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ESPNWith the Knicks providing little resistance, some of the Cavaliers resorted to playing the water-bottle challenge to kill time on the bench Wednesday night during the closing moments of Cleveland’s 126-94 win.

Cameras caught LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and other Cavs flipping a water bottle and trying to land it upright while the Cavs were up by 31 with less than a minute to go at Madison Square Garden.

Irving successfully nailed a flip, but it wasn’t caught on camera. The video that went viral showed a few Cavs players failing miserably. At one point, James tossed the bottle forward and it landed on the court. James sprawled out to quickly grab the bottle while play went to the opposite end of the court.

This looks immature and disrespectful and like something a bunch of middle school basketball players would do on the bench, but I think LeBron knew exactly what he was doing here.

He started this as a jab at Phil Jackson for referring to his friends as his “posse” back in November and LeBron took offense to that term and you all know the story.

Coming into this game against Jackson’s Knicks, LeBron stated he would not talk to Jackson about the comment and said, “My only mindset is to get our guys ready and execute the game plan. I got a job to do every night and that’s to lead this group, and I’ll do that.”

And he did, he led them in the water bottle challenge to send a message to Phil Jackson about what he said instead of talking to him about it like an adult and then dropping it.

LeBron is right: he has a job to do because he is a professional basketball player and this was a pretty amateur thing to do. Blowing out the Knicks is enough of a jab at Jackson without having to do this.

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Lucy Burdge
Glenn, Lou, and Christian are starting to think that the Ravens are the Pats biggest Rival. They cite the frequency with which they play, the importance of their games, the fact that the Ravens have won in Foxborough, and that they always play close games.
Glenn, Lou, and Christian react to John Tomase's comments on "The Hot Stove Show" last night, where he bagged on Dave Dombrowski fro decimating the Red Sox Farm System. Lou feels very strongly that Prospects exist to get big time Players. He also feels that the Red Sox are already the Chicago Cubs. Glenn rails against Tomase and other "Prospect Hoarders." Christian talks about "Beanie Babies."

[0:08:40] ... everybody loves. You know the O sure great little trade Hendrix for Ryan Dempster. Ariana was outstanding you know you trade for bush sell you traded for Iran he went unspent cash fought for Jon Lester ...
[0:14:01] ... nationals did to get Adam beaten three top picks to give up. Adam Eaton allowed I'd like nice play good player nice play good play great player. Know that but let's Chris Sale level but above ...
[0:15:01] ... that this kid being Dunning who was it 20161. Round pick. For Adam Eaton. Yet to meet so why I look at that dealers like that you think you stole Chris Sale nightingale had defected block ...
[0:15:37] ... average. Yeah Markota but you look at what washing give up for Adam Eaton. I think that same package. Busted their number one prospect role plays the position player was the deal they out did try ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian discuss Pablo Sandoval's conversation with ESPN Deportes, where he talks about a renewed interest in Baseball, getting healthy, and wanting his son to be able to see him play at a high level.

[0:03:25] ... sells bad years now and he could've done a single pitcher performed David Price gonna learn net this year I'm not sure he's capable of have been spring training is nothing you can say. That anybody ...
[0:04:09] ... harder every day so one day I can be part of another Boston Red Sox championship. Said all the right things now the question is. Does he stay at that way people are gonna see it's obvious ...
[0:05:13] ... Japanese surgery he's a better option would come back player idiot and David Price because you know performed which is kind of what they did this year. Now that's the best thing that ever happened we ...
[0:06:17] ... were reported earlier rabies the delta air the entire time right. Down Fort Myers. Did did the senate wants I've been down her. For a portion of them I don't know if that all of the ...

While discussing Pats Playoff seeding, Christian breaks the microphone. LB stops in from WAAF to fix it, and sweats Fauria - "The best looking man on the planet" - hard. He says he wants to be re-incarnated as a "Smokeshow Model" so he can sleep with Christian.

[0:01:05] ... that we'd be cute there are ten and six teams that did Baltimore Ravens like attendance sixteen. It and that's when they beat you in the post season this is what they do this right. I don't teach you really worry about mentioned it earlier in the week as a ...
[0:03:44] ... Dodgers are on hand here. There public's voice again this he'd avocado ice cream Maurizio Ito on what I there's opportunity to human beings to athletes on either so dedicated the bargain plea firmer and it's ...
[0:05:15] ... you are gonna look at well on big day he's got some music download they say you're the best Maine it's kind of form that hey listen DC knew when the arbiter the last three guys ...

Glenn, Lou, and Christian discuss LeBron's boycott of Trump hotels, and his refusal to stay with the team in NY. They wonder why he had to be so public about his boycott, rather than just exercising his preference.

my biggest #wcw of all time, happy to welcome a new squirrel to the tree, my baby girl lily #proud

A photo posted by Julian Edelman (@edelman11) on

Julian Edelman introduced his brand new baby daughter, Lily, to Patriots fans on his Instagram on Wednesday. Lily is Edelman’s daughter with Swedish model Ella Rose and Edelman flew to Los Angeles to be with her for the birth on Nov. 30.

Last week, Ella Rose posted the first picture of their daughter on her Instagram.

Welcome to the world my little Lily 💗 Born 11/30/16 at 1:11pm 8lbs 5oz A photo posted by Ella Rose (@officialellarose) on

She has his eyes.

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Kirk Minihane and Rich Keefe sit down to talk about what its like to join an already established show, how his start with the station has been received, and Kirk tries to get Rich to dish on his relationships with his former co-workers. For you listeners who think they may want to get into radio, Kirk gives Rich advice that could pertain to you as well.
Gerry was shocked that Ken Laird took his wife to see Hateful Eight. Bradford checked in from the WInter Meetings.