Glenn and Christina think its ridiculous that Richard Sherman is getting fined by the NFL for his hit on Dan Carpenter. Glenn thinks that Sherman did the absolute right thing by playing until the whistle. Christian likes the aggressiveness of Sherman's decision on that play, and thinks he did the right thing.
Glenn and Christian react to Stan Van Gundy saying that by Electing Trump, we've thrown half of the Country under the bus.

[0:01:25] ... He's being called racist. From I don't know ordered the book conduct Kanye West on US and what aren't the only my Bible people put but how everybody is totally lying about being disingenuous it's easy ...
[0:02:44] ... a white I don't I don't but what I like. Back to Doc Rivers spoke like the fact that Doc Rivers a very highly respected coach that's been around a long appeared time as a player as a coach. Has with able to ...
[0:04:20] ... his singing it's so out of character because the character they know Bill Belichick. Including the media. Is to build bella checked at the podium and what he says that the podium. So they are not seeing that other side of it. You know there are some of the media people have seen the other side of Tom curry and I think has been pretty good in in a lot of this stuff because I think he sees a lot more of the other side. A Bill Belichick but we're gonna get into it with whiskey Barkley at is he gonna join us at eleven we moved him up yet ...
[0:05:44] ... some respect so it's not like he was sitting there is bill Bill Belichick we've seen in the past that he really. Knows that some guys just you know doesn't have respect for. He'll he'll dump want to tell me if you think I'm wrong about that. So bill sends out a letter Chris truly this guy is a friend. I don't droppings in the same way that Doc Rivers in trying to deal with a and deal with the fact that he's the president of the United States and the stuff he said and he asked the deal with his players. Minorities who were sitting there going oh my god I can't believe this guys and White House. And Doc Rivers is trying to balance that saying alone got he's at a white out but I gotta tell you play golf I know ...

Glenn and Christian wonder what any of the Trump Protests will actually accomplish. Is it just being sore losers? Also, they talk about Athletes and Coaches weighing in on the Election.

Curse you, New York Knicks. I don’t know what happened exactly, but watching this put something in my eyes that makes them keep watering up. For a moment I’ll put aside the fact that it’s an outrage it took SFC Yulfo 18 months of waiting to meet Murphy and just be happy it finally happened. Happy Veteran’s Day to them both.

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Jerry Thornton

MirrorInterstellar travel could be more than just science fiction as leaked documents appear to show NASA has built a working “warp drive” .

The technology is officially known as an EM Drive propulsion system and was invented by a British engineer called Roger Shawyer.

A review of the system was scheduled to be published in December, but found its way onto the NASA Spaceflight forum where it was seized upon and passed round the internet.

Rather than a Star Trek-style faster-than-light drive , the EM Drive is a revolutionary new propulsion system that doesn’t feature an exhaust.

NASA’s invention could send humans to Mars in just a few weeks. …

And according to the leaked documents, the system is “consistently performing”.

“We will go to Mars, but the most important thing is what EmDrive will do for the rest of the world,” Shawyer told the International Business Times .

“It will be solar power stations, city-to-city long-haul flights using hydrogen. It’s green and convenient and will change our world in the next few decades.”

I don’t want to come off as being too hard to impress, but what exactly is NASA crowing about here? It’s a warp drive that doesn’t go to light speed? Pardon me, but isn’t that the point of warp drive? Otherwise we’re talking, what? It’s super efficient and doesn’t have an exhaust? It can power solar stations, fly me to cities using hydrogen while being green and convenient? Big whoop.

So you’ve tested an engine that can get me to Mars in a few weeks. Talk to me when you can get me there in a couple of minutes the way warp engines are supposed to. Come back when you’ve build a Milennium Falcon with a hyper drive that can do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Let me know when you’ve perfected an engine that can use the gravitational pull of the sun to slingshot a starship back through time to the 1980s to find whales.

I’m sorry, Roger Shawyer. You might have a nice little science project there. But you are no Zefram Cochrane. Let us know when you are the real Father of Warp Drive and you’ve got us ready to boldly go where no man has gone before.


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Jerry Thornton

Boston HeraldThousands of angry demonstrators flooded the streets of Boston last night to march in protest of President-elect Donald Trump’s stunning election victory in a raucous scene that played out in cities from New York to Los Angeles. …

“People ultimately don’t want a hateful candidate,” said 21-year-old Casey Nugent. “They want love and peace.” …

Although the initial rally and march on the State House was organized by Socialist Alternative, many of the protesters who turned out said they were there to take up the anti-Trump fight.

