It's time to look towards 2017, and Glenn, Lou and Christian don't like what the future hold for David Price and his postseason woes.

[0:01:00] ... going to win look it up go back and look at the Chicago White Sox that they got up 34 complete games and one championship series it was that a World Series. And I was completed I. ...
[0:02:31] ... getting but you people on the text on saint. Forty talking about John Lackey nobody was more despised them like Pete he came back the next hearing that people like them again. Just like he had already proven that he could play in a post season. Benefit that was the first taste he would ever had a champagne before winking clinched the World Series to date I want to thank before he clutched it. I get ousted him in even if you. If you're gonna do your way too early. You know pre season you know picks his followers. Hoosier Hoosier team this team coming back as it is a couple spots are gonna need it replaced David Ortiz and eat a third baseman. But other than that everybody is coming back. I saw me you're not gonna feel confident in ...
[0:03:37] ... know bets Bradley Ben and Dendy. It Bogart Pedroia Leona and Vasquez. Hanley Ramirez's first with Trevor shot. You know he. You could come back with a maybe a San Travis interplay babies healthier. It was ...

There are a couple ways to view this Red Sox season -- they were a young team that has a solid young core, but they also severely underachieved in the playoffs. The guys get into it with callers about the media's judgement of the team.
Glenn, Lou and Christian open up the phone lines and let the listeners react to a 3 game sweep and a disappointing Red Sox series.
A three game sweep means the Sox are done, and Lou rants about how pathetic they looked against the Indians. Glenn and Christian try to chime in, but Angry Lou is in full force.

[0:03:07] ... this thing together we all laughed when they went and picked up Coco Crisp. Okay sacrifice bunt home run unlike their pitch. Pitched that that the primary. Would call that pitch am not even thinking about the hitter unthinkable Jose Ramirez who won two different occasions was on first base. Would buckle walked she is at all and then at second base when he hung something called a curve ball Coco Crisp. Did that through pictures on those occasions was so concerned about Jose Ramirez that never ended up stealing a bag since they ...
[0:12:02] ... is an old gives a blunt who's afraid at all for constricted Coco Crisp. See those first two pitches. He's that a blood that you want the Bartlett a bunt. They haven't given out in the ...
[0:13:00] ... you would have punched out to him now would punched out and Chris Young would have been hit a pull himself on that that. You doing nothing will become our reasoning was a little here's the ...
[0:24:20] ... him and even though they knew people even the people. Were praising John Farrell said that he has a tendency of making some in game errors during the course of the season but as you just ...

NY PostKen Bone, the mild-mannered, mustachioed man who attracted legions of fans — “Boneheads” — during Sunday night’s presidential debate, has been offered a porn contract.

Adult entertainment site CamSoda hopes the politically undecided power plant operator will decide to sign up for a live, hourlong broadcast for a cool $100,000.

“During last night’s debate you captivated the world with your question about energy, your red pullover and, quite honestly, just being you,” CamSoda president Daron Lundeen wrote Bone. …

 “The show can cater to your specificities but we were thinking you could take us all to the Bone Zone and tell/show us what you’re all about.”

Monday was a tough and busy day. Between interviewing Bill Belichick in the morning at Gillette Stadium to running into Fenway to do the radio show to running to an appearance at a local bar to taking the knee to the groin that was the Red Sox getting swept out of the playoffs, something had to give. Unfortunately, that something was a someone.

There was no time to celebrate the magnificent, instant celebrity of Kenneth Bone. So please allow me to right that wrong.

First of all, with respect to Bone the Younger, in spite of what Kenneth told Jimmy Kimmel, there is one kind of famous that is better than Internet famous. And that is “Offered the chance to do porn” famous. But CamSoda president Daron Lundeen can stop kidding us with this talk show nonsense. If I’m the Bone’s agent, I’m holding out for an actual porn video or nothing. The man who took America by storm with his sincere, heartfelt question on energy independence is capable of so much more than prattling on about “issues.” And worth a lot more than 100 grand. It’s full-on hardcore adult films or nothing.

And as a ground floor member of the Bone Zone, I’ll try to play catch-up on how the world reacted to our newest national treasure with the best Tweets of the last two days.









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Jerry Thornton



Deadspin — Pedro Martinez tried to recognize the Indians’ sweep of his former employer the Boston Red Sox tonight during the TBS postgame show; instead, he got real racist.

We’ll stay tuned for the inevitable apology.

Update (11:31 p.m.): And here it is, if you can call this an apology.



I love how the PC police have formed a rapid response team that constantly monitors all form of communication and stands ready to pounce at the slightest sign of offense.

And the latest perp to run afoul of the No Fun gendarmes is Pedro Martinez. A man who grew up dirt poor in the Dominican, worked his way up to greatness and is more entertaining and funny in his second language than practically anyone you know is in his first, now is a symbol of European oppression of North America’s indigenous peoples.

What’s funniest about this is that the moralizing is coming from Deadspin, of all places. A site that tries to walk the razor’s edge between righteous indignation and the exact kind of content it claims to hate from other sites. Deadspin always positioned itself as morally superior to my alma mater, Barstool Sports, while dedicating a page to pictures of athletes’ wangs. And the site, until recently, was under the corporate umbrella of Gawker, which went under after it posted Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, which was as illegal as illegal gets. But Deadspin thinks nothing of falling on its fainting couch over Pedro Martinez crossing outside its acceptable ethical line. Because no joke is incapable of offending Deadspin, regardless of its intent. And no apology will ever suffice.

It’s also worth noting that the network Pedro said this on was founded by a man whose baseball team ruined Octobers throughout the ’90s with another, insufferable Native American war cry, one shamelessly stolen from the Florida State Seminoles. But that’s not going to mean anything in the eyes of the Gotcha Journalism Law. Maybe next time Pedro wants to make his co-hosts laugh he should post criminally obtained sex videos instead so Deadspin will leave him alone.

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Jerry Thornton
Gerry took a victory lap over the Trump tape and John Farrell's future is in doubt.
Gerry and Kirk mock Curtis for not having a hobby and Amani Toomer weighed in on the greatest Red Sox players of all time.
The guys talked about Pedro getting in some hot water on TBS and Headlines with Minihane.
Gerry, Kirk and Mut discussed the Sox being swept out of the playoffs and the future of John Farrell.