Lou Merloni didn't realize he was on the air when talking down at spring training...and revealed his true feelings on playing first base.

Pardon me for being new to the party on this, but apparently for UNH hockey, throwing a gutted fish on the ice is a thing. I guess it’s meant to taunt the opponents, like they’re dead fish or a small fish in a big pond or it’s a Sicilian curse directed at Luca Brasi? I’m not real clear on the concept.

All I do know is that if you’re going to play in the man’s game of tossing a colossal fish on the ice, you’d better be able to pull it off. You can’t be standing there like a dope taking self-inflicted wounds because you’re incapable of firing your own weapon. And whatever message/threat you’re trying to convey is lost in the translation when you’re skulking back to your seat covered in guts, scales and shame.

And to the rest of you Wildcats fans sitting there watching that pathetic display, the next time a kid makes you look bad like that, there’s only one correct response:


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Jerry Thornton
Lou is down at Fort Myers while Christian and Glenn are back here in Boston. He's been scouting the Red Sox at spring training all morning, and so far Hanley Ramirez hasn't been very good at first base.
Peter King wrote that the Patriots should get their first round pick back -- something people around here have been saying all year! Glenn and Christian discuss what it means now that national writers are starting to think this way.

[0:05:57] ... going. Look at what you're doing to do we don't even with Tom Brady. Not losing those four games. My god don't have a pick the first fifteen point yeah it could have ramifications over the next couple years and a real good job. Up picking guys late the first round. And those guys being really good place. How low this and they are always in the chamber should India grows in the Super Bowl so just by the fact that there. The other winning all the time they're never going to be in the early rounds ...
[0:08:04] ... Google math equations of that. Is the number three point. As did Tom Brady gain an advantage this year. Presumably one of football every war every week exceeded the officials' locker room and Foxboro at at ...
[0:11:12] ... go yeah yeah some are only so that we now we have Bill Belichick. Do you think you know what they never did it. It would hurt their case this was never about that and you just brought up number three did Tom Brady gain an advantage no. And the commission knew that from the get go he knew. This was a child that this was a real estate and this was a way. Of satisfying. And keeping his phony Bologna and collecting his 35 million because Jerry Jones is going to be up because he was gonna slap the crap out of craft. And Tom Brady and those. Awful doing the patriots and do you think anyone of these over the gonna go back and read this piece ...

During the winter, John Farrell said Pablo Sandoval lost about 20 pounds. Now that spring training is here, Pablo Sandoval is still fat -- and said he hasn't even weighed himself all off season.


Peter King in TheMMQBIt’€™s been nine months since commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Tom Brady four games, fined the Patriots $1 million and took away a first-round pick in the 2016 draft and a fourth-round pick in 2017 for the deflated footballs incident at the 2014 AFC Championship Game. …

But the effect of the case will be felt in Indianapolis this week, when the New England Patriots‘€™ delegation arrives for the combine missing something invaluable to the care and feeding of NFL franchises. Namely, the 29th pick in this draft, docked from the Patriots by Goodell. This leaves New England with no draft picks in the top 59 of an above-average draft. …

Based on the weight of the evidence from the past 13 months, and that weight being circumstantial and not convincing, there’€™s one conclusion I’€™ve reached entering the 2016 draft season: Roger Goodell needs to give back the picks. …

Goodell admitted his error with Ray Rice in 2014, and was wounded by it. He can admit an error again, and should, because it’€™s the right thing to do. He should give the draft picks back to New England.

There’s an expression out of the Nixon White House that comes to mind as I read this. The administration was waging a public relations battle against the increasing unpopularity of the Vietnam War. And when Walter Cronkite, perhaps the last of the truly influential network news anchors came out against it, the Nixocrats allegedly said, “When you’ve lost Cronkite, you’ve lost the country.”

I bring this up as a lesson to Roger Goodell. When you’ve lost Peter King, you’ve lost the Deflategate argument.

King is a regular guest on Dale & Holley with a side of Thornton. And while he has been critical of Goodell of times, it’s fair to say his coverage of the commissioner has been largely favorable. He’s done lengthy, in-depth profiles of Goodell. And for a while his Twitter avatar was the two of them wearing lobster bibs. But despite that relationship, even King is calling for Goodell to stand down, admit he overreached, undo the wrong he’s done and commute the Patriots’ sentence by giving the draft picks back.

If you drew a short list of influential football media voices in the country, Peter King would easily crack the top three. So him leading his column with this has to be getting heard loud and clear in the NFL’s secret underground lair on Park Ave right now. Granted, hoping for it to do any good is a big ask. Admitting you’ve screwed up and righting the wrong you’ve done takes the one thing Commissioner Goodell has never demonstrated, integrity. To this point, he’s proven time and time again what a feckless, conniving, disingenuous, reactionary, empty-suited meat puppet he is.

On Deflategate, he’s pandered to the mob, appeased 31 other teams at the Patriots’ expense, been willfully ignorant of even the most basic middle school science and sat on a throne of lies while his underlings have conducted a campaign of smears, spin and flat-out orchestrated lies in order to make the Pats look guilty. Then he held those plundered draft picks up before the football public like a severed head to the delighted cheers of the braying, anti-Patriots donkeys. To now ask that he’ll do the right, honorable and just thing and lose all that adulation is too much to hope for.

