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It took decades and a million attempts, but finally someone finally figured out a way to make a Kiss Cam shot worth watching.

Meet Oklahoma City Thunder fans Chelbie Craig and Rachel McCoy, who did pioneering work Monday night in the field of Creative Kiss Camming when they decided to pass on the lame-os they were sitting with and make out with each other. And like any great video clip, it comes with a punch line. The stunned reaction of that Keith Olbermann-looking guy in the checkered shirt is priceless. My guess is watching two hot girls open-mouth kiss is not a nightly occurrence in Oklahoma. And judging by the look on his wife’s face, he’s in for the wildest night of their marriage since that time he rented that VHS of the David Hasselhoff concert.

So good for you, Chelbie and Rachel. Way to introduce modern culture to the Farm Belt and finally give the world a Kiss Cam that isn’t terrible.

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Jerry Thornton
There's one regular season game left for the Celtics tonight and there are still a few different scenarios that can play out. The guys discuss the confusing scenarios and where they think the Celtics will end up.

[0:00:50] ... the first round of the playoffs it's a different brand of basketball. Isiah Thomas won't get to the line as much as often as he does right now it becomes for more physical they're gonna force ...
[0:01:29] ... is now and so they're not before. If they win and the Atlanta Hawks went through nearly one they're number five if the Celtics and hornets lose more if the Celtics win the and the hawks lose. And they're number six if the hornets win. And the Celtics wing. There we hope of so therefore. If they win and the hawks won an archway and talks for the Washington Wizards. But their five. You don't if they win in the hawks lose. That's where it's less so the hawks lose they get the fourth seat if they win they'll get the fifth Tallinn tiebreaker of the regular what we're saying is that the Atlanta Hawks lose. They get the advantage because of the tiebreaker yet to four if they win they go to fifth. That's a weird ...
[0:05:36] ... well and sent. Indiana's twelve months out. True it's twelve and eight Chicago Bulls there playoffs eleven and the wizards out of ten celtics' nine and non. That's what worries me the most. Jae Crowder is not the same guy that we saw before the injury. And they're they're starting to play. A different way against Isiah Thomas and you've seen it over the last couple games these for the the opposition these have been meaningful games. And deploying them ...
[0:07:20] ... know a little bit concerned that you start to see teams play Isiah Thomas differently they're forcing him to play defense. The reason he wasn't out there on the floor a lot the last game is ...

After a slow start to the season and another loss, David Ortiz is telling reporters not to panic and that he doesn't want any "scared bitches" with his team.

[0:01:50] ... department for one team to the next round out do each other David Ortiz. On him now. You think he's actually saying hey I want. Port everywhere I can now get a list of what are ...
[0:02:25] ... bats are rightly he's got it pulled the whole Kobe. You have Kobe Bryant route right where he just was lakers sock. You know we're not going to be any good but we just enjoyed it ...
[0:06:12] ... you at 6177797937. Years mic and a trucking neck. They've told Larry Drew Gooden Korean. Or where I. Know. There are problems there. And the depictions. It's quite some slope according. And I'll play retire them ...
[0:10:32] ... about a roster if you if you. For a more in for Chris Young start in left field then you know. Comes in guys that all of you see out. Yet based on where you don't ...

Clay Buchholz is getting Lou Merloni angry with the way he's talking to the media and it seems like Buchholz doesn't know what he's talking about anymore.

On Tuesday night the Celtics hosted an event at the Liberty Hotel to honor their 1966, 1976 and 1986 teams on the 50th, 40th and 30th anniversaries of their respective championships. (I pause here a moment while we all let that sink in.) Of course, no event like that would be complete without some good, red-blooded, Made in the U.S.A., old bastard ranting from the men who earned those titles.

