While you can make a good case that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is an outdated holdover from an earlier time that is irrelevant in a cyberporn world, some things never go out of style. And Kate Upton modeling bikinis on a tropical beach while singing like Marilyn Monroe and talking about shaving herself is just such an institution. When this stops appealing to you in the middle of January, it’s time to schedule that autopsy you’ve been putting off.


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Jerry Thornton
The guys listen in to sports radio in Denver that is having a hard time with their coverage of the AFC Championship game and are beyond boring.

[0:00:08] ... that last week you guys don't find it. Someone vindicate him for Peyton Manning and all heroes buried in all of those other athletes that were. Mentioned that with no it did not one guy slide ...
[0:01:08] ... access it via an amazing thing is Lou they're they're covering the Peyton Manning. HEH story and the column to slide guy. Who went on to defend herself on Al-Jazeera Leah says the slider guy and ...
[0:06:54] ... remember Brady and Belichick lost a playoff game and then go to Jake Plummer. I mean you and I Blackburn the same age bracket pretty much and need we know that if something is gonna go ...
[0:09:24] ... for what truly is forget about pay Maine old. Many of Indianapolis Peyton Manning three years ago two years ago last year the first half of last year's season I was on an MVP eighth. But ...

No team has made the Superbowl running an offense like the Patriots do, and no team has been to the big game with a quarterback as ineffective as Peyton Manning has been. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about this and how the Broncos need to play to make up for Manning's poor performance.

[0:08:42] ... passer rating that year he was the worst quarterback in readily think Trent Dilfer portrait different ravens it was twentieth. In the league in passer when I mean I was of the windows what was worse ...
[0:11:28] ... Three and twenty and when they so called tea because at times Alex Smith right. It tumbled fifty times targets down right. On high uses highest attempts ever his career. This show is so when that ...
[0:13:12] ... You should be doing this for you don't miss a year Rogers Mike McCarthy wake up you should be doing this. Right now this is now you league do you want to say if you have but it did Alex but if you about this again with the personnel you have the person I mean like you don't have enough quarterbacks now all the roster Alex bit on it now it is no link to view of that court ought. It's the ideal but it's your vantage is way people look at Mike McCarthy to stop. With Eddie lacy stuff. Like this is a passing league game of the rules throughout the year to go on ...
[0:15:20] ... in these fifty plus attempt gains. Tied for second place. Warren Moon Dan Marino all the flavors. I'll warn Maroon 5 and five in those games Dan Marino five in the eleven. OK some of the passes over yes attempts over fairway fifty plus attempt here's Peyton Manning's number went ...



Pro Football TalkThe Eagles introduced coach Doug Pederson on Tuesday, only three days after his prior employer lost in the postseason to the highest-profile team Philly actually beat in 2015: The Patriots. Pederson’€™s welcome wagon consisted of a grilling regarding his role in the historically slow march to the end zone when the Chiefs were down by 14 points.

As MDS has pointed out, the Chiefs’€™ took more time than all but one of the 2,111 drives since 1998 in which a team trailed by 9-17 points with less than seven minutes to play. But it was Pederson, the offensive coordinator, not coach Andy Reid who called the plays during the drive that started with 6:29 to play and ended after 5:16 had evaporated.

‘€œIt took us time because No. 1, we did not want to give Tom Brady the ball back,’€ Pederson said. ‘€œWe knew we were going to score. We knew we had timeouts and time.”

Look, I don’t know Doug Pederson from Doug Funnie. For all I know he’s going to be the next Bill Walsh and give press conferences like the love child of Bill Parcells and Amy Schumer But that is without a doubt one of the worst explanations for bad coaching ever uttered.

I mean, he honestly fixed his mouth to push out the sound that formed the words “we did not want to give Tom Brady the ball back”? With his team down by two touchdowns? We all saw the Chiefs running plays with all the urgency of state workers making overtime money and assumed the moment was too big for their coaching staff. But I had no idea they were so panicked they couldn’t think straight. By Pederson’s logic, time on the game clock is relative in a such a way that it runs differently for different quarterbacks. That it’s really elastic like in Einstein’s concept of space-time or something out of a “Rick and Morty” adventure gone horribly wrong.

I don’t have a dog in the Philadelphia Eagles fight. I mention it here just as a reminder of how good we have it. That whatever judgments the Patriots coaches make that you disagree with, at least you know they’ve done their homework, are thinking rationally and can defend their logic. Unlike an alarming number of other coaches who’ve spent their lives in the game but still get absolutely dumbfounded by a simple thing like how clocks work. My only regret is that he’s going to Philly because he’d be a perfect fit in the AFC East.

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Jerry Thornton

Yu Darvish is strongly denying any involvement in his brother’s alleged illegal gambling ring in Japan.

Following Darvish’s brother’s arrest, MLB announced it would conduct an investigation to ensure that the Rangers ace had no connection with his brother’s apparent actions.

In statement from his agent, Darvish claimed innocence, stating, “I am certain that they will find I had no involvement in this matter whatsoever.” His brother, Sho Darvish, allegedly took about 1,850 bets on MLB games in addition to wagers on Japanese baseball games. He was arrested in October after being investigated for over a year.