“I am angry that Donald Trump is president,” said Whitney Drew, a 20-year-old Boston University student. “What needs to be done is fix the government. It is corrupt.” …

Sadina Shawver, 29, a graduate student at Simmons College, said she tried not to cry and directed friends in other cities to anti-Trump rallies in their areas. …

Rafael Wainhaus, 31, a social worker in Cambridge, said many women he knows shed tears over the election.

I have great respect for Socialist Alternative and the fine work they do on behalf of us lumpenproletariat in our struggle against the capitalist bourgeois to control the means of production. Stick tap to those lads. So I want them to be happy. I guess the question then becomes the one that seems to stump so many of these full time protest groups.

What exactly are you protesting?

Sincerely, I want them to be happy. I’m for whatever specific actions they’d like to see taken in order for them to carefully recycle their cardboard signs, so home, kick back spark up and watch Netflix in peace. But if we’ve learned anything in the last few years it’s that asking professional protesters what it is they’re looking for is usually like asking them a Final Jeopardy question on Tournament of Champions week. From Occupy Boston to those trust-funded malcontents who chained themselves to barrels in the middle of rush hour traffic a couple of years ago to my man Casey Nugent demanding love and peace, they’re always short on the details.

With these anti-Donald Trump marches, are they saying the election was rigged? It doesn’t appear to be the case. Are they claiming voter suppression? I didn’t hear that. Do they think he bought the election? I suppose since Wall Street backed Hillary Clinton and Hollywood gave her $22 million to The Donald’s $290,000, no one will make that argument.

It seems like they’re just marching because the election didn’t go their way. Well let me give them a life lesson they won’t learn from their shelf filled with youth soccer participation trophies: Elections have winners and losers. Two candidates enter the Thunderdome, only one leaves. Them’s the rules, and it’s been that way for 226 years. You don’t have to like it, but you have to live with it. If every time we had an election the losing side took to the streets … well, we’d have a lot of people taking to the streets every two years. And most of us have to get up in the morning.

I couldn’t agree more with Whitney Drew that the government is corrupt and needs fixing. Hundred percent. Is Donald Trump the one to do it? I hope like hell so, but I have no idea. What I do know is that the process played out. The rules were obeyed. One person, one vote. And he won. Despite the tears of poor Sadina Shawver and the clients of Rafael Wainhaus, you have to suck it up. Or get involved by doing something real. Do work for the midterm elections. Get organized for the next national race. But marching over a result you didn’t like is as big a waste of time as if I went out and protested the Patriots losing two Super Bowls to the Giants.

Even worse, while the marches aren’t anti-American, they are anti-democracy. It says that these people didn’t like the outcome so therefore the electorate shouldn’t either. That’s not even a protest at all. That’s a hissy fit. Just because you have the right to protest doesn’t mean you are right to protest.

As a final word, I’ll play the incredible speech Michael Moore gave about why disenfranchised workers in what he calls the “Brexit states” protested the right way. With their votes. He’s a far-left firebrand who was the only pundit that really understood what was going on. And it’s powerful. (NSFW, language)

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Jerry Thornton
Clinton supporters have lost their mind and Curtis went to an anti-Trump rally.
We are introduced to Doggo the therapy dog.

[0:02:45] ... to take shape and unlike my Exel who watched him skate well Bill Belichick Bill Belichick what you obviously Seattle. Which Steve Buckley Seattle. But we still cyst rupture Seattle's on the subject. You actually got is just ...
[0:03:35] ... No question. I outside of Al treatment tomorrow deputy strangeness or or Bill Belichick and you won't put patriots fans I have I between a couple of things I've not gotten one responsibilities as you know. Your right as a matter of ...
[0:17:51] ... don't wanna trumps onto the campaign and it's good that probably the Pink Floyd probably stop them in the stud the Soo much. I just think it's sort of blind to say he's absolutely not gonna ...
[0:20:02] ... a conservative. And when I was that all of you wanna protect Devale Ellis let the people lose their job to lead eagle in the okay that it goes away Jack see peoples wage. Dropped because ...

Callers reacted to Brady and Belichick's press conferences yesterday. Curtis visited the anti-Trump rally.
Gerry, Kirk and Trenni discussed Trump's election and the endorsement of Tom Brady.,