First was Kevin McHale, going on an angry screed about how, back when men were men, they wouldn’t rest up for the playoffs like the San Antonio Spurs are doing and some people expected the Golden State Warriors to:

“This rest stuff just drives me crazy. You’re playing basketball for a living, OK? I understand, if you work in a coal mine, that you may need a rest day. You’re playing basketball. The joy that comes with competing in basketball — it’s fun to play. I never got tired in a game. How can you get tired in a game? You’re playing basketball. I don’t understand this. Honestly, I start thinking I must have missed out on something, the 9-to-5 (job) the guy’s doing before he comes to the game. He must be putting in some serious work in the mine, or doing something. Maybe he was a logger, maybe he was chopping wood. You’ve got all day to sit on your rear end. This rest stuff drives me nuts. I don’t believe in it.”

But the life of this particular Get Off My Lawn Party was Bill Walton, who let it be known he sent the ’86 Celtics highlight video to his kid Luke, the Warriors assistant coach.

“At the start of this season, people started sending around highlight videos of our [1986] Celtic team,” Walton said. “With the ball movement, and the skill, and the execution and the dominance — Chief [Robert Parish] throwing it down, Kevin [McHale] hitting fadeaways, Danny [Ainge] running wild, Larry [Bird] being Larry and D.J. [Dennis Johnson] just setting it all up just perfect — I sent that to our son, Luke.”

I love it. Not just because these guys are like old veterans, showing off their scars and telling tales of the great battles they won. But also because they’re both right. McHale did love to play. It showed. He hated to come out of a game even to the point he and Robert Parish both gutted out the 1987 playoffs playing on essentially broken ankles. And Walton is correct that his ’86 team is the greatest that ever played.

I’m not one to dwell on stuff that happened 30 years ago, but from any objective, rational perspective, that last sentence is accurate. I love watching this Golden State team. I want the Warriors to beat Memphis, break the single-season win record, cut a swath through the playoffs and win another title because I’m a fan of history. And I appreciate the chance to witness greatness in any form. But in no way are the 2015-16 Warriors as good as Walton’s Celtics.

The Warriors are the best perimeter shooting team of all time. I concede that. But the Celtics did that and everything else. In McHale, Parish and Walton they had three interior scorers/defenders unmatched in NBA history. Bird was at the height of his powers. Ainge was a proto-trey shooter when the 3-point shot was in its infancy. And Johnson was an elite defender. They could run you out of the building or slow it down and beat anybody in the halfcourt. And hands down they were the best passing team of all time. Which doesn’t even get us to the bench, where Walton played alongside Scott Wedman, Jerry Sichting, Rick Carlisle and Sam Vincent.

Make no mistake, these Warriors would be able to score from the perimeter against those Celtics. But there is no universe in which they or anyone else would be able to jump shoot their way to a series win over the best team that has ever played the game.

Brag on, McHale and Walton. You deserve it.

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Jerry Thornton
On the final night of the NBA regular season, the Warriors are going for a record breaking 73rd win, at the same time Kobe is playing the final game of his career.
Christian Vasquez is still rehabbing in Triple-A, and the guys wonder if he could be the solution to fixing the pitching staff.
Clay Buchholz struggled again last night as the Sox lost the Orioles. David Ortiz offered some colorful post-game comments to the media.

Come on, Chris Evans. I respect you for being a true Masshole. But grow up, will you? Gushing over Patriots players like this. You sound like a 14-year-old girl who won a chance to meet One Direction or something. It’s unbecoming. You’re Captain America. The first Avenger. The center of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The moral compass of the most successful movie franchise of all time. You’d never catch me acting this way, and I’m just a radio co-host.

Who am I kidding? If I had Chris Evans’ pull, I’d do exactly what he’s doing. Hanging with Mr. Kraft. Inviting Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola to my premieres. Being emotionally wounded at Rob Gronkowski not RSVPing me. And going on TV to confess my dream scenarios for meeting Tom Brady. Just because you’re a superstar of Evans’ stature doesn’t mean you every stop being a shameless fanboy.

This is just a case of the pretend Captain America respecting the real Captain America.



Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton