Dale, Thornton, and Rob Bradford discuss the plagiarism allegations of Meliana Trump's speech at the RNC.

[0:05:14] ... Maloney at trump would not be. Hottest First Lady ever. Is it Tom Brady becomes president of the United States and global told her three years now you're taken just now changes now rarely. Yeah I'm ...
[0:13:54] ... honest they have they have so little organizational skills they'd make that New York Jets looks Smart. I disagree because I thought the organization of him coming out the undertaker mood music guests at that as Gerry pointed out with the with the civil his civil wet. In the fog. Is just like the Miami Hurricanes 1988 all over again and have. Like a couple of like three word phrases that he just kept repeat all the time ...
[0:15:40] ... he had that. Ill advised we're gonna have the night of champion Tom Brady in Ben Roethlisberger but that's what it's supposed to be right it's supposed to be a pep rally. That's what usually these things are the ...

Get a load of this nightmare fuel.  As if life isn’t tough enough in whatever former Eastern Bloc hellhole this is, now they’ve got killer boars coming out of the ocean? Sorry. No sale. I saw that Hannibal Lecter movie where Gary Oldman tried to feed him to a bunch of hungry boars. And I’d rather face every shark they’ve spotted off the Cape plus that Chatham Orca than some blood-thirsty, amphibious death pig. I mean, there’s a reason Discovery Channel doesn’t have “Boar Week.” No one would ever go near the beach again.

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Glenn, Lou, and Christian examine the latest Pitcher rumored to be on the Sox' radar.

[0:00:11] ... Paul pioneer press yeah. And got some interest interesting stuff that the Minnesota Twins and you're Boston Red Sox have engaged in talks. And Boston may be looking at starting pitcher Ervin say in camp. It now. Makes these rumors are ...
[0:00:51] ... week or whatever was they have more than one scout. This guarding Ervin Santana. The scouting Cashner San Diego scouting Alex in Philadelphia. Give me no and in this downing ornery easy Matt Moore Rich Hill drew Palmer rants. Any other name that could possibly be traded they've probably been looking at the last month or two because there washed Ervin Santana pitched. In case they missed out there wanna pay the price for Palmer. Gays and wanna pay the price a year ago Rick children that he should get an X group are Ervin Santana. Jeremy and Alex and these types of guys. If anything to meet it debt debt deals done with the holy water but ...
[0:06:23] ... you know. Until they miss out on rich you know you'll see Ervin Santana moved the chairman Alexander. Andrew cash narrowing of the Tampa Bay guys so it's like you're waiting to see ritual pitch. Before ...
[0:07:37] ... try to get rich you know all the data to Google signed Ervin Santana intricate Richard also is he's holding everything up. Blitzer broke twice right to a different that twice. That would worry me. You ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian examine the possibility of a Griffin/Westbrook team-up in...OKC?
Glenn, Lou, and Christian talk Dean Blandino's PSI admission, Isaiah Crowell's attempt to heal, and Brandon Marshall not getting a response from Ryan Fitzpatrick.
We get the inside scoop on Christian's "Bachelorette" viewing party, complete with audio.

[0:02:24] ... with its close on. And you by the time it was like The Beatles rock star comes in a brawl oh not this guy and I'll just hold court with the team. Yeah. It's a clue ...
[0:04:35] ... you get together and you know one gimmicks that Clinton has no Carl Edwards but he's dreaming. Is dreamy unable to meet a lot of men in my life now I don't know how to cap there is more male athletes coming in well have been I would like this more estrogen in the studio nine and the other element of possibly still both look off. I think Luke is a tough ending Lucas Spain tough and Luke is tough and it and the whole Aaron Rodgers thing that it would markers that this that relationship how. The yield fall this aren't so enjoy it brought moved that. The brother bear Rodgers can't Jordan so they go to his house she business the house but he brings it up he just blows it off CIA you know it's just the way we'll talk about. Tucci and usually she sits down the brother. And a brother actually made it sound like you air rush is talking to family. But he's again it's unfortunate we're talking. But Aaron Rodgers doesn't talk to his brother you know every all the parents but when you be embarrassed for the brother to the bachelorette ...
[0:05:52] ... just completely blew it off and stuff and it's. First question a Green Bay Packers this camp is why don't you talked your Brothers for a new year. You don't think all you don't they asked. Italy ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian talk RNC: highlights include Melania Trump's plagiarism, and The Donald's Rockstar entrance.

