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[0:02:58] ... York Jets because last night on Showtime's inside the NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall gave the perfect analogy. For what it was like to play for the jets this past season put the season in perspective ...
[0:05:13] ... does that stick after the questions here. For his part giants quarterback Eli Manning came up with a yet clever way to quiet them annoys me about his receivers vacation you didn't. We'll disappointed is is. ...
[0:05:48] ... I saw the headline last night and the headline on Twitter said. Eli Manning disappointed in receivers out. Well thought (%expletive) that about it and I did and I Don and I think got me he ...
[0:06:44] ... like Peyton Manning all my guys can't play anymore. Same thing with Brett Favre when it looked like it they could go on forever. I see the same thing what happened to Tom Brady before his ...

Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about Jae Crowder's post game comments and Tweets that went after Celtics fans for cheering for Gordon Hayward.
Glenn, Lou and Christian take look at Isaiah Thomas, who has been on a tear lately. Is he a max contract guy?
Glenn, Lou and Christian look at the end of the year awards, and realize that it's increasingly clear that Brady and Belichick won't win MVP or CotY.
Tom E. Curran of CSNNE talks to Glenn, Lou and Christian about whether or not he'll be voting for Brady or Belichick for some of the end of the year awards.
Our show's Twitter account, @OMFonWEEI, has released an old photo of Lou Merloni in his "posse" from high school. Glenn and Christian joke with Lou and make fun of his Beastie-Boys wannabe self.

[0:01:36] ... two fewer expect we had a major controversy if you remember. With Phil Jackson came out and used the word policy. And used it in reference to LeBron James and whatever and took offense that hood and everybody else the defense do it. I thought it was an records from an elegant just an awful word whenever that I know you told the shoe remember up. A posse got a classic occupied. The want. Oxy policy as it lives of people and don't it would be a Nazi puppet and I Arnold not Barrett what is that Freddie and what does the aux where are my high school needed us like oxygen that. That simple art which I don't want to know does it matter that ought to Sheen. I'm ...
[0:03:42] ... Q school I'm always right right so we were. News decree ordering beastie boys and two guys to run DMC. Got the run the entry of the came out in your or the beastie but we ...

TMZ—  Johnny Manziel brought back the MONEY PHONE at a Miami strip club Monday night … hollering at a fat stack of cash while his new smokin’ hot chick, Bre Tiesi, was right by his side.

It all went down at the legendary King of Diamonds strip club — Johnny’s party crew included Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, and of course … the money phone.

The last time Manziel made a cash call — he was days away from signing his rookie contract with the Browns. Glad to see it still works.

Ah, the money phone. An old favorite.

How in the world does Manziel still have this much money? It doesn’t take a ton of partying and traveling to spend the money he made with the Browns, especially since he travels with a crew.

Plus, he claims he spent $2,000 on SHOES for the girl he’s been hanging out with. And I’m guessing they weren’t even sensible shoes either.

Pffff…like controlla #spoiledbishh$2,000onShoes

A photo posted by Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) on

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Lucy Burdge
Alex describes a party he went to on vacation. Kirk and Gerry think that if Hillary had won, Schilling would be in the Hall.
Alex thinks Trenni is his biggest competition on the casting couch. Jae Crowder is mad at the fans for cheering Gordon Hayward. The Dilfer-Shefter feud continued on Dale and Holley.
Gerry says Schilling is a great and charitable guy. Alex disagrees with Kirk and Gerry on journalists. Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox.