally.

Caller of the day: Brandon, he’s not voting because all the presidents are related to a king and the whole thing is as fake as professional wrestling.

Producer contribution of the day: Curtis is “so pumped” to meet John Krasinski today, has no questions for him.

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Lucy Burdge



Immigration. The war on terror. Benghazi. The Clinton Foundation. Donald Trump’s comments about POWs. Gun ownership. These are just a few of the issues we never heard mentioned in the first presidential debate. But we did hear Trump’s sniffles. Lots of Trump’s sniffles. Streams, tributaries, rivers, salt marshes, harbors, seas, oceans of Trump’s sniffles. It’s what the Internet is fixated on today. It’s the story of the campaign right now. It’s what historians will look back on and political science majors will do their theses on generations from now.

So here are some of the Trump’s sniffles highlights, from a former candidate accusing him of being a cokehead to the inevitable parody account to the memes and campaign spin. As bad as “Star Wars” Episodes 1-3 were, there is one good line where Natalie Portman says, “So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.” Our democracy is dying to the sound of a middle-aged man snorking back his runny boogers. Enjoy.







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Jerry Thornton


Sweet mother of God. Tom Brady even serves suspensions better than anyone who’s ever played the game. Relaxing in a lounge chair under the warm Italian sun with the world’s most super supermodel by his side. Not a care in the world and charging his battery to 100 percent before he comes back an unleashes hell during what remains of his semi-season.

And I love how this is the biggest news of the day. The fate of the country is being argued about by an oily, orange reality TV mogul and a corrupt, pantsuited succubus. But the New York Post is obsessing over a quarterback catching some rays with his soulmate in the last days of his forced exile.

Tom Brady is literally doing nothing and it’s a huge story in the New York tabloids. Meanwhile, the Giants’ best player is having psychotic episodes in the middle of a game — again — and the Jets’ quarterback is throwing six picks, but Brady is chillaxing with a towel over his man parts and it’s dominating the news cycle. Imagine what it’s going to be like when he actually gets off the lounge chair and starts dominating the NFL again? There won’t be another story worth printing.

Not that this is the first time anyone was ever transfixed by a naked Brady. But grow up, people.

(Video NSFW)

Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton

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