Gerry and Kirk mock Curtis for not having a hobby and Amani Toomer weighed in on the greatest Red Sox players of all time.
The guys talked about Pedro getting in some hot water on TBS and Headlines with Minihane.
Gerry, Kirk and Mut discussed the Sox being swept out of the playoffs and the future of John Farrell.


In 1969, Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross published the book “On Death and Dying,” examining her work with terminally ill patients. It is there that she introduced the world to so-called Kübler-Ross Model, more commonly referred to as the Five Stages of Grief.

It’s a model that has always come in handy for me at time like this, when the cosmos has conspired to deliver to us a vast atomic wedgie like the Red Sox getting swept our of the playoffs by the Indians.

So as a service to you, and in order to help myself find healing in the aftermath of this excruciatingly painful nurple, I present the Thornography-Sox Stages of Grief:

Stage 1: Denial — “I can’t believe that the Indians, minus their top two starting pitchers, frigging closed this out in three games. Or the way their best remaining starter was way less than 100 percent and shut them out. Or that the Sox, who scored 100 runs more than the Indians, put up seven total in the series.”

Stage 2: Anger — “Dammit! The Sox could have had home-field advantage in the series but they completely checked out mentally once they clinched the division.Then John Farrell, whom I’ve been defending all year, pinch hits for Andrew Benintendi. Benintendi! One of the few guys in the series who was hitting. Who didn’t act like the pressure was too much for him and who freaking doubled earlier in the game, gets yanked. And we not only miss him in that at-bat, his turn comes around again in the ninth! I want Farrell fired. Now. Not tomorrow. Not after breakfast. NOW.”

Stage 3: Bargaining — “Maybe this had a lot to do with the overdone, epic, three-part, special director’s cut trilogy farewell to David Ortiz. Maybe it was too much of a distraction at the end of a long, grueling season with a terrible schedule and all sorts of team struggles. If they go out in the offseason and sign some more bullpen arms (like Andrew Miller) and get Carson Smith back, plus the young core of superstars keeps developing, they’ll be right back in the playoffs next year.”

Stage 4: Depression — “Who am I kidding? They’re losing the most productive slugger in baseball to retirement. They were healthy when it mattered most. They were playing the best ball in the majors until they shut it down in the last six games. They’ve got one of the biggest payrolls in baseball. And not only did that get them zero postseason wins, their top two starters (total cost: $51 million) make you doubt they can step up in big games. Any way you look at it, this sucks on toast.”

Stage 5: Acceptance — “Go Bruins. Go Celts. We’re on to Cincinnati.”

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Jerry Thornton

Good morning, here is your Tuesday Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

Good morning, here is your Tuesday Morning Mashup. For the latest news, start at our home page or click here for the top stories from our news wire.

MLB playoffs: 
Washington at Los Angeles, 5:05 p.m. (FS1)
MLB playoffs: 
Chicago at San Francisco, 8:40 p.m. (FS1)
WNBA Finals:
Los Angeles at Minnesota, 8 p.m. (ESPN2)
NBA preseason:
Oklahoma City at Dallas, 8:30 p.m. (NBA TV)
preseason: Portland at LA Lakers, 11 p.m. (NBA TV)
FIFA World Cup qualifying, Romania at Kazakhstan, 11:45 a.m. (FS2)
FIFA World Cup qualifying, Armenia at Poland, 2:30 p.m. (FS2)
FIFA World Cup qualifying, England at Slovenia, 2:30 p.m. (ESPN2)
Exhibition, United States vs. New Zealand, 8 p.m. (ESPN)

MLB playoffs:
 Indians 4, Red Sox 3
MLB playoffs: Nationals 8, Dodgers 3
MLB playoffs: Giants 6, Cubs 5
NFL: Buccaneers 17, Panthers 14


— After announcing he would play in this week’s Safeway Open in Napa, California, Tiger Woods abruptly withdrew on Monday.

“After a lot of soul-searching and honest reflection, I know that I am not yet ready to play on the PGA Tour or compete in Turkey,” Woods, 40, wrote on his website. “My health is good, and I feel strong, but my game is vulnerable and not where it needs to be.”

This would have been Woods’s first PGA Tour event in over a year.

Woods also withdrew from next month’s Turkish Airline Open, and it seems his reason is performance anxiety.

“After a lot of hours, I knew I wasn’t ready to compete against the best golfers in the world,” Woods said on his website.

Woods has won 14 major events and has been taking a break from golf after having back surgery last year.

Time will tell if we have seen the last of Tiger Woods, but he hopes to play in the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas in December.

— Derrick Rose’s rape trial is set to continue Tuesday with the Knicks player is back on the witness stand.

Rose and two of his friends, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, are accused by an anonymous woman, who dated Rose on and off, of gang rape in August 2013.

On Tuesday the judge in the case is set to consider a mistrial request from Rose’s lawyer, who claims the accuser deleted a text message that is crucial to the case. Rose first took the stand on Friday and said he received text messages from the accuser throughout the day the alleged gang rape took place.

Jessica “Kendra” Groff, a massage therapist who was with the accuser on the night of the alleged attack, is the center of the mistrial request.

Rose’s lawyers claim the accuser deleted a pivotal text message Rose sent her less than two hours before the alleged attack. Lawyers claim the text contradicts her claim that she did not consent to sex. She testified last week she brought Groff to Rose’s home for massages.

Rose had to skip his team’s preseason game against the Wizards on Monday to be in court on Tuesday.

— Dolphins offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil was unable to play in Sunday’s game, and now we know why.

Miami coach Adam Gase confirmed a report that Tunsil hurt himself while getting out of the shower.

After slipping in the shower, Tunsil hurt his ankle the morning of the game.

