The Lions dropped their second straight game Sunday, and for the second week in a row they are caught up in a controversy for their behavior on the field. The Falcons accused Lions defensive linemen Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril of taunting Matt Ryan while the Falcons quarterback was down on the turf with an injury.

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Despite the furor in Boston over Red Sox players drinking beer in the clubhouse and dugout, reports are coming out showing that the behavior is not uncommon around the majors. The New York Daily News quotes sources as saying the Yankees and Mets have a history of drinking in both locations. For example, according to the report, Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi "routinely" drank beer on the dugout bench when they played for the Yankees. And they were not alone.

Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo, who Boston fans remember for his inconsistency and insult of Tim Thomas in the Stanley Cup finals -- is off to a slow start this season, and Vancouver fans are letting him know they don't like it. During Tuesday's 4-0 loss to the Rangers, Luongo was booed by his own fans.

Said Luongo Wednesday: "The good thing is it has happened so many times, I've gotten used to it."

Dwight Gooden, ace pitcher on the 1986 Mets, said he missed the team's World Series parade because he was in a drug-induced haze in the projects on Long Island. In an interview set to air on ESPN's "E:60" Wednesday night, Gooden explained that he left a team party following the Mets' Game 7 victory over the Red Sox for a drug fix and didn't make it back to the city on time for the celebration. The team had said Gooden simply overslept.

Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz were not fined for their handshake confrontation at the end of Sunday's Lions-49ers game, although the NFL said that the coaches have acknowledged "their postgame conduct was wrong and won't happen again." Meanwhile, 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis and Lions defensive end Cliff Avril, who had their own confrontation on the field during Sunday's game, continued their battle on Twitter.

It was a tough day for NFL coaches Sunday. The big news was fired-up 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh instigating a confrontation with Lions coach Jim Schwartz with his obnoxious handshake after San Francisco's big win. Schwartz responded by chasing after Harbaugh, causing players to step in and separate the pair.

Meanwhile, Saints coach Sean Payton suffered a broke leg and torn knee ligament after a sideline collision during New Orleans' loss to the Buccaneers. And Eagles coach Andy Reid got a gut punch from a celebrating LeSean McCoy that left him in pain.

I've always considered there to be seven categories of pro sports athletic achievement. In ascending order of accomplishment:

-- All-Star/Pro Bowler

-- First Team All-Star/All-Pro

-- League MVP

-- Team Hall/Wall/Ring of Fame

-- Hall of Famer

-- Number Retired

-- Statue Worthy

"I wish we had $90 million under the salary cap. I wish we could buy the world. We can’t. The only thing we can do is work hard, and all the negativity that’s in this town sucks. I’ve been around when Jim Rice was booed. I’ve been around when [Carl] Yastrzemski was booed.



Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall said he hasn't been playing with enough emotion this season, and he promised that will change Monday night against the Jets. In fact, Marshall predicted he'll be so fired up that he will "get kicked out of the game in the second quarter" and "might do something to get fined $50,000." Pressed to clarify, he insisted, "I'm not joking." Marshall even offered specific examples of what he might do, including picking a fight with Jets linebacker Bart Scott or punting a football 15 rows into the crowd.