ProFootball Talk's Mike Florio joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian to talk about the NFL's declining ratings, and the inconsistent penalties levied by the NFL.

[0:01:17] ... New England three and one. Going into. A game in Cleveland. With Tom Brady back is this what people thought they would be after four games. I I think it was there in order to ensue ...
[0:01:55] ... the greatest players of all time. Pay out might. Think the whole Cleveland Browns. Analytic baseball. These you know whole formula that they're trying to do out there. You know with you get rid of the ...
[0:09:58] ... do. They admit. That there's no question the unprecedented interest in the presidential election is impacting their ratings. They also say they're challenged by comparison. Of the first few weeks of the 20152014. Seasons which were ...

No One is safe from OMF's Whiner Line

[0:04:57] ... own issues they may call our show line. Well WEEI that this Kevin Harlan I'd like to what you know that I found a Michael Holley. On my lawn at 2 in the morning. Holding nothing but I kind where you whipped cream bikini and a smile is ...
[0:05:36] ... the story Jacoby percent undergoing. Thumb surgery today. Him. That in. The Patriot Act currently getting shot arrows so Albert in a lot of news. Got a little recon boxed him out about how great he ...
[0:06:11] ... walks. So I guess. They said it is on there will be David Ortiz blasted. Red Sox. Anderson. Friday. Actually send it to lose everything that's rich don't insinuating he's saying it's over and it's not ...

These Bad Lip Reading videos are gold. Like “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” they could have been a lame idea or simply a one-off joke that got tired quickly, were it not for the brilliant execution. And like their NFL ones, this is particularly good. From Donald Trump’s bird noises to Hillary Clinton’s “face frozen in the middle of a laugh” to whatever Lester Holt does, it’s tremendous. I look forward to the Bad Lip Reading version of the next debate a lot more than I look forward to the next debate.

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Jerry Thornton


Market WatchThe NFL has been sacked for a loss.

Once considered immune to the audience erosion plaguing the television industry, ratings for the National Football League have tumbled through the first four weeks of the season. …

Combined, ESPN DIS, -0.43% , Fox FOXA, -0.33% , NBC CMCSA, -0.20% and CBS CBS, -1.00% are spending an average of $5 billion a year for football rights through 2021 [and] viewership on those networks is down about 10% from last season, according to Nielsen, with steeper declines for prime-time games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. The drop has caught advertisers and rights holders off guard and left them scrambling to find a cause. 

A cause? The NFL and its beloved corporate and broadcast … say it with me now … partners are scrambling to find a cause of the ratings decline?

Let me see if I can help. Perhaps if I dig hard enough I can put my finger on this mysterious, elusive reason the public is increasing turned off by pro football.

Here’s an idea: Perhaps all that stuff we’ve always been told by marketing types that there’s no such thing as bad publicity is pure horsecrap.

Maybe when you take your league’s best player — a man who’s done everything a very public figure can do to act right, conduct himself with class, say all the right things, respect his opponents and represent his sport with dignity — and you spend a year and a half discrediting him as a cheat and a liar, that’s bad for business.

Perhaps when you spend years lying to your employees about the very real dangers they face to play the game, and hope nobody notices the damaged brains, deaths and suicides, eventually that turns off your paying customers.

It’s quite possible that when you enable sick, depraved women-beaters like Greg Hardy and Terrell Suggs while hiding behind insincere “Never again” public service announcements and spending a month making a fast buck off officially licensed pink merchandise because you care about women, it makes it a little tougher to enjoy your product.

And when you let your league be run by a duplicitous, bloodless, lying bureaucrat who’ll do and say anything to give himself the illusion of integrity except answer tough questions honestly, and instead fill his press conferences with planted questions (“Roger, I’m from the UK. What do you say about how much people in my country love our London games?”), even the American people aren’t so stupid and in love with the football they’ll put up with it forever.

Speaking personally, I can reports the ratings for all NFL games are way down among the demographic known as Jerry Thornton. For non-Patriots games, of course. I look at the NFL the way it has treated the Pats. As two separate leagues. One with 31 teams, the other with one. My interest is in watching the Patriots exact revenge on the clubs in the other league, and my interest in the games among the 31 is negligible. And if all this off-the-field negativity and mismanagement by Roger Goodell is finally hurting the league, that to me is a pure good.

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Jerry Thornton
Patriots DB, Duron Harmon joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian, and says that the Browns could easily be 4-0 or 3-1. He also talked about Tom Brady's return to the team.

[0:00:09] ... For the baseball coming next here now. I feel like I think David Wright is actually going to be. All our guests. We're gonna talk some football patriots in the big game and a fever. But ...
[0:02:07] ... week you know you're going on the road to play old for Cleveland Browns team that. Really is just did it in their own way especially in the and in dollar losses so. Is this is ...
[0:05:18] ... that's our focus on Gately can be our focus over here over soccer game or are cleaver. You know lick the less perfectly able afforded to a bailout will need to on the raiders and we ...

The guys discussed the brutal performance by TBS last night and Rich from Hartford gave us his unique way of breaking down the contestants on Dino's Casting Couch.
Kirk, Meter and Gerry discussed the Sox loss in Cleveland and the return of Tom Brady with Mike Lombardi.
Mike Lombardi discussed what fans should expect from Brady's return this Sunday.


One saving grace for the Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALDS Thursday is that they were not the big losers on the night. For all of Rick Porcello’s fat pitches and their outfield’s terrible throws, nothing they did was as bad as the telecast.

Have a worse night, TBS. You can’t. The slogan of Ted Turner’s little puppet theater is “TBS … Very Funny.” But if “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” or “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse” or “Tyler Perry’s Family Yelling at Each Other Over a Laugh Track Before They Learn a Lesson and Hug at the End” were half as funny as the ballgame presentation, they’d still be on the air.

It’s like every word they say and every graphic they put up is like the “What’s Wrong With This Picture” game from Highlights magazine. You just know they’ll get something wrong every inning, and the game is to try to find it. The Indians have never had an outfielder in the postseason? Explains a lot. Andrew Miller was on the Sox this year? Dave Dombrowski’s got some explaining to do. Third? First? What’s the difference? It’s become part of watching the playoffs now. And unless David Price can step up in Game 2 and salvage a split in Cleveland, I’m afraid it’ll be the most entertaining part.

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Jerry Thornton
We hear from Amani Toomer on Francona's decision to bring Andrew Miller in into the game in the 5th inning and Meter is a professor at BC.