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I can’t begin to tell you how much I wish this had actually happened.

As our whole system of self-governance swirls the toilet in faster and faster circles, there might be a way to save it from going down the drain altogether. And the answer has been right in front of us for decades.

We need to make elections just like wrestling.

Seriously, no one has tapped into the American psyche the way the WWE has. The presentation. The clearly defined heroes and villains. Good vs. evil presented in a way you’ll never get in a hundred carefully scripted conventions. If Donald Trump had come out on stage Monday night to the Undertaker’s music like this, he’d win in a landslide.

Of course, it’s still early. There’s time to salvage this campaign before election day in  a way that would make our forefather’s proud. I call for us to WWE the hell out of this thing, including having election night go like this:

The Founding Father’s would’ve wanted it this way.

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If you know me, you know that the first places I go for my news and information are the fashion Instagram accounts. So it was quite a shock to log onto the Givenchy Jeans page to find Gisele Bundchen canoodling topless with some swarthy bohunk. But that’s haute couture for you. You never know what you’re going to come across in the wild world of designer jeans.

Now, I’m sure some people will see this as Tom Brady being cuckolded, and they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s exactly the opposite. Nothing so bespeaks a man’s masculinity like having the confidence to let his wife release the twins around another guy. Especially if it’s a perfectly put-together pile of abs and cheekbones like this specimen. Because it sends the message that you know you’ve got it all going over this squid. That he might be a world class male model, but he’s no threat. That not only are you better looking than him, he’s four Super Bowl titles (and counting) away from ever being able to challenge your Alpha Male status. So this is ultimately a power move by TB12. His wife can Free the Brookline Two around any guy she wants because no man can compete with what he’s got. Savage.

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Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

Speaking publicly on Monday for the first time since Knicks president Phil Jackson made a series of roster moves, Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony applauded the front office and was hopeful about the team’s chances of being a contender in the Eastern Conference.

“The front office stepped up,” said Anthony, an 11-time All-Star who has been a Knick since 2011. “It was a collective effort. They did their job and they did what they had to do to make some moves and make things happen. They put us in a situation to give us an opportunity. All we have to do is take advantage of that.”

“I think we have a good opportunity to do some things this year. It’s all about what we do. It’s all about us now. It’s all about how we come together, how we jell together. For the most part, the pieces are there, so it’s up to us.”

The Knicks, who have not had a winning season since they won 54 games in 2012-13, were able to trade for point guard Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls the night before the NBA draft. Jackson and the front office brass then had the cap space to sign Rose’s teammate Joakim Noah, swingman Courtney Lee and point guard Brandon Jennings.

Although Anthony believes the Knicks “have a very special team on paper,” there are plenty of red flags. Noah and Lee are 31 and 30, respectively. Jennings, once a top young star in the league, averaged seven points per game with Orlando last season. And Rose, the 2011 league MVP, is 27 years old and injury-prone. He has not played more than 70 games since that MVP year.

Despite the injury concerns with Rose, Anthony said he is not worried about the point guard’s health.

“As far as injuries go, it happens,” Anthony said. “But I think sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air, in Derrick’s case. I talked to him maybe once or twice, but he’s locked in right now. He’s focused. I’m hearing he’s healthy.

Anthony also said he has been working out with some of the new guys in order to get ready for next season.

“I had Joakim with me working out a couple of times,” Anthony said. “I had Brandon Jennings the other day with me in L.A. … I’m just trying to get everybody in the gym working. That’s how you build those relationships off the court.”

In 2014 as a free agent, Anthony almost joined Rose and Noah in Chicago, saying he was impressed with the team’s competitiveness.

“Just seeing that team as a competitor and playing against them always knowing what that team was missing,” Anthony said. “That’s why I was really looking at that opportunity at that time. They came to me now. It’s kind of a couple of years out but we’ll take it.”

Anthony now is 32 years old and only has so many more years left in the NBA. He may go down as one of the greatest players to never win a championship. Now with an All-Star worthy point guard in Rose, a young phenom in power forward in Kristaps Porzingis, and a defensive-minded center in Noah, this may be Anthony’s final chance to get a title.

“Now is a time when we can go out there and put a competitive team out there and play,” Anthony said. “For me the time is now. For us as a city, as an organization, that should be the mindset — the time is now.”
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