Glenn, Lou, and Christian react to yesterday's Tom Brady Press Conference, where he declined to answer a Reporter's question about Donald Trump. They also scoff at Lebron's disingenuous comments about what is really discussed in locker rooms.

YouTubeWatch the amazing final play of the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship 2016! Meatballs from Fort Lauderdale, FL defeat Dice. from Denver, CO 2-1by pegging the tying run from the outfield, steps before crossing the plate.

I’ve been in a funk ever since the Red Sox dropped a soul-crushing series to the Indians. That’s until I saw this. The way Dice from Denver lost the world kickball championship is infinitely more painful.

Anyone who seeks to the diminish the agony suffered by Dice at the hands of the meatballs doesn’t know the first thing about the sport of kings that is kickball. Sure, I might have, on occasion during my fat kid phase, been picked last for kickball at Ralph Talbot Elementary School. And I might have been stuck in right field a time or two. But nevertheless, I shared that burning desire to win that everyone who’s ever played the game can relate to. I would rather have sold my own family to human traffickers than ever lost to those other punks (who didn’t pick me at all).

So sure, you can judge. You can tell yourself these are just a bunch of underemployed losers traveling across the country to compete at a stupid kid’s game. But kickball is so much more. It’s a bloodsport. A time-honored tradition. And being mere feet from capturing the coveted Founders Cup only to feel the hot sting of a soft rubber ball on your back is a fate worse than death. My condolences, Dice.

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Jerry Thornton

Daily MailKen Bone was the breakout start of the last presidential debate, and now he is joining the ranks of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — as a sexy Halloween costume.

Just days after Sunday night’s live debate, rolled out a costume modeled after 34-year-old Bone, an undecided voter from Illinois.

The company is known for making unlikely costumes a hit, and its ‘Sexy Undecided Voter’ ensemble has already sold out — despite it’s hefty $99.95 price tag.

This story sums everything up. It is the item I want preserved for all time so anthropologists in the distant future can understand everything they need to know about life in 2016. Nothing I’ve ever seen or read so perfectly encapsulates our culture, our times and our very existence.

Of course, Ken Bone becomes an instant legend. Naturally, he makes the talk show rounds and gets an offer to do porn. There was no way he could burst onto the scene in October without being a Halloween costume. And in this day and age, when literally anything can and does get the sexy Halloween costume treatment, from french fries to Mr. Peanut, the Sexy Bone Zone treatment was inevitable. So much so that not even if charged a thousand bucks, it still would have sold out.

This Halloween, this election, this year, it is Kenneth Bones’ world. The rest of us are just living in it.

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Jerry Thornton
Kirk was scheduled to interview Jeff Pearlman but the connection sucked and we called a late audible and interrupted the K&C Post Show podcast. Kirk takes over the K&C podcast and turns into Enough About Me and an epic bitchfest ensues.
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Meter, Gerry and Kirk discussed the shooting in Eastie and Tom Brady's relationship with Donald Trump.

The hell, Alex Trebek?!?

Where did THIS come from? I get that not everyone can own Trebek’s level of street cred. But why the hatred for my girl here? First of all, Nerd-core Hip Hop sounds like fun to me. People who identify as “nerdy” rapping about video games, science fiction, archetype meaning and romantic partners would probably be my favorite form of Hip Hop for all I know. I’ve never experienced the joys of free-styling about boy wizards, “Doctor Who” or dragons, but I’d sure like to.

And yet here’s Trebek, a man who can feign interested in his contestants’ stamp collections or their boring art gallery anecdotes has to throw shade at this cute nerdette for no reason. Geeks are “Jeopardy’s” target demographic. He is a godlike figure to trivia buffs. And to have him call us “losers” feels like the real life version of the William Shatner “SNL” skit where he told a convention hall full of Trekkies to “Get a life.”

You cut me, Alex. You cut me deep.

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Jerry Thornton

The SunSHOCKING photos show a dead woman being laid out on the aisle of a busy plane packed with tourists flying home from Turkey.

 She is said to have died just 45 minutes into the three and a half hour flight from the resort of Antalya to Moscow, Russia. …

Attendants had no choice but to lay the victim in the aisle for the rest of the journey, covering her with a blanket.

Larger planes are usually equipped with a closed area unofficially known as a “corpse cupboard” to store the bodies of passengers who die suddenly in mid-air.

Budget airlines operating smaller planes normally have procedures to put a body on an empty row of seats.

It goes without saying that I feel bad for the lady that died. (Although last summer when I was stuck on the tarmac for three hours before a non-stop from Seattle to Boston and was subjected to “Batman v. Superman,” I was begging for the sweet release of death.) But I have no sympathy for the other passengers.

Having a dead person on the plane next to you is “shocking”? Not to me. I’d welcome having a recently departed passenger in the seat next to me and I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t. I mean, short of having an empty seat (and good luck with hitting that lottery these days), isn’t a dead person the ideal travel partner? They don’t fight you for territory along the disputed Arm Rest Borderland. They don’t get up to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. They don’t snore or make a ton of noise when they eat. Or worst of all, try to engage you in small talk while you’re trying to read, sleep or watch Zack Snyder destroy your childhood with “Batman v. Superman.”

Sitting next to a dead person on a flight is the closest thing to living next to a cemetery you can experience. It’s just peace and quiet with neighbors who’ll never bother you. At least until their nervous system shuts down. loosening their sphincter and emptying their bowels. Until that happens, I’ll switch seats with whomever is stuck next to our fresh corpse, thanks. It’s better than being next to anyone living. No “corpse cupboard”? No problem.

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Jerry Thornton