Added the 29-year-old right-hander: “I will not comment on this matter again out of respect for Major League Baseball‘s investigation and I am focused on preparing for the upcoming season.”

Darvish is recovering from surgery that repaired a ligament in his right arm. He missed the entire 2015 season.

Assuming he is cleared and healthy, Darvish will return to the top of the Rangers rotation this season. In 2014 he was 10-7 with a 3.06 ERA and 182 strikeouts before being shut down in early August with an elbow injury. In his last full season, 2013, he posted a record of 13-9 with an ERA of 2.83 and 277 strikeouts.

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Travis Upham
Bill Belichick and Tom Brady spoke at the podium to the media at Gillette Stadium, talking about the upcoming AFC Championship game. Glenn, Lou and Christian react to the coach and the quarterback and goof on some of the questions reporters asked.

[0:04:36] ... you watch Sunday against Pittsburgh how much of what you saw from Peyton Manning was way. You've seen throughout his career and how much was the Kubiak often. We got a theory for Denver that's their ...
[0:09:12] ... fortunate. Down just hope variable I guess. The office can be with Peyton Manning and how we can change things at the line and wondered what you've seen from how they use their tight ends in ...
[0:11:27] ... about everybody what specific. Feel smarter now. We brought down patent here's Tom Brady rule back at. Once you start. We've probably just a couple thousand times about Peyton Manning but. Let's do one more time with some thing you most respect about him and his game if there's one thing. There's ...
[0:20:37] ... of good players. Got a lot of Smart players and TJ ward Chris Harris keyed to leave. You know Stewart to really Smart player. Spark linebackers. And yet. You know area experienced defense so. They know ...

Former Ravens running back Ray Rice may not have drawn any interest from NFL teams this year, but he will be getting a chance as a coach.

Rice will serve as an assistant coach at Saturday’s NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, which will showcase college athletes eligible for the 2016 NFL draft.

Rice will serve as an assistant running backs coach under Mike Martz, head coach of the National team. He is expected to bring some insight to the young athletes on how to act on and off the field.

Carl Francis, director of communications for the NFLPA, was asked about the decision to allow the troubled running back on the staff. Francis told The Baltimore Sun, “He wanted to get back into coaching, stay a part of the game, so yeah, why not?”

Francis went on to explain that Rice’s history with domestic abuse did not factor into the decision.

“For us, that wasn’t a part of the decision,” Francis said. “A part of our decision was giving players a chance to be a part of a profession they’€™re interested in. … What’€™s better for them to participate in than our collegiate All-Star game?”

Blog Author: 
Travis Upham
The old formula for beating a Peyton Manning team was letting them run, and limiting Manning's influence. Now, it seems like the script is different. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about how the Patriots should handle facing Peyton and the Broncos.

[0:03:11] ... of the best in the world. The best that ever lived. Is Roy Hobbs might just getting shot. I. We does everybody's BP does and every does he bring. As they re rings on two rigs ...
[0:03:42] ... all the stats that there's no I saw in favor of the Denver Broncos. Based on how I you know. Running the football when they rush roar over a 130 yards they win. No crap. Like ...
[0:05:35] ... You sort is a passer last week that he can go against New England Patriots team and put up 300. Many think he's living yards it will get better passing mean yes. The whole though they're not ...
[0:06:22] ... And I've actually said that I think it's gonna come down to Peyton Manning nick please visit the defense gonna carry this team as far as they can go. And I just don't think get a ...



It Is What It IsAppearing on SportsCenter Tuesday, Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. was asked point blank, “How do you tackle Rob Gronkowski?”

“You gotta hit him low, man — hit him in his knees,” Harris said. “That’€™s the best chance you have of hitting him. You gotta take his legs out.”

There are several schools of thought when it comes to dealing with a mouthy, trash-talking, cheap shot-threatening collection of yappy dogs like the Denver Broncos. You can take the high road and keep quiet. You can get drawn into a war of words. There are good and bad parts to both approaches. But personally, I prefer the Rob Gronkowski method of firing back with a thinly veiled, PG-13, double entendre, middle school sex joke. That works every time it’s tried. The “low blow” crack has been working from the time of the ancient Romans to MTV’s “Yo Mamma” and beyond. So there’s no reason to stop now.

Either way, between Chris Harris threatening a Code Red on Gronk to Brandon Marshall saying Gronk can’t get open unless he pushes off to Antonio Smith calling Tom Brady a crybaby — all this before we’ve even gotten to the midweek press conferences — Denver does a preposterous amount of popping off for a franchise that hasn’t won anything since the world was wearing acid-washed jeans and making Monica Lewinsky jokes. Which is obviously great news, because the more the Broncos turn the Pats into seething rage monsters, the better.

Still, here’s hoping Harris and the rest of the low-blowing goons on the Broncos defense aren’t able to make good on the threat. As Patton said when Gen. McAuliffe answered a German surrender demand with, “Nuts,” any man that eloquent deserves to be saved.


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Jerry Thornton
The Patriots head to Denver to face Peyton Manning and the Broncos -- a team that beat them in overtime earlier this season. The two teams are very different now than they were back in November, and the guys tell you why Patriots fans shouldn't worry.