Still, King is another voice on the side of the angels. It’s a pure good, even if it doesn’t lead to any tangible results. Maybe this column by him will be another voice in the movement New Englanders started and other media moguls will follow suit and something will come out of it. But either way, when you’re right, you’re right. And that in and of itself is worthy of the highest honor it’s in my power to bestow.

Peter King, this slow clap montage is for you:


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Jerry Thornton


N.Y. PostIt seems as if Delonte West is the latest cautionary tale, an eight-year NBA career finished since 2012, and only surfacing now looking like a shell of himself.

The 32-year-old, who earned more than $16 million in stints with Boston, Seattle, Cleveland and Dallas, was spotted ambling around a Jack In The Box parking lot in Houston earlier this week, reportedly wearing a hospital robe and no shoes.

According to an Instagram user who happened upon the one-time St. Joseph’€™s star, West’€™s world-weary comments matched his disheveled look.

According to TMZ, the informant approached West and asked, “Are you Delonte West?”

“I used to be, but I’€™m not about that life anymore,”€ he reportedly responded.

I wish I could find some way to make light of this situation, but I can’t. During his stints with the Celtics, Delonte West was an impossible guy not to like. He worked hard. Played to his capabilities. And gave us the added bonus of allegedly sleeping with Lebron James‘ mom, which elevated him to folk hero status.

And now he’s obviously in crisis. I mean, I’d like to assume that’s just a bad picture and there’s a perfectly benign explanation for why he’d be walking around outside a Jack In The Box in hospital clothes and barefoot. But frankly there’s no good reason to be walking around outside a Jack In The Box appropriately dressed, either.

Far be it for me to make an amateur diagnosis, but he has been diagnosed as bipolar, which he chalked up as a combination of clinical depression mixed with the stress of being a pro athlete. And he always came across as someone for whom basketball was a refuge. One of those guys who would have a tough time adjusting to life after retirement. And that photo from the other day is your proof.

My guess is he’s broke, given the fact that so many of these guys pee through all their money and during the last lockout Delonte made a point of telling the world he’d applied for a job at a Home Depot. Nothing against the folks who wear the orange apron proudly, but guys who’ve made $16 million in their careers don’t look for work selling screen doors and toilet tank hardware unless they’ve got nothing else.

So here’s hoping someone in West’s life can get him the help he needs to pull out of this death spiral. And in the meantime every millionaire athlete should see this story as a cautionary tale of what can happen to any of them. Like the ancient Romans used to tell their conquering heroes, all glory is fleeting.


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Jerry Thornton
Sam Kennedy spoke with John, Gerry, and Kirk about expectations for 2016 and Pablo Sandoval.

[0:00:49] ... But that's going to be the case with the president of the Boston Red Sox and Kennedy well Sam are you I'm doing great guys surrounding the streak among. Well Larry it's got a message view each ...
[0:01:54] ... that that the president of which your title progress and yeah. President Boston Red Sox is in much much better shape than the third baseman and that's not say. Does upon your flock has been you know ...
[0:04:11] ... this organization. But he also talking about a guy has won three World Series championships I spent a great teammate has been around a winning environment the only other guy. And I know in that clubhouse with three World Series race David Ortiz. So you know we're gonna. We're gonna hope that everyone's ready to go as we start the season is as we get into April. In your estimation of Sam David Price fix what's wrong with a Boston Red Sox the last two seasons. Yeah I think we the ups and Jason Varitek about the city that day I think you will I think having a horse at the top of the rotation is what ...
[0:09:12] ... for what. He and in this organization achieved under his leadership three World Series championships the preservation protection of Fenway. 75 million dollars given out to charity through the Red Sox foundation under his leadership so ...




When the itinerary for the Gronk party ship was first announced, I said it would be way too much for my blood. And the videos coming out of it this weekend confirm it.

I like a good time as much at the next guy. Cutting loose. Getting a little over-served. Putting the life on hold for a while and letting it rip in a tropical setting without a care in the world. What’s not to love. But as Dirty Harry put it, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” And the combination of the Gronkowskis, Flo Rida, Waka Flocka Flame, getting chicks pregnant and offering couples cash to bang in public exceeds mine. Party Level: Gronk is way beyond anything I can achieve at this point in my life.

Rob in particular is the human spring break. A rave made flesh. Few men walking the Earth could keep up with that and I for sure am not one of them. I watch him party like I watch people do extreme sports. Climb up cliff faces, jump out of planes in wingsuits or swim with sharks. In theory, I envy them and dream of switching places with them. In reality, I open another beer, put my feet up and watch Netflix.

So kudos to anyone who took the cruise, dared to go where angels fear to tread and was able to hang with the best. The ship comes back to port on Monday, and we await the first hand accounts with breathless anticipation. And with any luck, there’ll be a few actual pregancies, because in the future we’ll need more men like the Gronkowskis.


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Jerry Thornton
Kirk is disgusted with Curtis and Gerry.