Gase called the injury “a one in a thousand, one in a million” issue and has no concern about the showers at the stadium.

MEDIA CHECK-INL: Pedro Martinez has apologized for doing this:

QUOTE OF THE DAY:”He’s great. He’s probably the greatest teammate ever, there ever was.” Drew Pomeranz on the retiring David Ortiz

TODAY IN SPORTS HISTORY: The Red Sox beat the Indians in the deciding Game 5 of the 1999 ALDS. With a score of 8-8 in the fourth, an ailing Pedro Martinez (injured in Game 1) entered the game in relief and didn’t give up a hit over the next six innings. Troy O’Leary hit a grand slam and a three-run homer, both after Nomar Garciaparra was intentionally walked. The Red Sox won the game 12-8 and advanced to the ALCS.

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Lucy Burdge
We continue to pick through the remnants of the Red Sox season on Late Night. A lot of questions and second guessing still linger from the final game. And we hear from Sox manager John Farrell.

[0:06:12] ... sort of in the wake of this season. I don't think that John Farrell will get enough credit for deciding to make him move in move past San I don't was in no condition to blame ...
[0:07:52] ... earlier yeah we're looking to match up as best we can. They're Chris Young has brought in here for that very reason against good left handed pitching. So we're looking to match up to get the ...
[0:13:44] ... say that players 75 management fifteen Ferrell and why don't blame. Put Jon Lester. That is because it wasn't this manager Manny was indeed the rescue and having to do with Jon Lester I can't blame him for that Howard chipped. Matt is our. I. Oh great that but we came out. We are in ...
[0:15:40] ... call. OK I don't I don't want to whine and cry about Jon Lester why he's not here in the team building tolerance that I think this team was built pretty well. Jon Lester that happened two years ago I mean you got to get over that. If you wanna continued slammed the management for letting Jon Lester ago shear but Jon Lester wasn't gonna get him out of last place and when he fourteen that's why I got traded. And when he fifteen probably wouldn't a college differently with Jon Lester in the rotation either this year. Gesture maybe it would it'd been better maybe is would have been a whole different thing. If Jon Lester was here and that means recourse Ellis Stephen writer David Price probably wouldn't have banner and any of them won them I have no idea. You can't just say this team would have been better with Jon Lester is manager's fault he's not here. A lot of things happen in between the 2014 trade deadline and then getting swept by ...

As sports fans, we all deal with sports loss in various ways. But what better way to cope than to dial a phone and yell at strangers on the radio? After the season ending sweep at the hands of Terry Francona and the Indians, we're here for you.

[0:00:25] ... dance today have you this year. Tough night. And this season ended David Ortiz his career we're talking about it. It's 6177797937. You can text in. At 37937. And you can tweet me at Christian art ...
[0:01:41] ... over the course of of these three games to maybe think that Coco Crisp that was kind of cherry on the Sunday it was an. All the people in that lineup. To take you deep we'd already seen a lot of h.'s at all with a back breaking home run. That catcher would stinks it's like 140. Coming out there in game one a whole wearing off of our reports LO ribeiro pariahs and talking about. His mighty. 200 batting average. And then tonight in Coco Crisp. Everything. Everything it could have gone wrong here with this lineup it would be starting pitchers basically did. The bullpen was fine ...
[0:05:07] ... the sixth inning. When them Oki bets that a double and then David Ortiz hit a sac fly scoring Dustin Pedroia. Bottom of the seventh Zander Bogart comes up grounds out. Ben attendee coming up and by the way better attended previously had an RB I double. In the fifth inning to score Zander Bogart to make the game two to one so pinch hitting for bad attendees there was certainly gamble. But he did eighty putting Chris Young. Open at the right you have better luck against Miller who has just been dominant for the most part against left handed hitters. And Chris Young worked a walk. Unfortunately he worked a walk with C and you own and Jackie Bradley junior coming up behind them. And ...
[0:06:39] ... know Alan Pitts the eighth inning. Sony comes after another inning. And Chris Young leads it off with a fly out to left field. And a lot of people were saying well badger red penny allowed up there any it would have been different. I don't know that for sure you don't know that for sure nobody does. Would it may be set them up in a better position to be successful yet is better than he has better numbers against right handed pitching and Chris Young does obviously. What you may be gamble earlier on in the game. Knowing that this could happen and I guess you could call that an example of shortsighted as but the stated that costs in the game I think is massively overstating it pretty minor thing. What costs in the game is that the offense up until that point. Was unable to get really anything going aside from a couple of loops here and there that left guys on base again unable to get the big hit when they needed to. And that wasn't just Chris Young that was everybody. That was David Ortiz was Dustin Pedroia Bennett and the early on in the game stranded a couple of players. In the what was the third ...

Danny begins the show trying to put the pieces together to the end of the Red Sox season. He gets into what went wrong in the series against the Indians, and in the final game of the ALDS.
Dale, Michael and Jerry sit down with Bill Belichick on a Patriots Monday and get complete analysis from the coach about how Tom Brady looked in his return, winning in Cleveland, the running game, Ninkovich and more.

[0:00:03] ... Investments pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick joins us good morning bill. They'll know we don't do great things I'm always curious I've always wondered yes. Practice performance up ...
[0:01:11] ... out there and it's. However similar question on on the follow up Tom Brady said after the game it. No believe me there were some rust out there and if he saw and I'm sure you ...
[0:01:50] ... improve on and just overall weakened approval offensively from a timing stand. Bill Lester specifically about Brady's communication. With some of his his newer targets it's seems remarkable that com. A guy split reps the way ...
[0:04:04] ... to a little more fanfare than the other. How to to assess Rob Ninkovich has returned to your defense yesterday there was go to rob back. You know we play Iraq quite a bit at linebacker ...