Red Sox trade prospect Anderson Espinoza for starting left-hander Drew Pomeranz. Glenn, Lou, and Christian break down the trade and what this means for the future of the season.

So this is it? The end of the line? After 18 months, 545 days, hundreds of hours of talk radio and thousands of blogs, the fight is over like this? Tom Brady run the white flag up the pole, hands his sword over to Roger Goodell and lets his army of trolls take control of the fort in a 90-word surrender on Facebook. As T.S. Elliot put it, “This the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.”

This news just hit me and there’s a radio show to do, so this is going to have to be a short, knee-jerk blog. And after all this time and effort, it’s going to take a lot to fully process it. But for now, the immediate reaction is one of incomparable disappointment.

Brady was so close. The Supreme Court was a long shot, but within his grasp. This whole ridiculous Deflategate fiasco was so utterly preposterous from the very beginning, it deserved to be decided on the biggest legal stage in the country. Goodell and his circus clowns needed to be exposed before the same judicial body that decided everything from Brown v. the Board of Education to the 2000 presidential election. That’s what Deflategate deserved. Not a total capitulation on a social media account.

Not only Deflategate deserved it, Brady deserved it. The team that has been so utterly ripped off by the same despotic commissioner that said they did nothing wrong deserved it. Patriots fans, who’ve been done so dirty in all this and responded by galvanizing themselves and sticking behind their quarterback deserved it. But instead, we’ll get to watch this injustice stand in the form of an innocent man sitting out the first month like he’d beat his wife unconscious or whipped his child until his skin split open.

Lastly, congratulations to all the lying, thieving weasels who concocted this whole thing. And to their braying lackeys in the media who chose to side with a league that has openly lied to their faces time and time again over a quarterback whose always been classy, accommodating and honorable. You win. I just can’t imagine why that would feel good to you.

And now my watch is ended.

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Jerry Thornton



By the old gods and the new, I love Maisie Williams. And don’t for one filthy second think that it’s got anything to do with me thinking she’s hot or anything like that. Please. She’s Ned Stark’s little girl. I’ve watched her grow up from a little tomboy who wanted to shoot arrows and become a warrior princess. I saw her leave The Hound for dead. Learn to serve the Many Faced God. Slit Walder Frey’s throat and watch him die like the pervert he was. Not to mention how great she was on the last season of “Doctor Who.” She’s like a daughter to me.

No, I love Maisie because she is arguably the coolest celebrity of our times. She’s gone to ComicCon in full disguise so she can enjoy it from a fan’s perspective. She’s pranked fans by pretending to be a store clerk. And now, when she found out she’s been nominated for an Emmy, delivered the following hilarious reactions:

  • @GameOfThrones wtf ARYA KIDDING ME?!!— Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams)
  • @b_cogman @IAMLenaHeadey Bryan, what the f*** is happening?! I can’t believe it— Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams)
  • @MissAlexaJ PASS THE JAFFACAKES S***JUST GOT REAL— Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams)

I haven’t the first clue what Jaffacakes are, but if they’re good enough that my girl Maisie wants some at a moment like this, I demand some for my next celebration. But then again, I’d expect nothing less from a celebrity so cool she authored the best bikini selfie in the history of Instagram:


I’m Ariel, minus the tail and the t**s. **** “A girl has no t**s”

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Jerry Thornton
Gerry, Kirk and Tanguay wind down the show bouncing around some various topics including Tim Tebow turning down the RNC Convention and Kirk liking the new HBO show 'The Night Of'

[0:05:15] ... for all these girls it's Gennifer Flowers and what to bring a Clint Eastwood back and he conducted a cherry did you talk to the chair concern that was my MO network so I guess I ...
[0:08:27] ... up also on the static. It leaves Shriver has been nominated for best actor for the motive whatever that started up again gala convince one I'll at this time gonna break. Oh I would Def recently ...
[0:11:42] ... that don't please org at behind enemy lines. Hell it's secular the Cleveland Browns will be right right we don't need no don't. Let's let's go to Vick route sheet. I know you guys are only ...
[0:14:08] ... to. Get a cup of coffee yeah and like every few world Super Bowl you know with a PT jerseys it was walk around being jerseys if you have a shirt with a 36 points. Wolf ...

After a few callers argue with Kirk and Gerry about racial profiling in America, the guys get to WEEI's Michael Holley disagreeing with Callahan on the inclusion of Michael Brown into recent examples of tragic deaths of blacks in America.
Gary Tanguay clashes with Kirk and Gerry as he defends the POTUS and the topics broached in his speech in Dallas after the death of five police officers.
Gary Tanguay reads the Friday 'Headlines' with an update on the massacre in France as well as Donald Trump's VP selection.

[0:04:10] ... if the police extensive background critics for you've got to guides them Detroit Lions got a record as many have pointed this guy had a record our domestic abuse but so what. It is telling me ...
[0:04:47] ... there that's my point he can declare war. It would ever accused Lee Westwood to read it. I guess what color ribbon like France ribbon but it's a plaque is the color and I'm gonna. Hash ...
[0:08:22] ... that's the same things concentrations say. This is an attack is the best man picking a fight that actually it does that Sunday I can you respect. Because you want to. He's doing it because he's ...
[0:14:01] ... Ellis and Matt Laporte that's it that's the rumor she ran the Boston Marathon in the years that matter. She's so it is boom she's. Holding up well she's way better looking now yes she's getting ...

Kirk, Gerry and Gary Tanguay discuss yet another horrible terrorist attack, this one in Nice, France on Bastille Day.

[0:00:55] ... is a morning and what color are we gonna make the the White House the color of the French flag world gonna band together and say. Let's you know this is real now and do nothing. I'm the stores just placed before me by can push for Uga as to I think this is from the Daily Mail and you flip the page one you know you see the store their 54 children hospitalized ten children killed. Among the eighty. Did so far and and there's the picture we saw last night of the child with ...
[0:02:53] ... to say. Thoughts and prayers get used to it soccer change and Hillary Clinton's presence is not have silly not to Chandler redolent Schuettler riddle Lynch's whatever she wants the. You're doing the job whatever job ...
[0:12:24] ... were to Francisco on we've moved on one open saving. About receiving United States that's a good point I just frankly I think it's too late for that have been have given up hope I told ...

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“I wake up this morning to find out I’m speaking at the Republican National Convention. It’s amazing how fast rumors fly. And that’s exactly what this is: a rumor.”

The heck, Republicans? This is how you kick off a campaign? First you try to get Tom Brady to speak at your convention, then you settle for Tim Tebow, the deliverer of some of the worst passes I’ve ever seen thrown by an adult male. And now even Tebow is standing you up? It would be one thing to get left at the altar by a Pro Bowler. A Super Bowl champion. Say, an Aaron Rodgers or even a Joe Flacco. But to get ditched by the guy who couldn’t earn his way onto the field for the New York Jets? That’s a level of humiliation perhaps never before achieved in American politics.

Seriously, how does this happen? Was that a lineup of confirmed speakers that was leaked the other day or a wish list? Did you get commitments out of anybody, or were you just throwing stuff out there, like some teenager inviting a celebrity to prom and hoping they say yes? Either way, it’s a terrible, terrible look to be turned down by a guy who couldn’t make it out of Patriots training camp. I mean, if you can’t land this guy, how can you expect to run a country? If I’m Donald Trump, I’m finding out who’s responsible for this fiasco and firing more people than on the entire “Celebrity Apprentice” Netflix page.

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Jerry Thornton
Gerry and Kirk give Gary Tanguay the news that his walk-out audio went viral, leading to Tanguay's head swelling up like a watermelon.