OK, so Mike McGwire and Sammy Sooser didn't turn out to be men of virtue.

It hurts, I understand.

But at least we'll always have Jason Varitek splitting the uprights. An ionic moment such as that one will be in our hearts and minds forever. 

Ah, Mumbles. 



The seedings for the NCAA men's and women's lacrosse tournaments are out, and the University of Virginia teams, still healing from the arrest of a men's player for the murder of a women's player, are trying to prepare. To compound matters, the father of men's coach (and former Brown University player and coach) Dom Starsia passed away Friday. Read about that, plus check out links to other top stories along with videos, trivia and more, at Monday's Morning Mashup.

One man's guess at five headlines you'll be reading over the next week ...

1. Bergeron (two goals) powers Bruins past Flyers and into Eastern Conference finals

House money.



Tiger Woods withdrew from the Players Championship after hitting his second shot on the seventh hole, suffering from a neck injury that has been reportedly bothering him for some time. Woods was 2-over for the day and 2-under for the tournament. It was the first time Woods has withdrawn from a tournament since the 2006 Nissan Open in Rivera, when he suffered from the flu. "I've been playing through it," Woods told reporters, saying that he felt the pain prior to the Masters.

Ten questions and answers following a Boston Sports Friday to Forget... 



Broncos coach Josh McDaniels continues to gush over Tim Tebow and the rookie quarterback's confidence and football acumen. In a story in Friday's Denver Post, McDaniels says Tebow has the "It" factor, and he says it's similar to when Tom Brady was coming up with the Patriots. Read more about that, plus see what New York writers are saying about Lawrence Taylor's latest troubles, and check out a story on the possibility of the American and National Leagues merging.

16 WEEI personalities are singing their hearts out to become the next Planet Mikey-Oke champion. Mikey is back to defend his title against 15 other hungry contestants in the celebrity bracket that includes personalities such as Lou Merloni, Brian Daubach, John Fiore, and many more. CLICK HERE to listen and vote on the celebrity competition, as well as sign-up to participate in the Planet Mikey-oke event. You could win a trip courtesy of Southwest Airlines!

Police in Charlottesville, Va., said Wednesday that they looked in the apartment of University of Virginia senior George Huguely and found a crimson-stained Cavaliers lacrosse jersey and a letter to the woman Huguely is accused of beating to death, a senior on UVa's women's team. Meanwhile, a memorial for the slain student, Yeardley Love, was held Wednesday night on the UVa campus.


Despite their fast start, the Yankees are starting to show signs of age as they head to Boston for a three-game series that starts Friday. At Thursday's Morning Mashup, we take a look at what they're saying in New York about the fact that three of the "Core Four" are ailing, with pitcher Andy Pettitte the latest to limp off the field.

Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino has little sympathy for the fan who was tasered after running onto the field during a game. He and others voiced their opinion on the situation, and you can read about it at Wednesday's Morning Mashup.